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Part 148: Episode CXLII: House Guest

Episode CXLII: House Guest

We’re going to take a different detour today before getting to work burning through each of the DLC arenas proper. Hey, you know how Emil keeps mentioning where he lives? He even sent us an email that one time talking about it.

Music: Rays of Light

Well, he’s not just being a weirdo. I mean... I guess he kinda is because randomly dropping hints to your home to everyone you meet isn’t exactly standard behavior. But Emil is just friendly like that. Regardless, you remember around where we completed the third and final Speed Star race? You know, the one where he exploded. And the machine holding the goal flag also exploded?

Near that location there happens to be a quite large pipe across a small jump. Water is pouring out of it feeding to the pit leading back to the alien mothership and the Copied City.

If 9S happens to get curious and leap into said pipe, we’ll find an elevator a short jog within. And yes, we 100% want to bring 9S for this venture. A2 or 2B are welcome to come check out this area too. It’s been accessible since Route A. It’s just been... ill-advised to explore it until now.

Well, riding random elevators hasn’t steered us wrong lately. Might as well give this one a shot too.

Music: Blissful Death

A rather lengthy elevator ride deposits 9S in a new area, a large cavernous system beneath the City Ruins. This place is actually quite large although the points of interest in it are limited (beyond quite a bit of weapon material goodies in treasure chests tucked away in corners.)

The caverns are not at all abandoned, despite the obscure location of ‘em. In fact, they’re lousy with Level 60-65 machines. Considering before grinding up to the level cap, we were only Level 63... this area is a wee bit dangerous. The enemies down here are always Level 60 and above, even in Route A. Hence why we’ve avoided this field trip until now.

Spelunking further into the caverns, we come upon a very deep hole with a lake at the bottom. While it might be tempting to just take the leap straight down into the abyss, there’s actually reason to take it slow.

There’s several side caves lining the perimeter leading to more treasure. It’s mostly high end stuff like Meteorite and the like. Which is nice but less than exciting.

What is interesting is a hacking locked chest down here containing the penultimate intel document left to collect in our playthrough. Let’s take a look...

Be sure to tell nobody that our Plan Z for saving humanity is already starting to shit the bed and it’s barely out the gate. I’m sure we’ll work out the kinks in due time and it won’t be an issue.

Continuing onward to the bottom of the giant sinkhole, we come upon a very pretty underground (does it still count as underground if it’s in a super deep hole?) lake. It’s unwise to jump in and take a swim. Androids can’t swim. That’s ridiculous. Though... neither could Replicants. Making humanity’s copies have the ability to get drunk? Done. Giving them the ability to swim? Meh... too much R&D.

Found resting next to the lake is the very last Intel document in NieR: Automata. There’s absolutely no reward for getting ‘em all. But we’ve still done it!

This is talking about Emil’s sister, Halua aka No.6 with the National Arms Laboratory literally being Spencer Mansion complete with an evil science lab basement housing an unstable bio-weapon.

Everyone forgets the part where Emil had a fifty foot tall Evangelion monster of the week reject sister that ate him and he absorbed her body on death to get his current iconic form.

While we’re down by this lake, this area actually contains quite a few unique fish. Hell if the RNG gods wanted to give me any of ‘em the ten minutes I tried to catch something. This is the only new one I caught. Eight times...

Nobody likes to get touched in their soft parts.

Continuing further into the cavernous system leads us to an area filled to the brim with nasty enemies in pitch darkness. This would be an issue... if weren’t at max level and everything melted in three seconds of Pod Laser fire. Even those lousy worm machines are no match for buffed out 9S.

At the far end of this cave we find an elevator that will take us back up to the surface. Well... actually it’ll take us back to near the other elevator which we can then take to return to the surface. It also serves as a shortcut to what’s ahead.

And ahead is a large steel door leading to an inner chamber where we find...

...a few dozen dead player android corpses. The room might have taken a moment longer than usual to open the door/load due to the density of dead bodies in here. That is... worrying... There’s another steel door at the far end. Let’s just tip-toe past this graveyard of dead androids and find...

Old Music: Emil ~ Sacrifice

Emil’s House! What do you know? He’s got a nice little pad down here. No earthly idea how the hell he makes it up and down that ravine. Other than a series of sick jumps and wall drifting. Sadly, Emil’s Off Road Rally did not make the cut for DLC content.

You ever want appliances that have been obsolete for several millennia, Emil has got you set! CRT monitors and old box set televisions for days in Emil’s house. Need you a vintage Windows 95 desktop PC to play X-Wing vs Tie Fighter? Emil has the hook-up. New (circa 1996) printer/fax combo machine? Let’s make a deal.

Also on display in Emil’s house is a variety of Emil masks. Assuming they’re masks and not flattened Emil clone heads... I mean is there really a difference? Other than the fact you’d be wearing an Emil corpse? It’s weird Emil isn’t selling these things. Maybe 9S can just...

Wha? We’re not stealing anything. They’re right out here in the open. Besides, Emil has practically been begging us to visit his home the entire game. This is clearly just a gift for guests, right?

...That’s not how you wear a mask, 9S. You’re doing it wrong. Tch... Fine. Whatever. This the only thing we can collect down here. It’s a little bit anticlimactic.

Oh well. Past the somehow increasing field of corpses we go and back to the surface. Our fieldtrip is at its end.

Music: Rays of Light

Before we conclude this update, let’s go see how Emil is doing and make sure we’ve not overstepped our boundaries or anything with our visit.

See? He’s perfectly fine. It’s even his premium shop inventory with the good stuff. I needed to pick up a few things to finish up weapon upgrading. Spiffy. What a nice boy. Well, see ya around Em—

I actually had a bandit break into my place a little while ago! After that, I put all my valuables in a secure container. Now I don’t have to worry anymore!

Y-yeah... what a world we live in... Well, take it easy Emil. Hope that container is nice and secure. Against the bandits, ya know...

Video: Episode 142 Highlight Reel

Emil’s House Concept Art – You think Emil still owns the Spencer Mansion or did he have to sell that off to fund the alien resistance war effort?