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Part 116: Episode CXI-2: Reunion

Episode CXI-2: Reunion

Music: Rays of Light (Vocal)

OK... Let’s take that one from the top. While 9S’s murder boner continues to grow, we’ve really got to cool down A2’s bloodlust a touch.

Before we rewrite history and show some mercy towards Pascal, I’m reminded of an easy to miss little Easter Egg that is only available in Route C. Remember that one building we’ve climbed up and down a half dozen times at this point?

There’s a staircase that leads up to the adjacent building 2B and 9S kept landing their flight units on. However, there’s also a Snake Eater-esque length ladder in an elevator shaft that leads past that to the very roof of the building.

Now back in Route A and B, there were a bunch of immovable crates blocking rooftop access. Real fire hazard. However, following the unfortunate events with 99% of YoRHa eating it earlier, it seems someone has cleared the path allowing us access to...

...That long ass table Adam and Eve hung out at during the Route B interludes where they discovered underwear, corny biblical references and other fascinating human concepts. If you looked at the background during those scenes, you could actually pretty easily tell where they were geographically. Especially after the Machine Lifeform Space Program was constructed.

Up here we can pilfer a spare pair of Adam’s faux-smart boy chic glasses. A2 can now equip these if she wants to go for a more Bayonetta sort of look. Or if we really feel like making like 9S look like even more of a huge dork, he can wear them as well.

Side note: A2’s selfie game is on point.

That’s enough getting off track. Let’s head back to the Resistance Camp and rescue Pascal from those Stubby street toughs that were harassing him. You hate to see machine on machine violence like that.

Wait, please! I’m not going to hurt you! My name is Pascal. I’m a pacifist. Green eyes. See?
Whatever! You machines are just a murder bots with a fancy name.
Fancy... name...? You mean the “machine lifeform” name?
Yeah, Professor von Killbot.
O... K... Well, if killing me will put your soul at ease, I’m OK with it. Some others might not be. It might be a whole thing. But the decision is yours...

A2 might not know who Pascal is... but 2B did and liked him. So we’ll show mercy to this nice boy even if it’s really going against A2’s usual “kill ‘em all” MO. So...

<Let Pascal live.>

Just shut up and leave before I change my mind.
No. Never mind. You have my thanks.

And with that, Pascal blasts off into space. Which leaves the question why he didn’t just fly away from those bullying Stubbies in the first place... But, I’m sure he had his reasons.

Music: Peaceful Sleep

As for A2, it’s time to enter the Resistance Camp and start looking for a replacement fuel filter so she stops getting sand in her robo-vagina or whatever is going on there. Where to start...?

Not here...

Definitely not here...

You’ll have to ask Anemone when new stock is going to arrive.

Right... Unlike in 9S’s chapter (or A2’s for that matter if we came here early) Anemone is now back in camp. If you’ll recall, these two have some history together back during the last big Machine War flare-up a good decade ago. Indeed, the first thing Anemone ever does when speaking to 2B is mistaking her for “Number Two.” Guess who that was...

Music: Peaceful Sleep (Vocal)

Sorry I haven’t been in touch, Anemone.
You survived. That’s all that matters. Though I fear that all of your fighting companions are long gone. I had to kill Number 21 with my own hands.
I’m sorry.
No, it’s... Oh, that’s right! Did you know there was a YoRHa member here named 2B that looked just like you? She’s—
She’s dead.
2B is dead. I killed her. She was infected with a logic virus.
<both look down silently for a bit>
Well, please make yourself at home in our camp. I’ll have someone show you aro—
Not necessary. Her memories are contained in this sword.
I see. You can go ahead and use her old room, then. I’m in charge of the camp here. I’ll make sure to tell everyone about you.

We can indeed now go use the old room Anemone gave us early in Route A/B if we want A2 to take a nap and save the game. Still no reason to ever do that... I really wonder if there was some early intent of going “Welp the Bunker is gone, you’ve gotta save your game here only from now on!” and Platinum managed to talk down Yoko Taro from that kinda bullshit. Cavia would have done that. And charged you for using the room each time.

Anyway, we forgot to do what we came here to do... The fuel filter? Remember? We actually need to go speak to Anemone again to progress the game.

Any chance you could spare a fuel filter?
A fuel filter? I’m afraid our supply recently ran out. Pascal makes them for us, so you could go pick up one directly if you’d like.
You know him?
You TRADE with the enemy!?
His village is different. They’ve never caused us any harm.
No way. Forget it.
This may be hard to understand, but we forged an alliance and trade materials when the need arises. We can’t be picky about how we reach our goals around here. And besides, we aren’t so far gone that we kill machine lifeforms after they surrender.

As soon as we walk away from Anemone, Pod 042 pipes in with a friendly reminder.

Proposal: Replace the faulty part immediately.
Yeah. I know.
Coordinates confirmed for a colony centered around the machine lifeform known as Pascal. Location marked on map.
You don’t know when to shut up, do you...

Our next destination is to go check out Pascal’s Machine Village. That’s the next story beat. However, we’re not yet done with the Resistance Camp. If we return to speak with Anemone one more time...

And you’ve become a true leader.
I’m nothing compared to Rose.

I thought I should preserve memories of the time we fought together. And I also think you have a right to see them.
You and I must never forget.
...I know.

This unlocks a three part series titled the YoRHa Pearl Harbor Descent Personal Record. Tune in next time for a whole big ol’ mess of A2 and Anemone’s entire backstory/a CliffsNotes version of the YoRHa Stage Play. It’s not gonna be a pleasant stroll down memory lane...

Video: Episode 111-B Highlight Reel

Anemone Concept Art - Little known fact: Before landing the role in the YoRHa Stage Play, Anemone auditioned for the role of one of those dudes from Journey.