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Part 157: Episode CLI: My Immersion...

Episode CLI: My Immersion...

Music: Vague Hope - Spring Rain

OK. Maybe we’re not quite done with the DLC. Perhaps there is a lingering 5% that only unlocks after we’ve completed Plato’s story. As soon as we load the game back up, we’re dumped at the nearest Access Point and our android of choice receives an email. We’ll we’re right here, so let’s take a look.

So in case you were wondering, it was Plato 1728 sending all of those messages leading us to the DLC colosseums and here. He’s still hooked up to some machine somewhere, unable to do anything because he’s mad dangerous if he ever got out and was pissed again. Bummer.

Our reward for completing Plato’s sidequest is this icon which can... somehow... be loaded into the jukebox back at the Resistance Camp to listen to all of the “unique” tracks from the DLC. Vague Hope (Spring Rain) the only actual new track is on the next page. That’s neat, I guess. Kinda wish I knew this was here before I manually mixed the samplings of those myself to get the right results... But hindsight and all that...

We have one final order of business before we are actually done with the DLC. This requires a return visit to the Gambler’s Colosseum back in the Flooded City.

Music: Gambling Colosseum

Remember that weird woman that appeared at the end of this segment, asking if we had an appoint with “You-Know-Who” before we departed? We can now talk to her.

She’ll give us the same dialogue and the conversation ends. Buuuut... now that we’ve sorted out Plato’s business, we can now ask her multiple times and new dialogue may occur. Let’s try that...

<I wanna fight you-know-who.>
I’m sorry. I’m not authorized to make that decision.
Okay. I’m going to ask again, because I’m nice: IS there something I can help you with?
<I wanna fight you-know-who.>
Alright, if you insist. But I have to warn you: what you’re about to see may end up destroying your sense of immersion. Are you okay with that?
<Immersion schmimmersion.>
Are you REALLY super duper sure you want to do this? This is your last chance to back out!
<Immersion schmimmersion!>
Very well then. Follow me.

Music: Dark Colossus KAIJU (Intro)

<floats to the ground> The name is Yosuke Matsuda. Let’s see what you’re made of, shall we?

DLC Music: Birth of a Wish (CEO)
(You should listen to this!)

Behold the final boss of the NieR: Automata DLC – the CEO of Square-Enix. All he does is walk menacingly towards us at first. But that doesn’t persist.

But that doesn’t persist. Soon he unleashes a massive volley of energy filled versions of his head.

Finally, after all these LPs... I finally get to kill you the leadership of Square-Enix. Sure maybe you’re not the one that was at the helm for most of the troubles. I’ll hunt down that fucker Yoichi Wada another day. But you’ll do for now! DIE!

Yosuke Matsuda here is actually a reskin of Adam’s final fight just without all the crazy particle effects and teleportation but with 10x more projectile spamming. All the shields and Tekken ass looking combos Adam had is also the property of the CEO.

However, since we’ve got 14 Levels on this Level 85 CEO, it’s WAY easier to launch him after dodging an attack and melee countering. Air juggling Square-Enix’s CEO feels pretty good. Gotta say. Maybe this DLC was worth it. A second season pass for Final Fantasy XV? Are you for real, asshole?!

That said, once he drops below 66% HP, the battle grinds to a halt as a new challenger enters the ring...

Mind if I join in?

<floats to the ground> Kenichi Sato!

DLC Music: Birth of a Wish (CEO Duet)
(You should listen to this!)

Let’s get it on!

Kenichi Sato opens with immediately trying to Shoryuken 2B because of course he would. He can also distract you by having Kamiya block you on Twitter. Sato is way more of a proactive melee guy that will attempt to rush down 2B which Square-Enix’s CEO provides energy orb Powered Yosuke Matsuda Head volleys as support.

The thing is, we only need to take one of these two CEOs. And we’ve already gotten Square-Enix’s CEO down to two-thirds health. On top of that, PlatinumGames hasn’t really wronged me to any notable extent.

Now Square-Enix on the other hand...

...we’ve got some goddamn beef. This here Papa Nier pipe and CEO Yosuke Matsuda’s head quickly got well acquainted. It doesn’t go well for him.

Once one the CEOs are defeated, the two teleport and begin hovering in the center of the room. They have some words for our android. In an increasingly sinister robotic voice filter, to boot...

Allow us to give you a parting gift before we leave though. Hope you like it!

The CEOs’ parting gift is an explosion of energy resulting in an intense rain of homing CEO Head energy bullets. Despite 2B being Level 99 and these foes being Level 85, these energy shots still hurt surprisingly bad. Like a quarter of 2B’s HP bad.

Our only recourse here is to just run and hope we don’t get hit. Thankfully, we’ve got the anti-chain damage (cannot get stunlocked) plug-in chip installed or else taking a glowing middle aged Japanese man’s head to the face would almost certainly result in a quick death.

After a 30 second trial of avoiding headbutts from disembodied Japanese businessmen heads, the CEO of Square-Enix and PlatinumGames burst with energy and explode. I’d expect no different end from two men crazy enough to greenlight a sequel to NIER.

Music: Gambling Colosseum

It has been greatly entertaining to watch you fight at peak performance. Here’s a little gift for you as token of our appreciation.

And here are the final rewards for the DLC of NieR: Automata. The Record: CEO is just a CD that can be used in the Resistance Camp jukebox to listen to the Birth of a Wish (CEO) song. Both versions are available for our listening pleasure.

Music: Vague Hope - Spring Rain

Next we have the CEO Bullets. Much like the Emil Bullets from earlier, it transforms the omnipresent enemy energy orbs into the heads of Yosuke Matsuda. The description claims Kenichi Sato heads should also be present, but I tried against a few different enemies and only got the Square-Enix CEO energy heads. Weird sentence to type, that.

Next up we have a big foam novelty head of Yosuke Matsuda, if that’s your kinda thing. He wears that YoRHa uniform well. Very shapely.

Finally, we have a matching Kenichi Sato mask to make 9S very uncomfortable while wearing. I suppose it’s possible to go load up a chapter with 9S and have him wear one head while 2B wears another to act out an incredibly specific fetish I’m sure one weird out there must possess.

But for now, our business with the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC has truly and finally concluded. Tune in next time for the last of the sidequests. As soon as I get this last fucking asshole robot in the desert to bloody spawn. Who did I piss off to get such bad RNG with just this specific game?! ARGH!

Video: You-Know-Who Boss Battle
(You should probably watch this!)