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Nelly Cootalot: the Fowl Fleet

by Xander77

Part 8: Ending + Bonus miscallenia

Episode 9 - The ending.

I'd say the ending was a bit.. abbreviated. Certainly could have been more interesting. Still, stick around for the ending credits - they feature my name in the backers list, and a theme song that's adorably on the nose.

Bonus video

I think I've shown off most everything the game had to offer. The only major exceptions I could think of were How Fat's moods under the influence of different candles (above), and helping different toffs win the races (needed for an achievement, but there's no actual dialogue of note).

Last but not least: A rare developer contribution. The Nelly poses from the credits of the original game in great resolution and with no obscuring text. Kinda want to make an avatar out of some of these.

Hope those of you who followed along enjoyed the LP and / or bought the game as a result. See you on the next LP, which will probably feature quite a bit more commentary.