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Part 130: Episode CXXV: Die Alone

Episode CXXV: Die Alone

Welp... That all happened. I’m going to go out on a limb and say 9S’s mental state isn’t doing so hot of late. I feel like that earlier blurb with the Tower’s function had an omitted blurb about the secondary mission objective of specifically fucking with YoRHa Unit 9S for shits and giggles. Let’s see if the Pods have similar concerns with their regular chapter opening check-ins.

Affirmative. His mental state has become dangerously unstable. Action must be taken immediately.
I noticed something while providing support to A2. Enemy machine lifeforms have begun sharing data with each other.
We’d better look into that.
I’ll share the data with you, so see what you can find out.
Affirmative. I also have a separate report about 9S...
What is it?
I’ll share the data. His psychological state has deteriorated to a grave level.
We’d better handle that quickly, too.
Not sure what we should do, however.
Agreed. Proposal: Rest, combined with data checking and maintenance.
Agreed. I will make the suggestion immediately.

<body sparking> Pod, where’s the next resource-recovery unit?
Alert: NFCS failure. Speculation: Failure caused by intense combat and lack of maintenance.
<sparking again> Near-field controls are down? Great...
Proposal: Overhaul system at Resistance camp.
I don’t have that kind of time.
Alert: Entering battle without a functioning sword constitutes unacceptable risk. Unit 9S should have Devola initiate repairs at the Resistance camp.
<butt sparking> Shit...

Music: Blissful Death

Well, this feels familiar but I cannot quite place why... I mean, other than that previous player character being completely jacked at this exact same spot and having to take a death march half-way across the map.

9S isn’t nearly as on the ropes as 2B was for the similar segment. For the duration he’s unable to use any melee attacks or Pod Programs (2B could still at least use melee when she wasn't limping.) Pod Fire is still active at all times though. 9S’s body will spark and he’ll go into a no jumping/dash limping mode for a few seconds. But the duration isn’t nearly as long as 2B’s similar circumstances.

Also, 9S doesn’t have to travel remotely as far and there’s about one-fifth as many enemies littering the area. Also... he can just hop in an Access Point and teleport over to the Resistance Camp in about a minute. So... that’s an improvement.

Since I’m a dope, I decided to walk the whole way to the Resistance Camp and BOY, you wouldn’t believe what you’d miss if you didn't do this...

It’s honestly amazing what happens if you manually run back to Devola and Popola. It’s amazing how many people probably missed this and lost out on the ultimate Drakenier reward...

Nothing happens and you get an extra five minutes of your life wasted for no reason!

And now you know! Such are the hidden joys found in Yoko Taro’s gameplay loops.

Music: ENDS

Anyway, yo... Devola... Popola... our boy 9S here is all kinds of fucked up. You two wanna come take a look at him.

Also his body is sparking regularly and you two should probably check that out too.

Wounded in battle. NFCS not functioning.
I’m amazed you were even able to drag yourself here. This is gonna take a bit, so just hang tight.

I can’t believe you even managed to walk here.

Despite Devola’s claim this will take a bit, she sorts out 9S in all of about five seconds. He’s good to go now. Without so much as a thanks, 9S immediately tries to wander off and resume his mission. But...

Music: Peaceful Sleep

Don’t die alone.
I don’t think 2B would want that either.
I know.

Ah, don’t worry. I don’t think 9S is going to be dying alone anytime soon. Slipping into madness out in the middle of nowhere, though? Now that might be a bit trickier to avoid in the future. Anyway, now that 9S is back and ready to throw himself headlong into scenarios where a machine lifeform entity is clearly just fucking with him constantly, let’s get back to the mission.


Not even going to try to tell 9S to take a break for a day... maybe do some fishing? What did you just discuss doing Pod...? Sheesh.

Music: Amusement Park (Quiet Vocal)

As we know, the final Resource Unit is found over at the Amusement Park zone. There’s nothing in our way between us and it as the Amusement Park machines are all still lobotomized but passive zombies. So...

To the final temple we go. Surely something good will happen when 9S obtains all three keys and enters the multi-mile tall doom tower/cannon.

<completely over this shit contempt> Over and over...

The final Resource Unit has seen it fit to straight up crash through the bridge leading to the castle, allowing easy access for any curious android to waltz right in. Well, no time like the present!

This reads: “god box.”
God, huh... What are these machines doing talking about gods?

Right... 9S technically wasn’t there for the whole “become as gods” business, just a bunch of machines going nuts with 2B trying to book it. Yeah, you missed this whole thing kid. But eh... don’t worry about it. It’d probably just piss you off further at this point.

Up we go to the penultimate dungeon of NieR: Automata... Meanwhile...

Music: ENDS

Why did the machines attack Pascal’s village? Aren’t they all the same?
Well, aren’t you helpful.
Proposal: Unit A2 should gather further data on the current state of machine li—

<crackle echoing for miles>
We’ve got some VERY exciting news for everyone today! There’s only ONE lock left to remove on the Tower sub-units! And in order to repay you for your faithful patronage... whoever dismantles the final sub-unit will earn a SPECIAL PRIZE! Gooooood luck!

Large structural unit of machine lifeform origin activated to the east.
A large what now? What the heck is going on around here?
Well, let’s go check out this “large structural unit.”

Well, A2 is free to go anywhere. But since we’ve done every sidequest available to her in the game... there’s not much point. If you’re wondering, we can take A2 over to the Machine Village ruins to see Pascal. She has the same exact reaction as 9S so there’s nothing worth going out of our way to see.

Well, then... Tune in next time as we undoubtedly improve 9S’s deteriorating mental state by having him reunite with the android that sent him on a warpath by killing the only person he cared about. Pods... you are really bad at this not having 9S go bonkers thing... Geez!

Video: Episode 125 Highlight Reel
(You should probably watch this.)

Resistance Camp Concept Art – I want to say that was actually the last time we ever have to go to the Resistance Camp for any story or sidequest related reason.