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Part 8: Screenshot Update 8: The Frost Unleashed

Screenshot Update 8: The Frost Unleashed

As mentioned in the previous video, all of the following sidequests were done throughout the last three videos. It's a lot of side content (125 pics worth), so let's jump right into this pile of something-or-other.

We begin, as always, with our merchant friends. Let's finish their sidequest we started forever ago.

Since they're such a staple, they're the only heartbroken people I will show from now-on. All of the other broken hearts play out the same in fairly predictable ways. These guys will just give the usual examples.

Okay, one other broken heart. But only because I started her sidequest in a previous part and only just finished it. Closure 'n that.

Episode 2 of "Drippy Suddenly Says What We're Thinking". Starring Andy Richter, so it won't last.

Ni no Kuni skirts with racism. Who'd have thought? Not the people who made Myrtle's dad black in the 1950s.

To the East of Hamelin is a small mineshaft, only accessible with Tengri.

Inside there's another skeleton, this time hanging out and drinking grog. Where the fella puts it, let's not worry about.

There are also a pair of chests to grab.


We're going to see these two a lot today.

Yet another gift that I have no idea what it is. It looks like Nostrum, so I can hazard a guess...

Yep, probably never going to use that.

Nearby, this old fellow is having back problems, and he needs us to go to Yule for a cold compress.

But first... we hunger...

For PURPLE! Here's every purple chest I've had to pass by thus far, starting with the one in the Vault of Tears. They're mostly high-end weapons and armour.

I combed the whole game for them, but if I missed any, let me know and I'll grab it for the next screenshot update.

Ding Dong Dell

Ding Dong Well

Glittering Grotto

Golden Grove

Tombstone Trail

and finally Old Smoky.

I also grab a green chest that's been sitting here this whole time too.

I didn't go directly to each chest, FYI. I did sidequests and bounty hunts in the areas they were in as well, particularly Old Smoky, but we'll hold that thought for now. First...

Yep. They've got Shadar on speed dial.

Next we hop over to Old Father Oak to tell him how we FINALLY got the real Mornstar.

Something tells me that using one of those wouldn't be as wasteful as I thought.

We run into Horace in the Fairyground, and he has another riddle for us, this time about alchemy and anachronistic fast food.

I thought the answer was Glowshrimp, because that is actually one of the ingredients. Seems the unique ingredient isn't what Horace is looking for.

Getting the correct answer makes for an interesting discovery.

Yep, Horace was supposed to be the one to give Levitate to us. Instead we got it from a seagull. Glad we didn't have to wait until after Vault of Tears for that.

The nearest continent is Hamelin, so we'll be seeing Horace again later in this very update.

Grabbing the reward for taking out the winged cats in Part 21, plus a few more bounties we'll be fighting later.

My, those do sure look... the same as before.

In Yule, we meet up with the Tomte who makes cold compresses. However he needs time to make it, so he sends us off on an arbitrary monster hunt. Arbitrary because it's literally only to kill time, not because it's personally inconveniencing him.

They have been taking my eyes, yes?

I get lucky on the first Manglerfish I run into. So of course all the others are single.

I also take the time to give that stupid Jibberjabber or whatever back to its dead maste-

So much for making him independent.

Jumping back in time to when I was at Old Smoky getting chests. Time to take out the last of the lava divas. This one is at the very summit of the volcano, apparently trying to finish what Shadar started.

I expected her to be somewhat difficult, seeing as she's the big mama and all. But she didn't hit very hard, and Shiro did, so...

And then I remembered I had this.


She sang.

If that were me, there wouldn't be an exclamation point.

Thankfully, this is the last time Derwin will ask us to catch familiars. This time, he wants us to show him three fully metamorphosed familiars.


In a more peculiar sidequest, this Llapaca wants to sample foods (read: alchemy ingredients that you can't eat) from all across the world. I already have all of the foods he wants, many of which have been in my rucksack for over a year, but I don't think he notices.

A credit to his species.

Also in Perdida is this little girl, who has one of the rare sidequests that sends us back to Motorville.

We'll be heading there pretty quick, but first, I've been saving up my merit stamp cards to get this merit reward: Jack the Giant Killer.

Remember what Travis said about Oliver becoming much stronger than his partners? Yeah.

Grabbing the cold compress, since I killed all the Manglerfish hours ago.

They really like throwing the full restoration items at you after meeting Khulan, don't they...

In Motorville, the Perdidan's soul mate is tending to the most depressing garden in Ghibli history.

After a second of having to actually talk to the flowers before Rejuvenate will work (goddamn this fucking game)...


We bump into Horace yet again, this time gazing out into the cancerous smog of Hamelin.

This is probably the lamest quiz he gives us. Literally, you can just put in a number from 1 moving up until you get it right. This was my second guess. I didn't even bother looking in the book.

Chart Chests is the dungeon equivalent of Seek Fortune. It highlights chests on our map in areas like Ding Dong Well, Tombstone Trail, Vault of Tears, etc.

Haven't you already been on two...?

Hiding out on the far northwest corner of the Summerlands is the latest giant turtle bounty.

He has more health and defense than he does real difficulty.

Humourously, I'm at the point where Dumples fire attacks, which Shellfire is resistant to, still do the most damage. Thus, I go with them for a good bit.

And then I remembered I had this.

That was fun.

We also have the latest Ogrrr fight, this one considerably easier than the one we fought in the last screenshot update.

He's actually weak to Dumple's fire attacks, and he was strangely hesitant about attacking, so this goes pretty smoothly.

And then I remembered I had this.


Gunther finishes him off in a comical anticlimax.

I take all of my merit stamps back to Swift Solutions for one more reward: Crackerjack II. This next big set of dungeons and bosses is going to be interesting.

He said with only a faint wisp of hope...

Next time: Casino BWitch