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Part 153: Episode CXLVII: Revealing

Episode CXLVII: Revealing

What’s this?
This is a piece of “revealing women’s clothing” that humans used to wear. With clothing like this, you have to wonder why they even bothered wearing anything in the first place, eh? That’s humans for ya. Anyway, take it. It’s yours.

Our third and final alternate costume goes to 2B and it is, of course, Kainé’s outfit from the original NieR.

I feel like Yoko Taro saw a certain grumbling on the internet from prudes grumbling about seeing 2B’s butt and went “look at this bitch made fuckboi that didn’t play my previous game” resulting in this costume assignment. But that’s not all for rewards. The receptionist has a special bonus for us...

Talk about exciting, by the way! I haven’t seen a battle like that in forever. Hey, you want to see something interesting? Have a look back there. You’ll love it!

The previously barred back room of the Gambler’s Colosseum is now open to our androids. This part seems to have a bit of a different layout than the similar Underground Colosseum of the Forest Zone Battle Bots. Let’s have a closer look.

Music: Broken Heart (Vocal)

Now then... Which one should I choose next?
Ha ha! Stupid machines. Look at ‘em quaking in their boots or... whatever they have. I love it!
These little bastards killed eight of my subordinates! Every Resistance member here lost someone important because of the machines. Some saw their loved ones cut to pieces, others had their friends eaten right in front of their eyes. Do you blame us for getting together in a place like this? I’m thinking of taking a few of these guys and dunking ‘em in water. Might be fun to watch the sparks fly. A little light-show might be just what the mechanic ordered... Well? You up for it?
Aw, come on! Don’t be such an old lump of iron! You didn’t forget your bloodlust when you were trashing these guys earlier, right? Well, this is the same deal. Only difference is whether you kill ‘em here or kill ‘em on your missions, you know?
Eh, whatever. This is wasted on you. <walks away>

And with the pleasant revelation of the back room torture prison, that concludes the Gambler’s Colosseum sidequest. Pod 042 has some closing remarks for us.

Hypothesis: They have begun to inherit the cruelty inherent in humanity.

There’s another special bit of equipment to be found in this torture dungeon: Emil Bullets.

This is a cosmetic piece of equipment that transforms all energy orbs into Emil heads. That’s it. Sure, why not? Beyond that, there is one more conversation to be had in the Machine Waterboarding quarters or whatever is going on in here.

I’m just a feeble machine, and there’s no way out of this hell for me. So would you mind killing me, please? My family is gone, and I have nothing left of value. I’m tired of having to live through the same nightmare every day.
I know this might not sit very well with you... But... could you kill me... Please?

You’re the boss, sparky. Some rando machine lifeform begging for a mercy kill barely registers at this point on the morality decision scale.

Now that we’ve tackled the S Rank match and defeated the colosseum champion, all the NPCs’ dialogue have updated with new chatter. So let’s take a victory lap to see what everyone has to say.

It’s been a while since someone cleared the highest rank. You’re gonna be a great hunter, I can tell!

I bought the new Monster Hunter World like a week ago and I’ve gotten like three free hours to actually play it.

Ever since I found out about this place, I’ve been much more eager to go out and fight. It’s awesome!

Someone else is going to have to dredge up your corpse and deal with the tragic circumstances to your demise later. We’ve got two sidequests left and damned if we’re getting any more before the end.

Some people make fun of this place, but they’re just simple-minded idiots who don’t know what fun is. I feel sorry for ‘em. Don’t you?
Thanks to you defeating the S Rank champ, he’ll be spending his days in jail for a while. Thanks!
Hm? You’re wondering why this place hasn’t been locked down? The higher-ups ain’t stupid. They know what we’re doing, but they’re turnin’ a blind eye. They know that if they don’t give us a chance to let off steam, we’ll end up takin’ out our frustrations elsewhere. Besides, some of the money we make here goes directly towards the top. That’s society for ya. You’d better not poke your nose where it don’t belong either, ya hear?

You don’t need to provide more evidence the nebulous android “Command” are kind of huge asshole. YoRHa is well appraised of that fact. Well, at least Future 9S is... Right, Nines?

As early mentioned, that one gambler betting big has now vanished following 2B’s victory in the S Rank match. Shouldn’t have bet against the best. Have fun getting your legs broken by YoRHa loan sharks or however that works. But for now, let’s head back to the stands.

You think you could maybe try again and send some bullets my way? Please?
Fantastic! Thanks to you, the former champion has been taken down a notch. He won’t be acting so tough anymore now, I bet.
WOOOOOOW! You actually beat the champ!? Un-friggin-believable!
Wow, I never thought you’d beat the champ! I should’ve put my money on you... Next time I’m definitely betting on you, so lemme know when your next match is, ‘kay?
Bwahaha! The elation, oh the elation! I’m so elated right now!

Well at least someone is having fun elation here.

Androids must be starving for entertainment more than I thought.
So you beat the champion, huh? I thought fortune was on his side for sure... Well, looks like you were lucky, and he wasn’t. End of story.
Looks like you took down the champ, huh? I was sure he was gonna get 100 victories and escape this place, but there you go... Just goes to show that no one can escape their destiny, be they android or machine.

I don’t think you’ll disagree that us androids have plenty of reasons to kick the crap outta the machines after all they’ve done to us, right? That said, most people here don’t even care about revenge. They’re just here to kill. I’m getting the impression they’d slaughter anything put in front of ‘em, be it machine or something else. On the other hand, there’s lot of people here who gain the energy to keep on livin’ every day as well. I dunno whether we’re all doin’ the right thing, or if we’re all just completely deranged...

Perhaps the answer is somewhere in the middle. Or both sides are assholes? I’m just saying I haven’t seen a machine lifeform torture dungeon for androids. At most they’ve made belts out of their flayed corpses and the last time that happened was ages ago.

I warned you about the yelling, bro. I told you, dawg...

I new NPC has appeared in the top right corner of the stands – the Resistance Secretary. She gives us the option to fight an unknown opponent.

Unfortunately, we do not have an appointment to participate in such a battle. Perhaps we’ll come back here when the rest of the DLC is completed. Oh yes, there’s more to go. For instance, we have the obligatory incredible bullshit special rank match of the arena. And this one blows the other two right out of the water.

This is meant to test your actual skills, so your auto-chips will be disabled. This is your chance to show the world what you’re truly made of! Care to join the fray?

The Special Rank Match has a Level 99 recommendation. Yeah... That’s one way to put it. Let’s take a quick look...

Alright, then I think you’re ready to face the next challenge! This is the ultimate, completely insane battle! Can you overcome the odds!? Ready? Fight!

Music: Grandma (Destruction)

So you know how Level 99 is the level cap? Yeah... Fuck that noise, says this Special Rank match. We’re gonna throw hundreds of enemies at you that break the level cap. By a minimum of 31 Levels! Meaning you could do this match on Easy at Level 99 with every health and damage resistant Plug-in chip on the planet equipped and absolutely everything will still one-shot our androids while they barely do any damage. There’s a reason there’s an hour long time limit as opposed to the 20 minute ones the previous two special fights had.

I’m sure some insane person has beaten this Special Match legitimately. I am not that person. As this is not just a four round wave of extremely hard enemies. Oh no. It’s twenty wave trial against nothing but Level 130+ Enhanced Model versions of enemies with zero breaks or checkpoints.

With a special boss fight every fifth wave against “Unknown” bosses. Well what does that mean, you ask?

Why Shade/Gestalt versions of previous bosses, of course? Yeah, they snuck some Shades in the basically impossible special rank match. There’s nothing special about them other than being ridiculously strong and having the same coloring as Shades from the original NieR. The fifth round drops off a Shade Tank.

The tenth round offers up a Shade Simone who can summon Enhanced Goliath Bipeds to help out during battle.

Round fifteen has a Shade ...SomethingorOther-Shi. I could barely keep those things straight when they weren’t black and gold spectral versions.

The final twentieth round of this special arena where literally everything will one shot you has a special match against a Shade version of both Adam and Eve at the same time. Now see, that seems like it’d be a cool match. We never got to do something like that in the base game. Too bad it’s hidden behind a wall of impossible madness.

Music: Gambling Colosseum

A couple rewards are given if you use Debug mode to actually complete this thing because bull-fucking-shit you did it legit. The first reward is the same hair dye colors we’ve already received, just with the saturation turned up to maximum. OK... Anything better...? That’s not really doing it.

Oh! Of course! Special fruit that will de-level your characters by 10 Levels. I... Excuse me...!? Why would you...? But that... I...

You know what? I’m fucking out! I’m done with this DLC. The entire Flooded City can sink to the ocean floor for all I care.

Music: ENDS

To consider someone a friend... Is to consider someone else your enemy.

Perhaps this is what is meant by the emotion called “discrimination.”

An emotion that seems to consume me as I speak...

Music: Rays of Light

Wait, what? No. We’re done with the DLC. We did the three combat arenas. Now we can go do the last couple of sidequests and then finally finish the LP. What are you even doing to me now, Pod?

Tch. FINE! There’s an Access Point just on the other side of the Flooded City. Maybe it’s just another dumb Council of Humanity notification. We are back in Route A right now.


They seem to indicate a location underneath the amusement park ruins. Marking it on the map.
The amusement park... ruins?

So begins the actual final part of the DLC – the Mysterious Invitation.

Fine... We’ll go see what this all is about. After we change 2B back to something more respectable. Kainé you were a great character and all... but you dressed like a goddamn embarrassing idiot.

Music: Amusement Park (Vocal)

One final trek to the Amusement Park zone. Now hearing it is beneath the Amusement Park, if you thought they meant that elevator down to the former Umbrella Labs and the Game Programmer’s lair over in the castle basement. But you’d be mistaken.

Actually, a new path has opened up just off the main street with an unearthed elevator being attended by a lone machine lifeform.

The game requests we save before entering. Due to reasons... That’s not... ominous or anything. You guys like actually tested this DLC before shipping it right? I have my doubts after seeing that last Special Rank match...

I’d really liked to have made a save on a different slot. But whatever... Let’s do this thing.

This isn’t ominous at all... No sir... Just a giant eerily lit scrap pile. We’ve seen plenty of those.

...And another creepy array of static filled CRT TVs and antennas piled into a tower. Well, tune in next time fo—

Video: Episode 147 Highlight Reel

2B Kainé Costume Render – I like to think she’s rolling her eyes extremely hard beneath that mask.

Kainé Artwork – My back hurts just looking at this pose.