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Part 152: Episode CXLVI: Elation

Episode CXLVI: Elation

Back at it again at the DLC. We’ve got one final arena to burn through back at the scenic square block that is the Flooded City and the Gambler’s Colosseum.

Music: Gambling Colosseum

9S has had his time in the sun. Today we’re going to do a bit of time manipulation and resurrect 2B to take on this arena. Sorry A2, you’re sitting out all of this. Be happy you got the best of the three DLC costumes.

Let’s jump right into it with the Rank D fight. Level 35 would be a reasonable requirement for an late Route A version of 2B to tackle. Let’s waste no time. Get to it Twoobie. 9S you sit in the corner and try not to embarrass YoRHa. And stay the hell away from those missiles outside.

Er, I mean, once I say to begin, we’ll kick it off. We won’t start during the explanation of how to start... Mmm... I’m making this very confusing. Uh, yeah. Anyway. This is for real. Now fight!

Music: Dark Colossus KAIJU (Instrumental)

What did we ever do to you!?

I mean... there’s the forever war. That’s kind of a sticking point with androids and machines. Anyway, if you’ll recall this too is a three wave encounter with increasingly difficult configurations of machine adversaries. I mean... difficult if we weren’t nearly sixty levels outclassing the lot of ‘em. Unlike the rest of the arenas, all the machines have a couple lines of dialog per wave. They’re not too happy with being tossed in as fodder for a DLC combat challenge arena.

We won’t stop until all of you are gone!

I’ll turn you to scrap!

The only noteworthy thing during this Rank D fight is that it marks the second time I’ve ever seen the Goliath Biped do the attack where they birth Small Biped machines. Had almost forgotten all about that one until now... Turns out they can home on 2B upon birth. Heck of a way to come into the world – doing a Psycho Crusher to an android’s face.

Music: Gambling Colosseum

Our reward for this first round is entirely vendor trash that will sell for a decent chunk... once we go back to the future and 2B is dead again. What? Stuff sells way better in Route C. No correlation has been found between 2B’s death, the liquidation of YoRHa and an upward market fluctuation.

Additionally, the receptionist just repeats the same bit of dialogue after completing a rank match. So I’ll skip that until further notice. Instead, we get a small post-match scene with the denizens of the Gambler’s Colosseum. Such as...

Sure did! Stupid contraption was begging for its life... Not that a hunk of junk like that even has a life worth begging for! Ha ha!
Can you believe these things are so dumb they think they’re actually alive!?
Har har! I haven’t laughed this hard in ages!

A fifteen level recommendation increase comes with the next Rank C match of the arena. That’s within late Route B range. Did they honestly expect you to come back here regularly as you progressed in the game to do these without destroying the difficulty curve?

Now... fight!

Music: Dark Colossus KAIJU (Instrumental)

This cannot continue! I’m gonna die!

Ehh... not feeling that as the chorus backing for a Birth of a Wish remix. Next wave, please!

Oh god, please, god, no, god...

Sorry to tell you but Yoko Taro isn’t going to save you here. He’s having a good time watching your suffering.


Pfft. 2B already did that ages ago. Come back when you’ve got some new material, guys.

Music: Gambling Colosseum

The reward for Rank C’s completion, as with the other DLC arenas, are a bunch of worthless chips we’ll never use. I suppose they sell for some alright cash if we should be hurting while knocking out the last of the weapon upgrades to unlock the final side quest later. But for now...

Machines don’t have mothers! I think someone crossed your circuits. Better tear you apart and see what’s wrong.

I took your mother apart because she needed fixin’! It doesn’t look like I’ll be able to put her back together again, though.
Machines crying over their “mothers”... It’s bloody disgusting, is what it is. Hey, you wanna join in on the fun?
Whatever, we don’t need your holier-than-thou attitude. Get outta here.
What? What are you looking at me like that for? If you got nothing to say, get the hell outta my face.

Gee... I’m starting to get the sense the androids here might be kinda assholes. Not sure why. Just a sour vibe I’m starting to feel. Anyhow, back to the rank matches! Rank C jumps up ten levels to 60 for its recommendation. So... right around where we began this DLC endeavor in the first place. Bring ‘em on!

Then welcome... to the B-rank stage! Let the fists fly! Let the feet kick! Let the pure passion of combat come forth in glorious... Er, sorry. Hehe... I’m rambling again, aren’t I? Fine then. Fiiight!

Music: Dark Colossus KAIJU (Instrumental)

We have to kill androids to get outta here!

Yeah well, our androids need to kill machine lifeforms to err... complete this DLC to get our money’s worth for purchasing it in the first place. Look... everyone has their reasons for fighting. Not gonna say ours is particularly great or anything. But it’s a reason none the less!

Victory is ours!

Yeesh. A trio of electric worms. This is the only instance in this arena I sort of regret swapping out 9S. Even with a continual Ghostbusters stream of energy aiming for their weak points and a one-shot kill if it actually connects, these took far too long to get out of my hair. It’s telling there is concept art for almost every enemy type in the game... except these pieces of shit that were thrown together, shoddy hitbox and all, in an afternoon.

Die! Please, die!

Again, 2B’s been there and done that... Technically multiple times even. Y'all boys need to come up with some new material.

Music: Gambling Colosseum

The Rank C match’s completion yields a different sort of reward: a secondary set of hair dyes for 2B and A2. Sorry 9S, you’re eternally stuck with your old news white anime hair for no real reason. Them’s the breaks, kid. Let’s see our new bounty of hair stylings.

We’ve got Ash Grey Hair for that distinguished silver fox look. Not really too common on female characters, really. Unless you’re in the old timer age of over 40.

There’s Golden Hair for those who’ve fallen deep into a Dragon Ball Z related hole recently. I feel like that’s something A2 would be way more into than 2B. 9S is one of those dweebs that butts into the conversation and swear by the original Dragon Ball and then embarks on a tangent telling you that you ought to read the original manga if you really want to get into the series. They just asked if you should watch the original or Kai. Don’t dump 42 volumes of comics in their lap you fucking nerd!

We’ve got Pastel Pink and Lime Green hair for those that prefer 2B look like she just got off the set of a Tales game.

There is a Light Blue Dye because you’re still deluded that last Rebuild of Evangelion movie is ever going to get made and you couldn’t quite remember what shade blue you wanted for needed for your cosplay of a really boring character from the series.

And finally there is Light Purple Hair to round out the full anime girl hair color spectrum. What you wanted like dirty blonde or auburn? No. You’ll take your flaming red and golden and like it! Anyway, back to the colosseum, where we come upon...

Quit yer yappin’ and get fightin’ already, you stupid piece of junk. I want to see these bastards suffer over and over!

Escape from there being DLC for completed games? Not in either of our lifetimes, bud. But enough of that... we’ve got two more ranked matches left to conquer. Rank A jumps another ten levels to Level 70 gating. Not a problem. Let’s rock.

I want you to kill, kill, KILL! Kill until you’re soaked in blood! Kill until your feet slip in pools of your own lubricants! And now... FIIIGHT!

Music: Dark Colossus KAIJU (Instrumental)

I will fight! For my sister!

Mother... Mother! Mother!

You soulless creatures!

They gave the third wave enemies in this arena a different voice from the usual generic machine lifeforms and I’m sorry, but you guys are an aberration and must be wiped from this world.

Music: Gambling Colosseum

Another sack of worthless plug-in chips are our reward. I managed the first down-attack (hit the action button to knock the enemy in the air and do a cool combo) in about 30 hours of gameplay during this DLC. Don’t see that chip getting much use. But enough of that. We’ve got more androids being huge jerks to attend to!

Yeah. I kicked my old one a few too many times and it finally fell apart.
Probably not the gentle kicks either, knowing you.
Who gives a rip? It’s that dumb machine’s fault for being such a piece of crap. Not like I can’t just get another one.
*sniff* MOMMY... HELP ME... PLEASE... MOMMY... MOMMY...
I should probably get a new machine one of these days. One that cries even more, preferably.
Lessee, what orders shall I put my little robot through next? It’s gotta make up for screwing up the planet like this, am I right?

Lovely folks. That said, now that we’re an A Rank fighter and only one proper match remains, everyone in the arena has some new dialogue. May as well take a look before we take on the S-Rank fight.

Huh? You wanna know what happened to the other girl? She kept losin’ until she ran out of money, then she got dragged off somewhere. Dumb broad. That won’t happen to me though! I’m ready for my next big win!

Good to know screwing with the house and skirting loan sharks has the same results in the far distant future. Spoilers: All the dialogue updates again after we complete the S Rank battle and this girl vanishes too. Guess that next big win didn’t pan out so hot.

I hear you’re pretty strong! Maybe I should check out one of your matches some day.
You’re getting the hang of this place, aren’t ya?

Yeah... I think this place would probably be best suited to Route C 9S... Which is exactly why we didn’t bring Route C 9S to come visit.

This place is what’s keeping me sane every day.

Ehh... It’s OK. Get back to me when you start throwing Android/Machine Royale Rumbles or a Ladder Match consisting entirely of Stubbies. Now there is some entertainment.

Oh, come on... You’re not even trying to be subtle with your references anymore!

That said, we’ve actually gained enough materials to upgrade Pod A (Gatling) to Level 2. With this new augmentation, the first shot with Gatling Fire is a larger, slightly more damaging energy orb. The Pod Fire button can be tapped to repeatedly fire the powered-up shot. But I doubt that’s significantly higher DPS than just locking on and holding down the button when attacking an enemy.

We’ve also got enough supplies to upgrade Pod B (Laser) to its maximum level. At Level 4, Laser gains a higher powered, larger beam for the first 3-5 seconds of firing on top of its range and damage being increased.

Additionally, holding the Pod Fire button for about ten seconds can charge up the secondary fire shot when it’s released and unleash a huge volley of bouncing, highly damaging secondary shots about the room. I doubt the androids in here appreciated 2B demoing her new Pod toys in the lobby. But YoRHa IFF systems prevents them from being damaged so it’s fine. What are you jerks gonna do? Go complain to Command that we were causing a ruckus in your illicit gambling blood sport hideout? Yeah... That’s what I thought...


As I re-install Resident Evil 4 to play for about the 30th time, let’s take a quick trip into the stands to see what new chatter the spectators offer before we take on the S Rank match.

We lost so many of our troops to these bastards, it’s truly... elating to see them get destroyed!

OK. Now go look up “fetish” and then learn to stow that shit in public environments, eh?

Luck’s a strange thing. You can’t go against it, but you can somehow channel it if you really try.
I saw you fight before. You’re pretty good. In the meanwhile, the champion has won 96 matches in a row though. The question now is: will he reach 100, or are you going to stop him?
You’re that android everyone’s been talkin’ about, huh? You enjoying yourself here? This is a place where only the strong survive, so it’s not for everyone.
Owowowowow... Man, I should NOT have tried becoming a contestant!

The real luck is the luck you make for yourself. Or grinding to the level cap. They’re basically the same thing, really.

I just can’t stop shouting! Wanna join in?

No... you do you, guy. Just try not to overdo it. You’re gonna wear yourself out.

I need to see those beautiful red bubbles coming at me to experience the true thrill of combat!
What the hell, you can’t even beat a broken-ass piece of junk like that!? Loser!
Oh hey, I saw you fight before! I think I’m gonna bet on you next!
I saw you fight just now. You might be able to take that asshole S Rank champ down!

You know what? That’s not a bad idea. Enough chit-chat. Let’s get back on track.

The Rank S match has a Level 80 recommendation. We outclass that by 19 levels. But this is still the closest any of these matches will come to challenging. Until they veer straight past that and into complete unreasonable bullshit. But for now...

Today, I want to see you revel in the glorious and refined combat arts... Show no mercy! Grant no quarter! Rip and tear and gouge and poke and slice and crush and maim and destrooooy! Now FIIIGHT!

DLC Music: Vague Hope - Spring Rain
(Hey this remix only ever plays here and you should REALLY listen to it!)

We only want to live in peace!
Why do you do this to us!?

There’s more content to unlock and the only way to get to it is killing you. I mean... what if it’s something cool? Sorry... but I can’t let you all live and take the risk of not seeing something cool.

Stop it... Please! Stop it!

Look, you know our stance on stopping and the inability to act upon the desire to stop. It’s well documented at this point.

Brother, I’m so scared! Help me!
Curse you! Curse your entire species!

It’s difficult to tell, considering how fast they’re taken out, but these guys actually have unique models. They’re physically sword and gunner type Medium Bipeds, but they’ve got Enhanced Model lower halves and a unique Forest Kingdom helmet design.

The same goes for the fourth and final wave. They’re all again Medium Bipeds, but the two Level 80 spear wielding ones have horns and a red scarf along with the Enhanced Model lower half. Meanwhile, the Champion is an Axe type with a red cape

This Level 85 enemy actually comes packing a unique attack as well. Its whirlwind axe spin actually generates a tornado that lingers for a good 10-15 seconds. Even with 14 levels over it, it will still knock off a quarter of 2B’s total HP on contact. It could easily stun lock and kill her had we not equipped the plug-in chip that basically makes our androids invincible for 2-3 seconds after each hit taken to prevent stun-locking.

That aside, even with the power to generate tornados indoors, it’s still just an axe-wielding Medium Biped and YoRHa androids are still completely OP. Or at least... their Pods consistently are pretty damn OP. Same difference, really.

Tune in next time as we reap the benefits of completing the S Rank Match, uncover the sealed back room of the colosseum, witness the game just straight up cheat for a bonus match and perhaps see there’s more to this DLC than just a bunch of combat arenas... Stay tuned.

Video: Gambler’s Colosseum Matches
(Probably worth watching.)

Flooded City Concept Art – I’m glad Grün’s corpse got squished by one of the Tower’s foundations.