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Part 120: Episode CXV: The Bad Bot

Episode CXV: The Bad Bot

We’ve had enough derails for a while. It’s time to get back on track with main plot missions. A2 must be getting a rash in her robot joints from that sand gunked up there for a couple weeks now. Let’s see if we cannot sort her out by a trip to Pascal’s Village for that fuel filter.

Music: Pascal

Analysis: This is a colony of pacifistic machine lifeforms led by the unit known as Pascal. It is logical for a large number of machine lifeforms to be present. This Pod has concerns regarding YoRHa unit A2’s predictive skills.
I’d be more concerned about me smashing your face if I were you.

Despite A2’s reputation as a dangerous wandering machine murdering hobo, all of Pascal’s Village residents don’t mind her presence at all. There’s not much of note happening in the Machine Village worth covering. The machine family (Father, Mother and Child) seems to have moved out though. Or at least vanished during Route C. Everyone else from earlier sidequests is still hanging out in the state we left ‘em.

With that said, let’s go speak with Pascal and get this over with already. I’m sure A2 doesn’t like hanging around a bunch of machines she shouldn’t murder.

Music: Pascal (Vocal)

Thank you again for rescuing me.
Now then! How can I help you?
Summary: YoRHa unit A2 possesses a faulty fuel filter. She has obtained information from Anemone, leader of the Resistance Camp. She has traveled to this village in order to obtain a new filter. End summary. Request: One functional fuel filter.
Do you really need to spell it all out like that?
Analysis: A2’s lack of verbal communication made this Pod’s assistance necessary.
Shut. Up.
Ah, I see. I see. Sadly, I’m a bit short on materials right now. I need rigid tree bark to create a filter, but the only location I know of is guarded by ferocious machine lifeforms. I apologize, but I’m afraid I can’t make a filter at the moment.
Confirmation: Unit A2 will secure and deliver rigid tree bark.
Don’t confirm that by yourself!

Analysis: Hostility toward the peaceful machine lifeform Pascal is pointless from an energy-usage standpoint. Proposal: Form a friendly relationship immediately.
You have GOT to be kidding me.

Sorry, A2. I’m afraid this is the beginning of your learning to chill the fuck out and accept the cute friendly machines arc. There is no stopping it. So let’s get on with things and head to our destination over in the middle of the Forest Zone.

Since that’s right next door to Pascal’s Village, we can just take a brisk jog there instead of the usual fiddling with Access Points.

Music: Forest Kingdom (Dynamic)

We can even catch a ride to make the journey even quicker. There’s another reason to walk to our goal. A2 has some commentary on a new addition to the area since last time she was here stabbing a robot baby in the face...

Whoa. What’s that?
You’re useless.

If you’re wondering, it’s not possible for A2 to enter the Meat Box Resource Unit. The entire structure is now floating well past her reach. The three temples are meant for 9S to have a bogus journey through. Sorry.

Moving onto our destination, there are indeed a number of hostile machines guarding the collection point four the Rigid Bark we need for the filter. It’s just some lingering Forest Kingdom scrubs and one beefy electric leg sporting Goliath Biped. Not an issue.

The actual semi-difficult part of this mission is finding the Rigid Bark collection point. You see that barely noticeable yellow glow between those two giant roots in the middle there?

That’s it! That’s what we came here for. Really, A2 could have just ran up here, grabbed what she needed and bounced immediately without engaging with these trifling machines. But where’s the fun in that?

Now that we’ve got the necessary component, it’s just a matter of dashing all the way back to Pascal’s Village. Or taking the Access Point. They’re both about the same time spent traveling. Either way...

Music: Pascal (Vocal)

Ah! Thank you so much. I’ll make a filter right away. Please just give me one moment.

He can fly?

C’mon A2. You already saw him fly earlier. Get with the program. He’s got a rocket butt. It’s fine. Don’t judge. Regardless, Pascal literally just flies to the top of the screen, vanishes for less than a second and flies straight back down. But in case A2 wasn’t paying attention...


So A2 obtains her replacement Fuel Filter. I’m not going to ask where that goes or how it’s installed. But she stops complaining about being sandy. So I guess that’s sorted out. Now then... A2 doesn’t really have any long term goals or plans. Soooooo... I guess we could just talk to Pascal again... You know... since we’re in the neighborhood and all.

You gave me that filter for free earlier. I need to pay you back. It would bother me otherwise.
How conscientious of you!
Yeah. So if you think of something, let me know.
I do have a bit of a problem, now that you mention it. A ferocious machine has been attacking our children in the area where they play.

I do hope you’ll agree. We don’t really have anyone else to ask.
<Agree to help.>
Thank you so much! I promise to repay you for the trouble.

So begins the (mandatory) sidequest, Vanquish the Bad Bot. A hostile machine is causing a ruckus with the kids? We can’t have that stand. It’s time for A2 to step up and defend the machine kids. Just... don’t let them know she stabbed an infant one of their kind directly in the face a month or two back...

A Level 50 Enhanced Medium Quadruped seems to be the playground bully in the neighborhood. This is one of the few times in the game an Enhanced version of one of these guys ever spawns. Not that it’s any different from the normal ones beyond buffed stats.

A2 has no problem vanquishing the machine playground menace to repay Pascal for sorting out her fuel filter issues. All that’s left to do is to return and report our success in curbing machine-on-machine violence in the neighborhood.

Thank you so much. Here is your reward. Please take it.

Wait... Pascal, A2 was doing this to get square with you for the free filter. If you reward her she’s back to square one. Now A2 is going to have to be nice again to correct this...

But when we surrendered our weapons, we lost the ability to defend ourselves. Now many within the village want us to re-arm and vanquish nearby enemies in order to preserve our peace. What do you think we should do, A2?
Dunno. That’s for you to decide.
Yes, I suppose so.
But let your villager friends know—if anyone tries to attack me, I’ll wipe this place clean off the map.
I will make a firm note of it.
<begins walking away>

If you like, you’re welcome to take a look around our village. It would be nice for you to know more about us.
Sure. If I feel like it.

That concludes the Vanquishing the Bad Bot quest. Tune in next time as A2 does indeed take up Pascal’s offer to explore the village and ends up embroiled in a scandalous amount of cute helpful errands for these dingus machines as Route C of NieR: Automata takes a break from being a relentless downer. For now...

Video: Episode 115 Highlight Reel

Pascal Concept Art – An early proposal was for Pascal to be a mascot animal machine from the Amusement Park zone. Not sure about that one...