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Part 2: Screenshot Update 2: A Bit of Al and Moonie

Screenshot Update 2: A Bit of Al and Moonie

Now that Esther and Rashaad have joined us, it's time to forsake them in favour of the usual guff.

First, talking to this man will grab us a dose of kindness for semi-immediate use.

This lady is freaking out about the Boneheads wandering around outside attacking travelers. Why it's specifically the skeletons and not the violent, walking babana bunches or turban assholes, I have no idea.

Here we have a sweet little sidequest to deliver a lunch to this woman's husband. Aww. Unfortunately I either didn't do this sidequest or accidentally deleted the recording. Either way, whoops.

Nearby her, this kid is being a jerkoff to his friend after borrowing a book. And since kids aren't shitheads naturally, he must be brokenhearted.

A dose of the old man's kindness, and we get a more likely explanation for the kid acting up.

As I pointed out in the video, Horace is standing nearby one of the milk fountains. He has an interesting series of riddles for you every time you talk to him. Figuring out the riddles nets you a new spell.

To figure out the riddles, often Horace will give you a supplementary page of the Wizard's Companion. In this case, it's one of the fairy tale-like Twelve Tales of Wonder. This one, The Cowardly Prince and the Lion, was kindly uploaded in full by Kotaku. Read it; it's a charming, and quite classical, parable of bravery.

To read any page of the Wizard's Companion, simply pull it up on the main menu and navigate with the control sticks and shoulder buttons. It's often a very useful, if slightly clunky, tool you can use to figure out things like where to find items or which items can be crafted into something new. I'd post more detailed screenshots, but ^ that's the resolution you're getting.

To solve Horace's riddles, simply type in the answer without any typos or what have you. Capos are a different matter: he doesn't care if you scream the answer at him.

Our reward is the decently useful Draw Poison, which functions as a poison cure in the event we run out of Poison-Be-Gones. It's most useful to have some of the items on hand either way, since obviously Draw Poison requires magic which can be better suited to attacking, and our inventory is called the Bottomless Bag for a reason.

Horace hints at what the next town will look like when you finish talking to him. Seems the next town will be by the coast.

This sidequest spans the entire next video. Raj here, who's apparently a dude, is in need of some ingredients for Tikka Mahala. It's basically rice curry, and it heals 150 HP, the same amount as a hamburger.

One of the ingredients is a set of special spices, which we need to grab from the Sheikh of Spices in town.

But first, another dose of courage to be used so quickly that I question the point of not allowing you to stack them.

Unfortunately, the Sheikh has lost his enthusiasm for the sole purpose of his existence. So let's extort a few more Merit Stamps out of the guy.

And a lunch, I suppose.

Thus why this sidequest spans the next video. The spicy seeds are found in the ground of a certain location we will explore in the second half of the video. Turmeric Roots are dropped from one of the enemies.

To close this update, a couple more bounties to be tackled at a later, more overpowered date...

...and a man so scared out of his wits, he can't get his ice cream. Most people scream for ice cream. This guys screams while running away from it.

That is adorable.

Next time, Travis and I will travel to the Temple of the Sages.

Sure, that one.