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Part 7: Screenshot Update 7: Ogrrr You Asshole

Screenshot Update 7: Ogrrr You Asshole
It's a music reference. Look them up; they're one of my favourite bands.

While we wait for my computer to magically improve, I went ahead and screencapped a pair of the sidequests that open up after Glittering Grotto. The first, helping this Tomte woman find her missing son, turns out to be an endeavour and a half.

And then you-know-who loses you-know-what.

Yeah, he's flustered.

Our first clue on finding the missing Tomte boy is this kid hiding near the Yule back exit. Apparently they were testing the limits of natural selection outside Glittering Grotto.

We have a winner. And possibly a loser.

In the Grotto I came across a new type of Sasquish. She's tougher than her kids.

But burns just as easily.

Deep in the grotto, in the area I ignored in our previous trek, is a purple chest...

And a hidden passage that takes you directly to the boss room.

After searching the entire grotto, I head back to the one place I didn't look: the entrance. Look who I find.

This is the toughest fight I've yet had in the entire LP, because the already tough Ogrrr is surrounded by three even tougher Turban Legends.
Fitting that shit enemies have shit names.

I aim to take out the Turbans first, one at a time, and it proves to be a remarkable challenge. They seem to have more health than usual, though luckily their snow attacks don't floor me like before. Oliver gets taken out a couple times this fight.

Incredibly, right after Oliver died, Drippy chooses that moment to do Tidy Tears. Granted, Esther and Swaine really needed the health, but they're not the ones doing much noticeable damage.

Finally I take out the first one.

The Ogrrr rock-smacks Oliver out of the fight again.

Earlier I'd discovered the effectiveness of Tingle's Heat Ray attack, so I get some use out of it once the Turbans are finally clear.

The last minute of the fight devolves into bumrushing the Ogrrr as fast as possible.

Luckily the Tomte is okay, so we teleport him and us back to Yule to collect our (much deFUCKINGserved) reward.

So not worth it.

The gentleprick's diary is located in this forest on the west coast of the island.

Inside is the standard collection of chests we find in these forests.

The woman gives us the diary right away, no bullshit. This is somehow a five merit stamp quest.

And sneakily hidden behind her is another green chest.

I literally don't care about this man anymore. Just give me the money and warrior bling.

Next time: FROGS!