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Part 113: Episode CIX: To Mourn

Episode CIX: To Mourn

Music: Peaceful Sleep

What? You thought plot progress was happening? NO idiot! There was a sidequest we passed. And this one is actually really important. Indeed, it’s kinda fucked up this one is actually a sidequest and something you can miss...

Anyway, there is a new Resistance member who didn’t get devoured by the rampaging machines during Route A. He has some words for 9S. Let’s see what we’ve got...

Hmm... Nope, sorry.
They were part of my squad, but I lost contact when they went out for field research. If anything has happened to them... Well, to put it bluntly... if they’re dead, I need to know so I can mourn them properly.
Have you tried searching for them?
I’d go myself, but my motor systems were heavily damaged some time back. Still, I just can’t stop wondering what happened...
<Help with the search.>
I’ll look for them.
You will?
Sure. Can you give me an idea where to start?
Last time I heard from them, they were in the flooded city. I’ll give you their ID codes. We all wield dual weapons, so you should be able to find them easily. If they’re dead, I’d appreciate if you could retrieve any personal articles you find.

So begins the Gathering Keepsakes sidequest. Just from the name alone... this won’t go well...

Well we were told to check out the Flooded City. So let’s head for there first...

Music: Rays of Light (Medium)

The first notable thing about The Flooded City’s Route C incarnation is one of the Resource Recovery Units floating here doing its thing. It’s fine. We’ll get to that eventually...

Thankfully, The Tower did not crash into the Machine Space Program. That’s still up and around forever.

Unfortunately, it may have stepped on Grün’s corpse when it manifested. RIP.

A short glance at the area (after we trash some machines) will reveal an android corpse in the vicinity. It turns out dual-wielding AK variants doesn’t get you far in the machine wars...

I was afraid we’d find this. The only personal items are these dog tags...
Analysis: Remaining transmission records indicate the Resistance members were attempting to retreat from battle. Analysis of final coordinates complete. Marking locations on map.
Let’s go take a look. Maybe some of them will still be alive.

Rusty Dog Tags are recovered from the corpse here. Alongside a couple new areas to check out.

We could leave now. However, there is an easily missed optional thing in the area we should probably check out... Hey, remember how 2B crashed right around here? Turns out her flight unit just slammed into the ground near where she ate shit...

ID of YoRHa unit 2B confirmed within the craft.
This belonged to 2B...
Unsent message found within memory of flight unit.
Play it...

So this is entirely optional and easily missed. The opening of this message plays during the intro I’ve yet to post because it’s full of spoilery shit...

If anyone is listening to this, there’s something I need you to do. If you ever meet up with YoRHa unit 9S... I want him... I mean... I’m... sorry. Please just give him the following message: 9S... the time I was able to spend with you... It was like... memories of pure light... Thank you... Nine...s.
End of message.
<sniffle> Oh, 2B... <sniffle>

It’s super fucked up you can miss that message! Poor 9S. Route C might be mostly about him having a terrible goddamn month. Anway, we’ve received a couple new signals to check in on for this missing Resistance team. One is over in the Amusement Park and the other is near the entrance to the Abandoned Factory.

Music: ENDS

We’re going to do the Factory first since it’s right near the Access Point and...


No vital signs detected. The unit is deceased.

Welp, turns out dual-wielding a broad sword and spear isn’t a great combo either. Let’s head to the Amusement Park and see if their third Resistance member faired any better...

Music: Amusement Park (Quiet)

So, another one of the Resource Recovery deals has planted itself above the bridge leading to the Amusement Park zone.

...And well it might not be having the greatest effect on the machines that were hanging out in this area.

Yeah... Party time has ended in the Amusement Park and the mechanical T-Virus has spread to most resident robots infecting them with some evil shit...

We find our designated android’s corpse near a lamp post in the opening area of the region. RIP.

Talk about a bad way to go...
Alert: Emergency support request found in transmission records.
When was it sent?
Approximately twelve minutes ago.
That means they’re still alive. Let’s go!
Target location data obtained. Marking on map.

Seems the final target is in the Desert Zone. We’ll check that out... shortly.

I know it’s an emergency and all. But c’mon... It’s a side quest. They’re either fine either way or already dead. There’s no time limit here. And there is an optional bit we need to do in this region.

The machines are still all mad fucked up zombie machines further into the area. Though not all of ‘em.

The Shopkeeper Machine from earlier is looking the look but still OK. It sells the same stuff it always did. A lot of it is necessary for mid-level weapon upgrades. Also there might be an exploit that involves this robot. But we’ll get to that later.

I’m glad I rested. Break time!

Machine on a Break was so lazy it didn’t get infected and I’m happy for that. Anyway, the optional bit is over by the way to the roller coaster. 9S still can still ride that if that’s his scene.

The Party Tank is also back in action and having a fun time despite 9S being a dick back in Route B. We’ve no quarrel with that machine this go around. Let it be in blissful ignorance that the rest of the park is a machine zombie filled creep show...

What we came here for is this YoRHa soldier corpse and the dead Pod next to it. This holds...

A150: Volt – a new Pod Program.

Volt is a Damage Over Time spell that inflicts electric damage on a targeted enemy and both stuns and burns their health over time. I’m personally not big on it, even if it does some significant damage. DOT attacks in a character action combat system are... lame...

Regardless, we’ve got a new objective for this sidequest. Our actual target is the Desert Zone proper. However, thanks to the shit A2 was doing around there the Access Point is down for now. So we’ll have to hit the next closest area – Desert: Camp.

Music: Memories of Dust (Quiet)

While we’re here, we may as well see what Jackass has to say to 9S in Route C.

Goddammit, White...
...Sorry. I had a friend at the Bunker.

White was the Commander’s actual name. Of course Jackass knew her. Jackass is secretly the most well informed character in the game. But that doesn’t matter... On to the Desert Zone proper.

Music: Memories of Dust (Vocal)

When we reach the designated mission target, 9S comes upon some Mad Max: Fury Road ass designer machine lifeform tanks. And BOY, they’re pissed...

Avenge the pain of our comrades! I HATE ANDROIDS! HATE THEM!
Violence rules this world! Violence is all!
YEEEEEAH! Another sacrifice for the altar!
All hail the machines!

The only actual mechanical difference from these Mad Max tanks and the Party Tank is that 9S cannot jump on its back to reveal that glowing weak point core. Running into it doesn’t do damage or anything. He’s just pushed off by the collision engine. It’s also kinda strong since it’s Level 50.

However, despite his failings with The Tower’s hacking, Hackerman 9S is still stupid strong in these kinda situations...

The hostile machine lifeforms have been defeated.

Back to the reason why we were here in the first place... welp...

No vital signs detected. The unit is deceased.
Analysis: All missing Resistance members are deceased.
I suppose we better return their belongings.

Yep. We should probably do that. The downed Access Points aren’t anything to worry about. There’s just some Level 1 jobber machines that need to be killed to restore ‘em.

Music: Peaceful Sleep

No. I’m sorry.
I... see.
This is what’s left of their personal effects.
Thank you. Now I’ll just place these flowers with them...
Er, flowers?
Ah, yeah. I’m just imitating an old ritual. The human race had many traditions when it came to mourning their dead. I know that may not mean much to us, but... Well, I just want their souls to find some peace. That’s the wish I’m putting into these flowers, at any rate. Thank you again for your help.
Can I admit something? I’m... relieved that I was too injured to fight. I’m relieved because it allowed me to escape.

And so we receive our quest reward. This quest actually ends here if we hadn’t done the Emil’s Memories sidequest back in Route A or B. But since we have...


A final objective has been planted over in the mall ruins near where 2B died...

Specifically, down in Emil’s memorial to Kainé... It’s real fucked up you can miss this scene...

Music: Kainé (Salvation)

2B... I’m not quite sure what it means to mourn, or even if we have a soul to concern ourselves with...

But I hope you’re at rest, 2B. Sweet dreams. I’ll be with you before long.

Video: Episode 109 Highlight Reel
(I'm just gonna tell you to keep watching these things. But especially this one.)