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Part 8: Episode VII: Bunk Beds

Episode VII: Bunk Beds

Welp... That happened. Who’d a thunk detonating an android’s fusion core next to the hull of a space station would lead to the entire thing going up like a firecracker? OSHA of 119th Century’s standards have frighteningly deteriorated.

Music: Fortress of Lies (Vocal)

Let’s just 3D Print us up another 2B and pretend that whole lapse of judgment didn’t happen. Right, 9S? We’re just not going to talk about that timeline where we blew everyone into the cold vacuum of space. Or need I remind you that YOU were the one to insist 2B activate her self-destruct functionality? I mean, if we really think about it... that was entirely your fault, 9S... Really irresponsible behavior.

Since we *did* just blow-up the Bunker, maybe we ought to refrain from farting around too much and just head straight to the command center. Which is just down the hall a bit. The Bunker is actually a fairly small area.

Welcome to the YoRHa command center. We saw it briefly during the Council of Humanity’s briefing on the war that’s been fought for several millennia. I like to think they play that sizzle real of world events once a month and all the androids just roll their eyes, give the “Glory to Mankind” line, and hope the humans don’t call back anytime soon.

There’s three levels to the command center. The top entry here, which is just an observation deck with an elevator. A second level full of computer consoles where the Operator androids work. 2B’s handler during the last mission, 6O, is one of those. And of course there’s the ground level where the Commander is hanging out. Let’s take a minute to look around and chat up some androids.

Like you! On the catwalk to our left. Sup?

What’s your problem? Get outta my face before I rearrange yours!
Back off! This is none of your business!
*looks away* ...Yeah, just a minor annoyance. Nothing to get your undies in a twist over.
*turns back* Hey, didn’t you hear me the first time? Make like a machine and get outta here!

Well, aren’t you the rude one? Ya know, 2B could make like a machine and explode. Lemme, tell you, ya snippy broad, that AIN’T gonna go well for you...

Oh well. The first other YoRHa Soldier we met was a dick. But maybe the Operators are nicer. Let’s chat them up while we’re in the neighborhood. Try to maintain a friendly work environment...

Hi there. Boy, you two are thick as thieves, aren’t you? I know you’re only working together by coincidence, but it’s still nice that you’ve become friends. Have you gotten used to engaging in missions on Earth? There’s only so much we can do from here, but we’ll back you up as best we can. Good luck!

Err... Don’t know if we’d call 9S a friend quite yet. Expendable sidekick, maybe.

Your bodies automatically register information from slain enemies to the database. It was a practical design decision to allow combat units to also collect intelligence. ...Yes? Do you need something? If not, I suggest conserving your energy for more important matters.

That’s a good reminder I do need to go back and show off the Intel logs on all the machine lifeforms we scrapped during the prologue mission...

Are you checking your mail regularly? Sometimes important mail sits around for weeks because the recipient doesn’t know how to check ‘em. So don’t be that person! Check your mail regularly at a transport terminal, all right? When you’ve got a complicated mission, explaining everything verbally is tough on both of us and you, you know? That’s why we use a mail system. That way, you have a permanent record of all the details.

Don’t worry, we won’t miss any mail. Between the blinking notice on the HUD and the Pod verbally announcing it every time. Plus, you know... the whole 100% LP thing...

Want a piece of advice from someone who’s been in your shoes before? Back up your data whenever you can. If you do that, it doesn’t matter if you lose your body. You can just upload the back-up data to a new body and be on your merry way. Oh, and if you register your personal info at a transport terminal, you can back up data from Earth as well. Well, so long as you’re within transmission range, anyway.


There is one named operator here, Operator 21O. She basically just politely tells us to get back to work or she’s going to file a report with HR. Not sure what her problem is or why she’s named... She’s 9S’s Operator.

Let’s see what the folks on the eastern half of operations have to say...

Do you need something? ...No? All right then. Urgh... I’m so tired...

Hey. Not everyone is here to ramble tutorials and world fluff at a curious protagonist. Some NPCs are just here for their 9-5 and a paycheck. And I can respect that.

Say, I’ve got a question for you: Are you using your Pod effectively? Random, I know! But the thing is, you can install these things called Pod Programs that let you use special attacks. There are a bunch of different ones, so start tinkering and see which work best for you. Oh, and once you find a program you like, don’t forget to set it!

Don’t worry, we’ll get to all those magic spells Pod Programs and then only end up using like the three actually effective ones.

“This is the Bunker. Go ahead. ...Say again? You lost your Pod!? Uh-huh... Uh-huh... Yes, I see... Well, a lost Pod will emit a distress signal, so try to locate that and then search the surrounding area. Bunker, out.” *disconnects*
And maybe don’t LOSE IT NEXT TIME! Honestly...
...Oh. Hello there. Sorry you had to hear that. But yes, apparently one of my units managed to misplace her Pod somewhere in the desert. If you happen to find it, make sure to give it a good home, all right?

This is a hint for a big upgrade later on. Also the bit about it emitting a sound might be important... If you’re not too old and can still hear certain high frequency sounds. We’ll get to that later...

Did you know you can install plug-in chips to improve your body’s performance? If you want to install a bunch of chips, go talk to the S-type model in the server administration room. Plug-in chips remain in your body after you die. So don’t forget to recover your body if you want them back.

That’s a few mechanics we still need to touch on later when it’s more appropriate. The latter being one of the dumber design decisions in the game... But, all in due time. Before we get back to business, Operator 6O is hanging out around here. May as well say hi to her in person.

Majestic trees... Pretty flowers... Cute little animals... I love it all! Um, is there a problem? Did I forget to upload intel or something? Uh oh. I’m gonna get yelled at again, huh?

No, you’re fine 6O. Go back to posting cat pictures on the Bunker’s Discord channel. Also, if you’re wondering why all the Operator androids have weird veils, they’re future headsets for communications, just like the YoRHa soldier blindfolds are actually tech goggles.

But enough about that... We’ve got work to do! Let’s take the elevator down to the ground floor.

There are some more androids hanging out down here. But they’re all mostly either busy/confused with mission prep or doting on their partners worriedly if it’s an Operator.

The big situation room screen displays unintelligible combat data, YoRHa unit status reports, and tracking outposts on Earth. It’s probably not a good sign all the ones in the western hemisphere are offline, huh? Hey, Operator working this thing. What’s up with that...?

For the most part, I’m the operator in charge of communicating with the Council. They don’t contact us much, so most of my job is just keeping them up-to-date on the latest Earth happenings. They must really trust us, huh?

Pfft... If I know humans, and I do, they’re probably just flaking on scheduled check-ins while they’re all getting shitfaced on moon beer and whatnot. They’re probably knocking back pints of lunar lagers right now while we’re out here fighting. Jerks...

Anyway... that’s enough dicking about in the Bunker. Here we see the Commander. She’s got a great big red arrow over her head denoting that she’s the main quest trigger NPC. Talking to her will advance things along. There will be points in the story where triggering a main quest story beat will lock things out permanently for that playthrough. So it’s best to be sure we’ve taken care of everything before chatting up the MVP.

Sup, Commander?

Maintenance finished?
Yes, Commander.
You detonated your black box in order to defeat the enemy. Bold, but risky. Try not to be so reckless next time.
I know you’re fresh out of maintenance, but I have another mission for you. I need you to head to the surface, rendezvous with the Resistance, and do some recon.
Doesn’t YoRHa have a dedicated Resistance contact already?
We haven’t been able to get in touch with them. So we’ll need you to look into that as well.

Alright... Back to Earth, huh? That briefing went well. She didn’t even bring up the time we blew up everyone. Very understanding, tolerant leader.

Better head for the hangar! Heh. Usually we can’t get NEAR flight units. They’re way too expensive for us grunts.

9S, we blew up TWO flight units earlier today. I’m sure it’s not that big of a deal. 2B didn’t even have to trash hers. She just wanted to make a stylish character reveal.

We can explore a bit more of the Bunker while we’re in the neighborhood. There’s not a lot to see. It’s just a big circular path with quarters for assorted androids. 21O and 6O both have rooms around here, though there’s nothing of interest there. 9S’s quarters are also down the hall from 2B. I suppose we can drop in on his room.

Not that there’s much to do here...

You say that, but the option to rest is right here so...

9S, go wait in the hall. 2B needs a nap and she’s taking your bed. NO, you are not permitted to enter 2B’s room or leave the area. That’s an order.

Sleeping in a bed is just another means of saving the game. At no point is there a bed that isn’t within spitting distance of a save terminal so I’m not entirely sure of the point. But hey, it’s a thing!

We can swing by 2B’s room once more. I notice she’s got an alternate pair of knee high boots for days when the thigh high ones are a bit too warm. And as 9S says, we can access the terminal here to load up on supplies.

Welcome to the first shop of the game. Here we can purchase assorted supplies for our mission. I went over what most of the healing items and basic buffs were earlier. The thing is now, we lost ALL of those supplies when 2B blew herself up. The only reason we have one Medium Heal is because I raided a chest hidden behind the elevator in the command room.

As such, it’s a REALLY good idea to maybe buy a handful of Small Recovery items. The upcoming sequence of the game might be one of the few points I ever died in my first playthrough entirely due to attempting to tank a hit in a tight spot and realizing I had zero heals just as it was too late. Whoops! Won’t make that mistake again.

Everything taken care of on the Bunker, we can now head up to the Hangar and finally complete the first chapter of NieR: Automata. There are a handful more androids loitering about the area. May as well be social. This is the last time we’ll be back to the Bunker for a while.

Her balance sensors got damaged, so she gets motion sickness. No matter how many times I repair the sensors, the problem comes back. It’s almost like it’s in her head or something... You guys take care of yourselves so you don’t end up like her, all right?
*turns to soldier* How are you feeling? Ready to get back out there?
N-no... Whole world... still spinny... *urp*
Right-o. I’ll make sure to tell Command that you’re not fit to use flight units for a while.

Maybe programming androids with the capacity to get dizzy wasn’t a great design choice. But hell, the original Nier established they programmed androids with the ability to get drunk. Humanity in this universe has always been kind of dipshits with bad future planning...

I’d give almost anything to spend more time in a flight unit...
We’d all like that! But they’re expensive, delicate pieces of equipment, so they don’t just hand ‘em out willy-nilly. And you combat types are the worst! Last time you used a flight unit, it came back with huge scratches on the side! Who do you think fixes that, huh? We do! We work our fingers to the bone to get you a beautiful ride, and you go and crap all over it!
All right, all right! I get it! Sheesh...
Flight units are great and all, but why doesn’t R&D just install wings and jets on our bodies?
That’s a GREAT idea! Then you could stop damaging my precious flight units!
Yeah, I asked about that once. They said it would put too much strain on our bodies. Also something about it not being “financially feasible.”
Ha! They would say that.

Look, the military budget has really had to tighten up after 14 world wars in a row. Just be happy androids have 10 foot vertical leaps, alright?

In any case, let’s buckle up and head back to Earth to start the game properly as Chapter 1 of NieR: Automata draws to a close.

Video: Episode 7 Highlight Reel

YoRHa Commander Official Art – That whole outfit is gonna be a nightmare if the anti-gravity field ever goes offline on the Bunker.