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Part 109: Episode CV: Loss

Episode CV: Loss

New Music: The Sound of the End (Instrumental Quiet)

So all of YoRHa outside our protagonists are either dead or insane, The Bunker has been destroyed and 9S has been flung off to points unknown. Surely, this day cannot go any worse. Even if these machines are going to try their best to make it crummier.

Before we advance anywhere (not that we have an objective at the moment) it’s best to clear this area of any machine lifeforms so we can take a minute to catch our breath and maybe save the game after a non-stop barrage of shit going down in Route C. Emphasis on saving the game. These machines are no trouble at all. They don’t have EMP bullshit or any fancy tricks. Just run of the mill killer trashcans.

Obviously, hanging out fishing in the Flooded City isn’t going to get us anywhere. We should probably get out of here and make sure 9S hasn’t gotten his dumb ass into any more trouble. You know how it is with that dingus. There’s just one tiny issue...

Welp. I guess this day could get worse.

<body sparks> Ungh... ugh... uhh...

2B is now infected with the Logic Virus. We now have a System Corruption percentage indicator on our HUD that is steadily rising. Additionally, 2B’s body will periodically spark which causes her to only be able to clutch her side and walk for a while. All other actions are disabled when this occurs. This includes all forms of attacking, dashing/evading and jumping. She can just limp run at a slow pace. That’s it!

2B will recover after about 15-20 seconds and return to normal functionality. But it’ll just randomly happen again until she can get sorted out. So it’s best NOT to engage any enemies while she’s in this state. They won’t give one shit about ganging up on 2B while she’s disabled if she goes into the wounded state in the middle of battle. As a result, this part of the game can be incredibly miserable to play!

Another note: Saving is still possible. But unlike most every part of the game, a save here checkpoints at the beginning of this sequence. Specifically, it’ll play the cutscene of 2B bailing out of her flight unit and eating shit and start from there. Still, it’s an extremely good idea to save here in case things go wrong.

If you’re wondering if you can get cute and circumvent 2B being disabled by riding a boar or moose, the answer is no. Her going into the damaged state will knock her off a mount. Moose aren’t that buddy-buddy with our androids that they’ll tolerate an android potentially exploding on their back.

Oh and one final note. Remember that whole system where if you died you’d have to do a corpse run to recover your equipped plug-in chips? The one that was poorly thought out and bad? Welp. Don’t worry about that anymore! The conceit there was you were restoring from an earlier point stored on The Bunker. The Bunker just exploded. So that entire mechanic is gone for the rest of the game! Dead means dead now for our androids. Straight Game Over - Load Last Save here on out.

Anyway, let’s head back towards the City Ruins to hopefully link up with 9S so he can do hacking magic to fix this mess.

Malfunction detected in NFCS circuit.
I have to keep it... from spreading to other androids... Pod, give me a location that’s low on android signals.
Searching... Analysis: The area near the abandoned commercial facility meets the desired parameters. Alert: YoRHa unit 2B will sustain serious damage unless the virus is eliminated.
You don’t say... Ngh...

OK... The abandoned mall. That’s a bit of a walk when you’re as jacked as 2B is right now. Especially when just jumping more than once is a dodgy prospect.

Speaking of shit that’s jacked, 2B’s viral corruption extends to the menus. They’re all a static and artifact filled mess now. It’s a nice touch.

As 2B exerts herself, the viral infection will periodically jump up a significant chunk. Which is somewhat worrisome. Though if you’re wondering if that System Corruption meter is just for dramatic effect or if it’s actually pumping up for real...

No, it’s very much real! There’s about a ten minute time limit total to make it to the designated area across the City Ruins. And if 2B fails to do that, well... You can probably guess what results.

So we should probably get a move on...

New Music: The Sound of the End (Static)

Remove the contamination... and reset...
Analysis: Virus is transforming and progressing its own algorithm with abnormal speed. Removal will be difficult.

So normally when cutting through the City Ruins, especially when going to the northeastern section, passing through the central sink hole is the fastest and easiest way to make it across. Listen to me right now: DO NOT GO IN THAT FUCKING HOLE!

If you’re lucky, you’ll die in that hole. Most likely, you’ll have enough plug-in chips to prevent outright death and you’ll instead get stun-lock juggled around forever by a half dozen machines with no means of defending yourself or getting out or even loading a saved game because you cannot access the menu for a few seconds after taking damage. It will be incredibly frustrating and you’ll hate this part of the game. This is already the most miserable section of gameplay NieR: Automata has to offer. I’ve fallen in that hole. I’ve seen my wife and kid play this game and fall down the hole. I’ve seen a few streamers play this part and fall in that hole. It was a real bad time for everyone each time.

Do NOT go in that fucking hole!

Instead, the best course of action is to just take the long way around going around the perimeter of the crater, heading for the road to the Abandoned Factory, then heading north along that direction towards Jackass’s camp and east back towards the tower and our destination. It’ll take way longer, but we’ve got more than enough time to make it and it’s magnitudes less frustrating. All the enemies in this route can easily be ignored and ran limped past.

In the highlights video I was a ballsy idiot and jumped the route to the east over the gap the Parade Escort sidequest took. Which cuts the travel time in half. Guess what? I fucked that up first recording, fell in the hole and had to close the game to escape because seven machines played soccer with 2B’s corrupting body to the point I couldn’t do anything but watch.

Malfunction detected in visual processing system.

That sounds bad. 2B I know you’re having a really rough day. But cheer up. The Council of Humanity has a transmission for all its beloved androids.

Today, I have wonderful......<crackle> The Council of Humanity has decided to increase the production of new...... <static> This will enable us to deal a powerful blow to......<crackle> enemies. The light of hope is near...... <static> closer than ever to it. We look forward to future...... <crackle> and know that you will be the ones to bring it to us. Glory to Mank......<ear piercing interference>

Thanks guys. That really improved moral for the whole two YoRHa members that aren’t dead or insane. Assuming 9S isn’t dead or insane and 2B can sort out her situation in the next few minutes... That's the last broadcast we ever receive from the Council of Humanity. There's some poor android just stuck on the moon now not knowing what the hell happened to the rest of YoRHa.

New Music: The Sound of the End (Corruption)
(You should probably listen to this.)

Malfunction detected in FFCS circuit.

We’re almost there. Gotta get this fixed soon. The menus are basically unusable at this point.

Infiltrating system-protected region.

2B is now down to only being able to slowly limp forward. Everything else is completely disabled and it ain’t coming back online unless we get her fixed. Thankfully, no machines are in this general area.

Alert: Unusual heat generation in central nervous system. Internal combustion imminent.

And then 2B’s head exploded...

Music: ENDS

Analysis: Abnormality detected in visual sensors. Alert: Deterioration found in black box. Alert: Damage to data backup system.

Bunker’s gone... There’s... no point in backing up anyway. 9...S... My body is... Ugh...

2B is surprisingly intact for having her head just explode. YoRHa androids are built to last. Unfortunately, she’s now color blind and mostly deaf. All sound now sounds like it’s coming out of a blown out speaker with frayed wiring. But hey, we’re almost at our destination.

Unfortunately, also at our destination is couple of virus infected YoRHa soldiers we failed to take out earlier. Guys, this is NOT the time to rumble. We’re kind of going through some shit here...


2B is in no shape to defend herself in her current state. Things look dire. That is until...

Hey, look who decided to get involved in the plot again after showing up for all of five minutes in both Route A and B.

Music: The Sound of the End (Instrumental Quiet)

A... 2... Ugh...

That’s right. A2 is here. She’s also our player character now since 2B is clearly not able to handle this situation. Our first order of business is...

Naturally to ruin the moment of A2 swooping in to the rescue and immediately bail on 2B.

I had to replay this entire sequence again from the start for both these bad endings. Real dick move putting one literally at the very end of it.

I hope you enjoyed your goddamn stroll, A2. Now go do it right and save 2B.

Back on track, A2 is a beast and one-shots all of these infected YoRHa jobbers. We won’t go over the finer points of her mechanics because everyone is dead within about ten seconds.

2B decides to cut away here mask. Having that corrupted HUD has to be murder on the eyes anyway. Assuming the thing is still even working. Also...


<slams sword into ground> These are... my memories.

Take care of everyone for me...

Take care... of the future... A2...

Well... that’s all happening... Meanwhile, let’s go check on 9S!

Music: The Sound of the End (Quiet)

Where the hell is 2B!?
Scanning. Black box signal located.
Put it on the map!
Alert: Large-scale ground tremors detected. Underground soil structure is no longer stable. Cause is likely a high-magnitude earthquake. Proposal: Evacuate immediately.
I’m not going anywhere!

I mean, that’s not true at all. 9S absolutely has the ability to hop on the nearest moose and make a break for it in the other direction.

Yeah, they couldn’t even come up with a good reason why the hell you’d do that one...

Right. That’s enough destroying tension. Let’s get to 2B! Also, Pod 153 wasn’t kidding around about an earthquake. The entire area is starting to violently rumble. Cuz not enough has gone down in the past hour. Sure. Throw an earthquake on top of it! Open another inter-dimensional portal and drop a second cosmic horror on the place, why don’t you?

2B! Are you—

Music: ENDS

Hey, 9S! She finally said your dumb nickname you’d been pushing for so long...

...And immediately died.

9S understandably does not take 2B’s death well and has himself a brief cry.

Meanwhile, A2 decides she liked the hairstyle 2B was sporting and gives herself a trim with 2B’s old sword.


<extremely pissed off howl of rage>


9S goes into a blood rage and sprints across the bridge. Meanwhile, some shit is going down from the canyon below. Namely, giant white columns are erupting from below the surface. Guess we found the source of that earthquake.

A2 is unimpressed with everything that’s going down. It’s not exactly like she has a reason to fear an angry kid she doesn’t even know rushing her.

I’ll kill you!


A2 cannot believe 9S immediately got that owned. However, she is immediately faced with other issues.

Like the giant structures that are still erupting from the ground. Particularly, the one that explodes beneath her feet...

It’s just an alien superstructure twice the size of the City Ruins. I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. As soon as the tower is finished erupting from the ground, it fires off three objects out of the top of it. Again, probably nothing to get concerned about. This is fine...

In any case, that concludes the first chapter and hour of NieR: Automata’s Route C. Have a late title card and maybe go lay down for a while. That was a LOT.

Video: Episode 105 Highlight Reel
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Video: Episode 105 Bad Endings
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A2 Render – She needed a haircut anyway.