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Part 135: Episode CXXX: You're Tearing Me Apart

Episode CXXX: You’re Tearing Me Apart

I see.
Query: Why do the androids Devola and Popola seem to prefer death over surviving alone? There was a very high probability that at least one could have escaped.
I hope you never have to understand.
Query: Why does this Tower possess an entrance at all? All material transport takes place via aerial vehicles. It is irrational for an infiltration route to be so easily accessible.

<exiting elevator> I don’t care. I just have to kill them all.

New Music: The Tower
(You should listen to this. It’s the final dungeon theme.)

So... welcome to the interior of The Tower.

If you were expecting more futuristic industrial structures that wouldn’t look out of place in a Doom level, you’d be mistaken. Instead, we’re getting the Copied City put into an abstract surrealism blender. It’s very ethereal JRPG final dungeon...

Guarding the Tower’s walkways are a few surviving corrupted YoRHa soldiers. It’s not like everyone who was in YoRHa were with 9S and 2B when they exploded or in the Bunker when it err... also exploded. Regardless, at this point they’re barely a threat since none of them have bothered leveling up since those two earlier incidents.

Before 9S continues his warpath, there’s an easy to miss locked chest just to his right after the first two YoRHa troops attack him. A quick hack later and we get...

The Original is referring to the actual human Papa Nier/The Shadowlord. The Hamelin Organization was basically Umbrella Incorporated tasked with handling the salt monster Legion apocalypse in the original NieR’s backstory. They did this by doing a bunch a dumb shit with magic they didn’t really understand like making super-powered child soldiers or sticking people’s souls in magic books, turning people into giant grinning cartoon skeletons or giving petrification vision to kids and whatnot. They likely also made the original androids to oversee the Plan Z of throwing magic shit at the wall and hoping for the best that was Project Gestalt.

You never go full Umbrella.

Advancing through the halls of the Tower and slaughtering any YoRHa that gets in his way, 9S’s warpath is eventually interrupted by a final Tower System Services announcement.

We’re so pleased you’ve chosen to visit the Tower today! Don’t forget about the special prize for the guest who unlocks the last sub-unit in the room just ahead. You’re going to LOVE IT!
I’m gonna kill you...

We’ll get to the killing of whoever is making those announcements eventually 9S. For now, sate your bloodlust on the last few YoRHa stragglers and continue through the gate to your prize!

VIDEO: Click to watch remainder of update contents.
(You should probably do this.)

Music: ENDS

So what’s left that could possibly be used to fuck with 9S at this point? Surely, trotting out his corrupted Operator Mom was the last ace in the whole in the “screwwiththeandroidkid.EXE” subroutine. Well...

You’d be surprised. Hey, 2B! And 2B... Also 2B.

<looks around> 2B models?

<heavy breathing leading to losing his shit>

<unsettling middle ground between laughing and crying> I’m glad I got to see you here. I truly am.

<heavy breath> I’ll tear you apart...

Every last one of you!

Music: Grandma (Destruction)

He gazed upon these 2Bs. Three routes it had taken him to learn what kind of smile was hidden under that Emil mask. O cruel, needless misunderstanding! O stubborn, self-willed exile from the loving breast! But it was all right, everything was all right, the struggle was finished. He had won the victory over himself. He loved this shit.

Let’s party! 9S vs. the YoRHa No.2 Type B Series!

Let the slaughter begin! Pfft... What a debase thing you are thinking **** could only mean “fuck.” Kill. Stab. Burn. Gank. Those are all four letter words that could fit there too and 9S is way more interested in them at the moment.

The 2B series fights just as poorly as any of the other corrupt YoRHa units we’ve faced so far and they have even less HP than most of ‘em. After all, the machines probably just cracked open the seal on these stashed spare bodies around the time 9S got on that elevator in the last update.

2B... 2B! Don’t worry...
I’m going to kill you now!

And kill her he does. All twenty or so 2B copies flooding into the room for 9S’s special prize are quickly put down with little effort. Well, mostly...

Music: ENDS

Still a few stragglers, huh?

Sure enough, there’s one 2B copy that’s still squirming on the ground. Thanks for pointing that, Pod...

Wouldn’t want any of ‘em getting away.

OK. A job well done. All the 2B’s are now dead like they’re supposed to b—



Video: Episode 130 Highlight Reel

The Tower Concept Art – All that giant spiral bullshit over city ruins is giving me The 3rd Birthday flashbacks and I don’t like it.