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Part 3: Screenshot Update 3: Animal Magnetism

Screenshot Update 3: Animal Magnetism

Now that we have the ability to assault and seduce wild animals, let's jump right into it, shall we?

Travis suggested I grab a Clubber Cub for its quick speed and strong attacks. A speedster is always useful in this game.


When you've gotten through the Temple of Trials, this Familiar scientist named Derwin is ready to give us a sidequest. We see him every town, and every time he wants us to capture 2-3 specific familiars, usually from the monsters right outside the town. His name is probably a play on Darwin and "derp".

What, that we're being watched? Don't be paranoid, you child's parody of intelligent people.

There's two Familiars I'll never fucking use. The Bunchers have no speed whatsoever, and the Bandits- well just fuck them.

When you've caught the familiars and brought them to Derwin, he'll briefly get lost in his own world as he carefully inspects the inside of his hat.

But hey, at least we get some metamorphosis drops. I can use one of them immediately on Gogo.

Ha, now you're too weak to be used in battle! Suffer with DUMPLE!!!

Next time: we climb Old Smoky to stop it erupting. Which is exactly how it works.