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Part 161: Episode CLV: The End of YoRHa

Episode CLV: The End of YoRHa

Pick one of these two and watch it:
Video: Ending E (The LP Playthrough. No commentary.)
Video: Ending E (Commentary from the first time I played the game before the LP.)

Everything that lives is designed to end. They are perpetually trapped... in a never-ending spiral of life and death.

However... life is all about the struggle within this cycle.

That is what “we” believe.

Pod 153 to Pod 042. How is it going?
I am... embarrassed.
Why is that?
I launched a suicide attack, and yet, here I am, still alive. I must look very silly.

Do not feel bad about it. We are alive, after all. And being alive is pretty much a constant stream of embarrassment.
That concept is a bit too abstract for me to understand at this time. I will save it in my list of things to analyze later.

Question, Pod 042. Did the data salvage restore all of their past memories?

And are those recovered parts of the same design as previous ones?

Then... won’t that simply lead us to the same conclusion as before?
I cannot deny the possibility.

However, the possibility of a different future also exists.

A future is not given to you.

It is something you must take for yourself.

Please respond to this query. Do you, faithful player The Dark Id, have anything you would like to say to other players who are suffering because they cannot finish NieR: Automata.

So all of those messages during Ending E were player generated, if you couldn’t guess. And now we... I mean, I have the chance to do the same. Of course. I’m not a dick. Mostly...

There are an extremely large number of options to choose from. I scrolled through them all quickly in the video. I’m not going to go through them all. We’d be here all day.

There are quite a few asshole options at the bottom as well, if you’re a real piece of shit. Here’s a thing you probably didn’t know unless you’re a complete edgelord.

You’re allowed to be slightly cheeky and pick one dickish answer. Maybe two, depending on the severity. But if you pick all three as assholish answers, Pod 042 all but says you’re a prick and tosses you back to the title screen, canceling the rest of the proceedings.

But I’m not going to do that. You can also pick country of origin for your message. I don’t live in the United States anymore but ehh... I’m not scanning through all the El Nidos, Solarises and NotSpains of the world to find Canada. Or I forgot until I was reviewing the recording. Whichever one fits the narrative in your head best.

Once I leave my message, there’s one more thing left to do here...

Please respond to this query. You, The Dark Id, faithful player of this title, have lost your life multiple times to make it this far. You have faced crushing hardship, and suffered greatly for it.

Yeah, sure. I think we can all already see where this is going...

However, in exchange, you will lose all of your save data.

Yes and you are a complete piece of shit if you don’t do the same when you’re done with the game. It’s fine to say no and finish up what’s left. But if you don’t come back here and do the deed, you’re dirtbag. Full stop. If anyone says otherwise in the thread, everyone shame that fucker immediately. Yes, I still want to commit.

As a result, this person... who cries out for help even as we speak... may be someone you intensely dislike.

Yes, I’ll still help. Even if it’s an idiot McElroy brother who can’t follow a bright red X on an omnipresent mini-map to the correct fishing spot to progress in a previous title in the series. Or some jackass that loves belts, zippers and anime bullshit x Disney fanfiction.

But they will no longer be available to you.

Pod, I love this game and all but according to Steam I have 159 hours played of it. I’m positive. I'm done.

Some may say that your efforts are purely for show.

Pod 042 that 159 hours is mostly due to an LP that is nearly been running for a year now. I’m ready to let go...

Nah... you know what, I’m going to go grind out the last 60% of that fishing da—YES! Let’s just do this thing, Pod. It’s been real.

In exchange for all of your data... I will convey your will to this world.

I’m not going to miss that map. That was not a great map... I will continue to make fun of anyone bitching online about losing hours of progress after scrolling right past the Quick Save option, the one the menu defaults to every time the game is paused, to go eat that mackerel and getting Ending K. I'm sorry you were born a dumbass. World's a fuck.

OK, this one hurts a little bit... But then I see the memory of Jean-Paul’s quest being cast into oblivion and it’s alright.

I suppose I went a little bit overboard on all those curatives. But I did end the game with almost 800,000 G so ehh... Worth it.

After Drakengard 1-3, this weapon collection was nothing. Take ‘em away. Iron Will can live bright and beautiful in my memories...

Honestly, I’ve forgotten half of those Pod Programs existed. I don’t think I’ve changed my configuration since Route B outside a couple specialized bits.

I’d like to have gotten more fishing done but this game’s RNG hated me with a burning passion for the duration of the LP and I gave up that goal after 45 minutes of fishing in the cavern near Emil’s home and getting exactly one of the like six unique fish that can be caught there. If you’re wondering about the missing tutorials, there’s one for dying and retrieving your body both online and offline. I never actually died unintentionally outside of the DLC the entire playthrough.

I’d have to have declined this bit to get Ending D and E added to the tally of save data. But that’s OK. They’re completed in my heart. Be kind to my save file, to you the future player of NieR: Automata. Or just eat shit at the marketing department with it. Glad to have helped.

And so, we must say goodbye. I feel a slight amount... of sadness.
It is time for the final words.
To all of you who spent time with this game...
Thank you.

You know, for once... Yeah. All right. I’m not pissed hearing that at the end.

Music: Significance

Much like the original NieR, the only thing to mark our previous efforts is a new title screen. In any case, that was NieR: Automata. I hope you all enjoyed joining me on Yoko Taro’s Wild Ride. Somehow Yoko Taro got blackout drunk, got Square-Enix to give funding to PlatinumGames and made the game of the year in a year full of great games. And it actually sold well. And there will almost definitely be another one.... somehow. It keeps happening...

No one stops... It’s way too late to stop.

No one stops!