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Nico Yazawa Is Dreaming

by Meta_Mia

Part 12: Nico Yazawa is loved anyway.

Nico Yazawa is loved anyway.

When we first start up the game, we are greeted to a f█m█l██r v██d.

It fades into static buzz with the titular Nico Yazawa, #█ ██████ idol in the ████████ ██ years running. She is currently ██ ███ student idol █████ █̵̧̮̻̫͂̓̅͒̈͋̉͗͌̿̄̀’̷̡̢̨̳̹̤̮̘̟̹̝̗̐́́͗̆̀̑́͑͐͐͐̽̏̕̚͜͝█̸̢̨̼̳̜̹̘̜̤̰̼̪̏̒̒̔̇̾̋̊̎͑̀̍̃͜͝͠ (pronounced █̸̣̦͖̦̻͍̠̲͉̙̖͓̺̙͗͌͑̏͊́̾̍͜█̷̢̛̥͕̔̔̎͐͊̿̍̃̊̿̈́█̶̧̪̗͇̘̩̼̱̝̐͜█̸̧̫̩̞̳͑̾̓̄̑̄),
and she and her dream have been serving as our protagonist this game.

No, forget it. That doesn’t matter at this point, does it?

She unfortunately doesn't seem any more aware of our bearings than we are.

You can definitely do it.
Isn’t that what you always tell yourself, too?

She ██fortunately doesn’t seem ███ more aware of our bearings than we are.

There’s no better way to make a name for yourself than to be with them, huh?
Wasn’t it worth it to endure all that pain to have such good luck now?

She █████████████ doesn’t seem ███ ████ aware ██ ███ ████████ ████ ██ ███.

They’re all different from you in that regard.
And yet, if you let them into your heart…


You will be left alone, again.
So, don’t you think it’d be better to be alone from the get go?

She █████████████ █████'█ s██ too ████ aware ██ ███ ████████ ████ ██ ██.

Then, everyone will split up and go down their own paths in life.
You know that, don’t you?

███ █████████████ ██████ ███ too ████ aware ██ ███ ████████ ████ ██ ██.

You close your worn-down heart, and live all alone.
Just thinking about what will happen after you make me come true…

Too aware.

I mean, trying to make me come true is the only way you know how to live.

███ █████.

I’m sure that something will happen.
I’m sure that you’ll be saved.
Let’s keep it up, Nico!

███ █████—

██████ ██████ fades into view. Founding and leading █'█ might mean she can ████ us█—

Since we can hear her loud and clear.

...What do you want? Need me for something?

Nico, that’s our enemy.
You just need to defeat her and you’ll become the center, right?

Back to basics.

Eight boxes for eight other members, but that doesn’t matter for just hitting her.

██████: I tried thinking, as hard as I could.
███████: And, I think I came up with a pretty good idea in the end.

Another hit.

H█████: I can’t really say that I know what you’ve been through. After all…
██s███: We only met after you went through everything, but….


H█n█k█: I feel like we’ve got to know you, just a bit now.
K█s█k█: And I think I know how you feel about us too.

Harder this time.

H█n█k█ can’t keep this up forever.

Just who does H█n█ka think she is?
Wait, in her hands—

The white lingers, then fades into two fellow seniors.

Well, it is the first time we’ve had to think of designing an outfit.

Yeah, we need to have a super cute outfit waiting for her!
A dress worthy of the number one idol in the universe!

That’s my kayo-chin!
It looks nice and all, but can we really set up something like this…?
Yeah, let’s do our best, Maki-chan!

The implication here is that Maki’s family is loaded.

Really? I wanna see!

Really? That’s a relief.
Think you can make it with this……?

I’ve said that Kotori was Nico’s costume designer before; but that was a lie.
Kotori might be the one actually making the costumes and is the costume supervisor, but Nico is usually the one designing them.

We don’t have much time, so let’s do our best to pick up the pace!

Who knows. She’s not very honest about how she feels.
...No, it’ll be fine. I’m sure of it.

...Indeed, let’s believe in her and wait.
Is Honoka already heading over there…?

For whom does the bell toll?

A beautiful requiem for the solo idol Nico Yazawa,

And a celebration of the rebirth of an equal member of µ's.

We fade back.

What is……… This……
I didn’t ask for anything like this!

So why would you do something like this…
You don’t even know what I think of all of you in the first place……



So you’re all just idiots.
Nico-chan! You…

Stop it.

Right now you’re with us!

A familiar soft chime.


That’s why, Nico-chan.

「Honoka reaches out her "hand" to me. and I———」