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Part 156: Episode CL: Deserving of Life

Episode CL: Deserving of Life

A third and final entry has appeared in the terminal logs. Hey, would you look at that? September 27th. Jill Valentine slapped on the least reasonable outfit she could find and began her escape from Raccoon City 9945 years ago.

<typing> I’m busting my can doing overtime every single day. Well, that wraps up all of the record keeping for this place.
Ummm... Where was I supposed to go next again? Oh yeah, the server room. Ugggh... That place is so stuffy. I hate it there.

We’re no longer controlling Plato 1728. Instead, this Level 36 Stubby is our new player character. We find ourselves back in the same room where Plato began in the first log. Our ultimate goal is a server in the command center on the far side of the area. We could head straight there. But of course, we’re going to gab with everyone on the way first. Maybe we can find out where Plato went...

Who knew Plato 1728 had such special powers in him though, huh?

Oh ...Could you elaborate on that, bud? No? Busy typing in that console. OK... Well, let’s see if we can get more info here.

He became so obsessed with these images that he started spending more and more time in sleep mode every day. Then, after that big battle the other day, he said “I’m staying in the other world,” and he never woke up again. I wonder if he’s ever going to reactivate...
He lost so many of his friends during that battle the other day... Maybe despair drove him to live in that other world of his.

I’ve felt that some days lately. Still, I feel like we missed something big. Let’s continue our investigation.

We’re expected to work 20 hours a day now...

I get the feeling this guy is spending 18.5 hours sitting on his butt and complaining about having to sit so long. This is no help. Let’s head on outside.

I don’t wanna think about how long I’m gonna have to hover around here. Maybe I should attach a legged unit... NO! My pride won’t allow it!

Never give up your principles. Standing there all day wouldn’t be any better. What you need is a chair, my dude. Or... just land? You kind of have a built in chair. Look, I don’t know how that works. Our guy barely has legs.

That building... It’s exactly what us lifeless creatures have longed for!

Ah... That explains everything about that mysterious building they keep focusing the camera on. I understand everything now. Doesn’t get it at all.

It’s never really come up before, but Stubby’s fast means of motion is to turn around and do a back step repeated Alucard in Symphony of the Night style. That said, we’re just going to idle here for a moment because...

A Goliath Flyer floats by in the background. But that’s not the interesting part. If we wait for it to rise, we see...

It’s carrying or old pal the Engels away on an adventure. A murder adventure. The best kind if you’re in a Yoko Taro game, really. But that’s not all. If we continue waiting...

There’s in fact four Engels being transported in the background. Last month these guys got deployed for the first time against the androids forces (in the Philippines apparently?) resulting in 11,345 dead androids. So they’re probably getting a lot of work these days. At least until YoRHa starts manufacturing Flight Units... Just a fun detail. Let’s move on.

I’ll... be going there... soon... too...

Not sure if that would be wise, machine. But you do you.

I can’t do this! I don’t want to be part of this war anymore!
(Encouraging Machine) This guy got promoted after his training the other day, so he got sent to the battlefield for the first time. But then he had to witness Plato going insane with his own eyes, and he’s been like this ever since. I wasn’t there, so I don’t know much about what happened. Was it really that terrifying?

So it seems our old pal Plato 1728 lost his shit, had some manner of special power despite being otherwise held together with duct tape and proceeded to murder shit out of half the machines in the region so hard that they’re now learning the concept of PTSD. And I bet you thought he was just the mean-spirited punching bag of this story.

Who the FUCK taught this machine about the concept of a senpai? I hope Plato annihilated them in his insane purge alongside whatever anime DVDs it had acquired.

I just started working here today, and they put me in charge of guidance and traffic regulation! Lookin’ forward to workin’ with ya, Senpai! This place is like a maze, so the management department is being flooded with complaints! Now that I’m here though, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

I will never take notice of you again, degenerate. You’re my least favorite machine. Let’s go check out the fight club combat training area and forget that regrettable incident ever occurred.

<fist pump> Go! Take them apart! I don’t want to see a single bolt remain!
<spin> Don’t hold back! Your life’s on the line!

How could anyone want to be in a place like this after facing so many horrors and losing so many loved ones?

Look, it could be way worse. At least they’re not involved in some underground Russian Roulette tournament. What’s that...? Oh that room is over in Block D? Yeah... yeah that checks out. Carry on. Let’s head back out and continue our conversational tour.

No matter how much everyone made fun of him, he never spoke ill of anyone. And yet I... I... I’m sorry, Plato 1728...

Yeah, that Plato boy was real quiet. Kept to himself mostly. I can’t believe he’d do something like this. Real shocking stuff. That aside, the motor skill testing facility is now an optional area. So let’s scout that first.

Old units get destroyed, new ones get made... It’s as if they’re being created just to be demolished again...

Welcome to the endless meat grinder of the forever war.

He’s been nothing but a pain for everyone. We shoulda gotten rid of him ages ago! Why are they even making his models anymore!?

Look, maybe Plato 1729 won’t go berserk and TK half his team. You never know! And if he does, I’m sure the N2 Server is collecting valuable combat data. Or laughing their asses off. They’re kind of dicks. It could go either way.

I have to make up for holding all of my team mates back during the last match. I’m gonna get a promotion and protect everyone!

Ron Howard Narrator Voice: He didn’t. And died.

Screw the human that invented chairs, seriously.
I have made it my life’s goal to rid this planet of chairs.
Are you with me, comrade!?

I’m now picturing that office copier scene from Office Space but it’s a bunch of Stubbies and an office chair.

I’m sure we’re gonna be best friends!
(Observing Machine) There were some problems during development, so unfortunately the weapon was not ready in time. Once it is complete though, I’m sure it’ll help us save the lives of many of our friends.
(Enthusiastic Machine) Those cruel, disgusting androids completely annihilated all of our units, even the non-combat types! This is unforgivable! As soon as this weapon is complete, I will make them kneel before us! I will make them beg for their lives, before ripping them to shreds!!
(Machine on a Break) It feels like we’re getting busier every single day. We’ve put so much effort into this thing. I don’t even wanna think about the possibility of the androids destroying it...

I’ve got some bad news for you, guy... I know of a couple androids that have destroyed like eight of these things. In fact, they’re watching a recording of you right now!

It feels good to live such a rich and busy life!

...Dude you’ve been sitting here since February.

To complete this section the DLC, we simply need to find our Stubby’s terminal in this bustling room. But that won’t do as every single machine in here has new unique dialog. Let’s run through the paces here. Starting with...

I’ve been getting a lot of complaints from the employees about our working conditions lately, bunch of whiners. If we cared about our worker’s happiness, we would’ve called this place a SATISFACTORY. Pfffffffhehehe.

One day we’re gonna walk in here and the machine lifeforms will have discovered memes. Like mid-00s memes. One will think “All Your Base Are Belong to Us” was humanity’s humor apex. That will be a dark day indeed.

Whoever wielded these weapons was assured victory. I wonder how one goes about obtaining them...
What could possibly be worth this much effort?

Time for the machines produced on a factory line to themselves seize the means of production.

If we can somehow harness that anger, we might be able to defeat the YoRHa troops.
Squad 13. Please respond. We have lost contact with Squad 14. Head over to their location to provide backup immediately.
Frankly, things haven’t been looking good for us lately. We have to find the enemy camp, and fast.
People who complain about their jobs will end up complaining about everything, no matter what they do. It all comes down to getting your feelings under control, you know?
People in the old world used spies to gather information, but androids and machines looks so different, it would never work.
I used to hate the air in this room, but I’ve spent so much time here that I’ve kind of grown to like it!
We’ve suffered so many losses during the great battle that I can’t keep track of all the data.
I’ve given up thinking on things. All I care about is work. Yes sirree, work and nothing else. Love it.

Healthy work environment on the machine lifeform side of things. Not sure if it’s running better or worse than the laissez-faire high school teenager gossip vibe of YoRHa. Considering the Bunker eventually explodes and this place is an abandoned husk in modern day... maybe the answer is somewhere in the middle.

Together, we’re generating enough heat to burn a small planet!
I’ve heard that something called “religion” is gaining popularity in some districts. Apparently there’s a “Grace” who’s been chosen by “God”?
Hello, can you hear me? Dammit, we lost contact with this squad too. I can’t remember the last time we suffered this many losses.
I was thinking of converting to a combat model, but then I read the report on the great battle, and I was like “Nope nope nope.”

Some machines learn quicker than others on when to nope out of situations. And then some go and form a death cult. It’s a rich tapestry of culture.

Don’t you ever wonder why bugs exist in the first place? Figuring that one out must be the path to true enlightenment.
The whole Plato 1728 incident has caused massive losses to both us and the enemy. There’s no one left there! On top of that, I have to deal with this confusing data. I have no idea what’s going on anymore.
Don’t talk to people when they’re busy. It’s common sense at any workplace, really.

Oh, shit? Word? Hey what’s that guy up to?

Personally, I can’t blame him. Something must have set him off somehow. I think everyone’s just reluctant to face the truth.
We lost a squad near the forest area. I need a reconnaissance team out there, stat! Be advised that enemies have been spotted in the vicinity. Proceed with caution.
I’ve got tons of work to do, just because that jerk decided to go haywire.
Bloody pacifists. They’re using the great battle from the other day as an excuse to recruit members! The mere thought of making friends with those vile androids makes me want to retch!

Now who would go and do something like recruiting machines to a pacifistic viewpoint? Next thing you’re going to tell me they’ve formed a village. Then that village burned to the ground. And all the children in it committed suicide after learning the concept of fear. And the pacifist leader gathered their parts and started selling them to androids for a nominal fee. That’s a really massive set of conclusions to jump to out of nowhere, my dude.

I hope they don’t mass-produce these units, because we’d be screwed.
This damn terminal always freezes on me RIGHT when I’m about to complete a task.

Remember to always save your work often.

And now that the other guy’s the boss, he’s doing the exact same things that made him hate his former boss so much. I used to think your personality was innate, but now I think it’s heavily influenced by how much power you wield.
(Former Boss Machine) I’m sorry. I don’t think I can finish all of my work before the end of the day.
(Former Subordinate Machine) Hey, remember how you used to talk all big to me until recently? Well, don’t worry about it. After all, you’ve got about 20 hours until starting time tomorrow, right?

The circle of corporate life continues.

Now this is solid advice and all but... I don’t see it working that well with machine lifeforms. Maybe just turn your eye lights red and half open their slots? I dunno. Have fun with your old TV set and CRT monitor fort, though.

How many lives do you think have been lost in this battle? Is there no road to peace!? Sorry. I’m just rambling. Forget what I said.
We’ve had a lot of deserters since the great battle. It’s enough of a pain in the rear to maintain a list of all units as it is. I wish they’d at least tell us if they were bailing.

Seeing the work conditions here, I wouldn’t give my two weeks’ notice either. Seems more of a wake up in the morning, go NOPE, return to sleep and wait for them to mail you your final paycheck.

I haven’t had a rest in 6 days! Pretty impressive, huh? I’m completely exhausted though.
I haven’t been home in 4 days!
One of my friends is really into this thing called “religion.” Maybe I should go to one of their seminars.
I’ve been getting a lot of requests for repairs of borrowed weapons. I’m thinking of making this month’s motto “Take care of your weapons so they can take care of you!”
Stop talking to me...
.........I don’t even have time to move my mouth.
I don’t even know whether we’re working to live or living to work anymore.

I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. World’s a fuck.

Hmph. How are we gonna stop all these troops form deserting? I know! I’ll just give ‘em more work so they won’t have time to escape or even THINK of escaping!
Oh, sorry. I had my sound sensors turned off because this room is so damn noisy. I quite recommend it!

I wish my ears had that function. I mean apart from turning up music so loud on headphones until I go deaf. But that’d sting so meh.

In any case, that’s about everyone chatted with now. Our terminal is here in this row. The one with the big red arrow over it. I’m sure somehow there’s someone out there that still managed to get lost and had to bitch online that they couldn’t find the end of the DLC. Never underestimate the stupidity of man. Clicking on this will bring us to the final sequence of the DLC.

Oh yeah. I remember. That’s the guy who went haywire.

And thus concludes Plato 1728’s story... A special video now unlocks.

Music Video: Amazarashi - Deserving of Life
(You should probably watch this. It’s the end of the DLC.)

Following that, we get a credit roll for the Ending DLC...

...and the completion of the fourth and final DLC sidequest.

From there we’re given the option to save the game and then dumped back to the main menu. Now there is one tiny bonus unlocked for completing the DLC that we’ll check next time. But beyond that... I need to go grind out 4% more unit unlocks for that one remaining sidequest. And then it’s just the final substory before Endings D and E come back-to-back.

We’re almost at the end of NieR: Automata... For real this time. Stay tuned.

Video: Episode 150 Highlight Reel
(Note: This doesn't include the music video because Square-Enix will get extremely mad and block the thing immediately if it were included.)

Hey, Plato finally made some friends. Things are looking up for the poor guy. Even if everyone else is making fun of him for playing with dolls.

Oh no! Plato’s friends! By the way, Plato 1728 was equipped with a module that lets him merge with other machines to become a giant fuck-off Trash Voltron machine demigod. It’s just nobody told him... Or anyone where he was assigned... So they just had him doing jumping challenges and punching things when he was supposed to be absorbing bio-machine mass. Whoops!

Well, they won’t make that mistake again! Probably... Just ignore the fact this isn't even the first time they made a superweapon machine and it immediately went berserk and destroyed thousands of them.