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Part 124: Episode CXIX: pacifism.txt

Episode CXIX: pascifism.txt

Music: Wretched Weaponry (Quiet Vocal)

Alright. Going berserk and murdering all these machines isn’t going to help anyone. So let’s cool it and try to assess the situation this time. Speaking with Pascal will progress the narrative. But we can also speak to some of the scared child robots too. Let’s see what the machine tikes have to say about their home being razed and all their parents dying horribly.

What does “dying” mean?
It’s all right. You’re safe with us.
Where did everyone go?
I can’t see mommy anymore?

We didn’t do anything bad...
Is everyone dead?
Their bodies won’t get better?
I’m so tired...

Where’s my mommy?
It’s all over...
White flag... No desire to fight...
Somebody help us...

Welp. Morale is understandably low with the Machine Village survivors. Let’s see if we can’t speak with Pascal to figure out what in the hell happened. We were gone for literally like ten minutes...

> Can’t you regenerate your dead villagers?

Unfortunately, we cannot regenerate our cores. Cores contain the data which forms our self-consciousness. If one is destroyed, there is no way to restore it. We usually store our cores in safe places, but this time, the villagers had their cores destroyed as well as their bodies.
I see...

> Is this factory safe?

It was once occupied by a cadre of fellow machines that had gone berserk. However, 2B took care of that threat. It is quite safe now. We’ve been using it as storage for some time.
All right.

> We really need more info...

Proposal: Unit A2 should secure the safety of Pascal and the children immediately.
What’s the hurry?
Haste is predicated on data obtained from the recently restored cross-regional Pod network.
Wait, there’s more of you?
Affirmative. Cross-regional data reveals a large number of machine lifeforms amassing around these ruins.

Music: Wretched Weaponry

Aaaah! A2!

We probably should have barred the front door or something. These jerks just waltzed right in. They’re just a couple of medium bipeds with electrical overdrive attacks. Not too much of a problem. But A2 has to be careful not to kill any of the machine children in the melee, lest she trigger that previous Bad End.

Music: ENDS

I’ll smash ‘em before they can reach this room.
You... you must let me help you! I will smash them up and kill them!

You idiots fucked with the wrong kindly machine uncle... Let’s go, partner.

Music: Song of the Ancients ~ Atonement

Pascal, what the hell did you do to piss off the machines this much!? Did you burn some effigy of Adam and say he had a flat ass? They’re REALLY mad!

We can sort it out later. Right now we have to take ‘em down!

Our new objective is acing all of these angry machines. Of which there is infinite a WHOLE lot... Hey, those yellow orbs right now? That’s Pascal. Turns out Pascal has offensive capabilities now that he’s pissed. There is that and also...

A doom ray that one-shots any and all machines in his path. Pascal is not fucking about. You’re messing with his kids. Pascal’s Wager says get fucked!

...A2? I have an idea. Please buy me a bit of time!

We’ll do what we can, Pascal. But CHRIST, there’s a lot of angry robots! This had better be goo—

Come on, Goliaths too...!?

On top of a nearly infinite supply of angry Small and Medium berserk machine lifeforms we’ve now got a Goliath Tank to deal with here. It acts exactly the same as the Golden and Party Tanks but it’s not helping when surrounded by an endless swarm of adds wanting to rumble.

A2 can fight the generic machine lifeforms until the cows come home, but until she shatters the tyranny of the Goliath Tank, this brawl will continue indefinitely.

A2 is sure to be worn out from battling a couple dozen pissy machines on a tear and a frikkin’ tank. As such, she’s into a limping 2B dyingish sort of stance by the time...

They’re still coming!?

...shit gets worse. A2 is tough but dang. I dunno... What if w—

Fear not, A2! I can handle this!

Let’s rock, baby!

So we’re now back to controlling Pascal, who is on a murder bender controlling this Engels unit we killed back in the prologue. You all fucked with the wrong nice machine uncle!

Engels Pascal’s attacks include a wide swing attack that while instantly annihilate anything in front of its range using the weak attack button...

Sprawling gun fire that will also one-shot any enemies in very close range. Assuming they’re not killed by Pascal-Engels just walking into them...

...and an overhead strike that will obliterate anything immediately in front of the pissed robot uncle.

This is just a very one sided massacre as Pascal flips his shit at these shitty machines having wronged his peaceful village. It’s a good time. Eventually...

Music: ENDS

Pascal just unleashes an Engels energy ray that annihilated most of 2B’s squadron to take out all the advancing machine lifeforms. Fuck yeah, right...? Right.


Naw, dawg...

Music: The Sound of the End


So this is happening now! PlatinumGames almost certainly barged into Yoko Taro’s office and said “man you gotta give us some fucking over the top set-piece...” so here we are... Pascal vs. Engels.

This entire fight is about animation priority. Engels’ default attack is long right hook. We’ve got to initiate that before the rival opponent can do the same! Get wrecked, nerd!

Triangle/Y/Strong Attack is an overhead strike. As soon as the rival Engels faces something like that...

Bitch, you weren’t using that arm for anyone worth a damn! Bring it!

Our only other option here is a block which deals no damage from the enemy but wastes everyone’s time. Just noting it exists. Pascal is not fucking about with that nonsense!

You fucked with Pascal’s family. Pacifism has ended. Pascal is here for blood!


Flawless Victory... FATALITY!

Video: Episode 119 Highlight Reel
(Go watch this!)

Engels Concept Art – This is the last time we see a sentient oil rig...