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Part 6: Screenshot Update 6: Something About Snow

Screenshot Update 6: Something About Snow

Before we head to Yule in the next update, there's a few side quests and miscellaneous things we can do in the meantime.

This pirate needs a part of the ship's engines fixed. We do see this ship in flight later in the game, but this mission doesn't affect that.

We do something a little different with this sidequest. We take the broken booster to someone in Oliver's world.

On the way, I have a Gustplume I can give to this pirate immediately.

In Oliver's world, Rusty is apparently skilled enough in mechanics that he can fix a part of a machine he's never seen before.

It's probably one of the easier sidequests.

He also gives us an alchemy recipe for another Jumbo Drop. Most if not all of them are a pain to make yourself, since the extra items we need are only dropped randomly from enemies, but at least we get the option.

I head back to Hamelin to grab another merit card reward and yet another deal with the gentleman.

He's left his diary pretty close to where Hamelin is.

I never thought I'd agree with Drippy, but here it is.

I also took the chance to show off Seek Fortune. It's a fun spell to use when you're decently leveled in an area and can sniff out all the chests without enemies getting on your ass. Tengri makes scowering the whole world map for them incredibly simple. Note though that they only show up on your minimap and the area map when you're on the ground; you can't see them on Tengri.

You can find some pretty nice stuff. It's usually money, the odd familiar weapon or armour, or a relatively common consumable.

I'm buyin' truffles. Not for you, Swaine.

Amusingly enough, I got that exact weapon while I was clearing out all of the Autumnia hidden chests. It's in the south peninsula.

I went ahead and grabbed Tengri's speed booster, so now he's even more stupidly useful.

I took him off exploring and found this little island nearby Autumnia. This island is one of the places you can find naturally occurring jade marbles, which we need for the tribesman's alchemy sidequest. I'll grab one now and come back for another during the next video.

I headed north towards Yule and found this little island on the way. There's not much to do here, but it's a good primer for what we'll see for much of the next video.

Although there are several here, we won't actually see too many reused enemies next time. There will though be plenty of ice enemies and ice-related collectibles on the ground.

I completely forgot about that tiger when I named my zombie.

Dumple leveled up enough to be able to metamorphose his third time, and I went with the fire option, which will be incredibly useful in Yule. All of the enemies are weak to fire.

A few other familiars were ready as well, so I went ahead and grew them.

As I mentioned before, Yule is roughly the second area you're expected to explore when searching for Mornstar's stones, and the enemies are leveled accordingly. I get a fuckton of grinding done here, so having these familiars dropped down to level 1 right now won't be too much of a hindrance.

Next time: we explore the frozen town of Yule and its adorable and vaguely racist citizens.