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Part 12: Episode XI: An Elusive Request

Episode XI: An Elusive Request

Music: Peaceful Sleep (Vocal)

Now that we’ve completed the two sidequests in the Resistance Camp, Anemone once more has gained the quest giver icon to advance the story. Let’s hit her up.

There have been lots of reports of dangerous machines appearing in the desert recently. This is very unusual, so it may be indicative of something bigger. Now, I hear you YoRHa types are pretty good at examining things. You think you can look into this whole mess for me?
<Help her>
Thanks! I knew I could count on you! I’ll tell our allies in the desert that you’re coming. Be careful out there, okay?

Off to the desert, huh? There’d better not be a million wolves out there. I can’t do that again...

We’re not quite going to do that yet. I know I said not to do sidequests until unlocking Fast Travel later in the game. But there is an exception to that. We’re going to beam ourselves back up to the Bunker for a bit.

Sorry, 9S. There’s only room for one in this thing. I’m going to suggest you acquire a stout catapult to make the return trip to the Bunker.

Music: Fortress of Lies (Vocal)

Oh... You’re already here, huh? Awkward... Apparently these terminals work by beaming 2B and 9S’s consciousness to a temporary android body that just happens to be identical in every way. Don’t think about it too hard. It’s a video game.

They just couldn’t help doing a LITTLE bit of completionist trolling. There is exactly one quest that only has the briefest of windows. It’s only available between reaching the Resistance Camp up until departing to the Desert. This is the second to last quest I ended up completing because hell if I knew it existed! It’s not like there’s much of a reason to return to the Bunker immediately.

The Commander is the quest giver in this instance. Let’s see what she has lined up.

We need your help improving the network environment between the Bunker and the surface. Doing so will allow us to carry out our operations in a more efficient manner. First, I need you to transport the required materials to the leader of the Resistance camp. I’ll have an operator explain how to obtain the materials once you touch down.
Yes, Commander.

Alright, quest received. Commander, I feel like you could have just sent an e-mail instead of making us go back to space to be told to go back to Earth and await instructions...

While we’re in the neighborhood, there is a secondary side quest available back in the Bunker’s Hangar. It’ll trigger as soon as we enter the room where the flight units are stashed...

Yes, but—
Thank goodness! My name is 16D. My instructor, 11B, was one of your squadmates in the assault on the abandoned factory. I don’t suppose she...
She was shot down during the battle.
I... I see... What a shame. She was the closest thing I had to a mentor. She was so strong and admirable... What happened to her body?
I don’t know.
I know it isn’t my place to be asking you for this... But... Well, if you happen to run across anything of hers, would you mind bringing it back to me? It’s not a priority or anything. Just if you have the time.
I’ll keep an eye out.
Thank you.

Negative. 11B’s black box has yet to be recovered.
She was shot down near the abandoned factory, right?

There’s the second sidequest for the Bunker – returning to the Prologue factory and retrieving a token from one of the dead redshirts in the intro. Sure, we’ll get that done if we’re in the neighborhood.

That’s all for The Bunker for some time. 9S, just shove yourself into a barrel and eject out an airlock or something. See you planetside...

Music: Peaceful Sleep

...How do you keep doing that? Tch. Whatever. Let’s get to work. Incidentally, I’m really curious as to why they have that PS2 ass texture looking box right next to the save point that will undoubtedly get used the most the entire game. It’s not fixin’ to load a higher resolution version of that texture. It’s just that ugly. SOMEONE had to have noticed...

6O rings in...

We need you to collect the materials to improve the network environment. You’re going to need a rusty bolt, a small gear, and a spring. You should be able to find them on small-sized enemies. Once you have everything, please take it to the Resistance leader, Anemone.
*sigh* I know it’s a bit of a pain, but good luck!
Target location data obtained. Marking on map.

Well, we’ve already got the Small Gear and err... a broken key? Didn’t she just say a spring? How do you get a spring out of a broken key? Whatever... we’ve got one already. We just need one Rusty Bolt. That shouldn’t be too hard to find considering we’re fighting rusty trashcan bots at all times

Like with previous quests, the map is marked with spawned enemies that possess a guaranteed drop. The mission zone is due north of the camp right next to the only Save Terminal we neglected to activate earlier.

As we leave the camp, Pod 042 contacts 6O.

Coordinates confirmed for location specified by Resistance Leader.
Understood, 042. Placing marker on target. The desert heat is going to make resupply efforts difficult, 2B. Please make sure you’re ready before you go.

Alright, got it. The desert is northeast of the camp. It’s nearly a straight shot down the road from the building we started this chapter on. But we’re gonna go clear up that first sidequest first.

Except... crap. E-mail. One somewhat annoying thing this game does is have a tendency early on to shoot e-mails 2B’s way just as we’re out of reach of a terminal. The biggest sin being the fact the notification will override voiced quest dialogue in some instances. And that’s just an unforgivable oversight.

Remember 2B had that other big sword in the Prologue? Turns out we can go retrieve it if we can make it back to the factory. Good to know...

New Music: Rays of Light (Vocal)
(You should listen to this.)

Following the stream we were fishing in the previous update, we’ll eventually come to a lightly wooded field with a derelict radio tower.

There are some boys raging at a wayward pack of Cheetos once more. Taking them out will unlock this Terminal, giving us Quick Save in just about all four corners of the map. Always handy.

A new model of machine lifeform, medium dudes, make their appearance here. As the name suggests, they’re the middle ground between the hulking armored guys with their machine battleaxes and the stubby guys with barely functional limbs. Being able to dash up to 2B and sucker punch her is their one big tactic.

It ultimately doesn’t work out too well, even if they did have a few levels on our Android.

Taking out all the machine lifeforms will *hopefully* (there is occasionally a drop that falls an awkward place that’s not retrievable, but it’s rare) drop the rusted bolt we needed. Just the one bolt and only one with rust. It’s essential it be rusty. Very technical reasoning is behind that. We grunts don’t need the details...

6O chimes in again...

Looks like you found all the necessary parts to improve our network environment. Nice work! You can conclude your mission by bringing everything over to Anemone.

Yeah, sure we can do that. But I’m going to have to climb this tower first and jump off it. Also that’s an unfortunate angle. There is, unfortunately, an achievement for looking up 2B’s skirt ten times in a playthrough. It was the very last achievement I got platinuming the game because I’m not a degenerate. Dammit, Japan...

All that’s on top of the tower is a chest with some upgrade materials and a nice view.

There’s a huge ominous bridge further north where the stream ends. There’s nothing unlocked quite yet over there. We’ll just remember the path.

Back to the Resistance Camp we go. 9S do NOT tell the Commander we were abusing our Pod privileges for this base jumping tomfoolery.

Music: Peaceful Sleep (Vocal)

These are the parts we need for our network structure, right? Thanks for bringing them over. It’s not much, but I have a reward for you. Oh, but don’t tell the Commander—it’s probably against regulations.

Huh. That’s not too shabby a reward for a brief fed-ex quest. At least for this point in the game. It was a bit trifling when I had over a million G and was Level 92 by the point I did this quest...

2B contacts 6O to report in one final time...

Copy that. Good work!
I see the Commander’s as much of a slave driver as ever. It’s like she was built to be as efficient and hard-assed as possible.
Aw, she’s not so bad.
A-are you serious?
Totally serious! The Commander actually lets a lot of things slide on the side. Like, did you know that she leaves piles of clothes strewn everywhere? The cleaning team is SO sick of it. Oh, and she never performs regular maintenance on herself. A lot of the “hard-ass” nature you mention is just for show.
How do you know all this?
Hee hee! I can’t tell you that... Operator 6O out. *disconnects*
What the heck was all that about?

Look, 9S read between the lines... Not saying the Commander and 6O are space lesbian robots... But the Commander and 6O are *probably* space lesbian robots. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

So concludes the only really easy to miss quest. Tune in next time when we swing back by the Prologue factory and maybe begin the trek to the Desert. Be sure to pack a durable mask...

Video: Episode 10 Highlight Reel

Anemone Official Art – Always pack a tactical cape. You’ll live longer that way.