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Part 58: Episode LVI: Olive Branch

Episode LVI: Olive Branch

Music: Peaceful Sleep (Vocal)

But you’re the boss. You want him sent up to Command body and all, I’ll make it happen.
Nothing, just... you’ve never been much for gratitude, you know?
Not that I mind or anything. Oh, um. I also have a message for you. Command needs you to contact them ASAP.
Got it.

Alright. So 9S has been stuffed in a cannon and shot back into space to get repaired. That’s how that works, right? Anyway, he will not be joining us for this chapter either. But we do need some new orders, I suppose. That might be a mistake on YoRHa’s part. 2B isn’t great at successfully completing many assignments. But the one time she wandered off on her own initiative, she managed to assassinate one of the leaders of the machines. Maybe just let her do her own thing for a while. I dunno.

2B opens her communicator as soon as she steps away from Anemone.

Oh, hey, 2B. Roger that. Gimme just a second here...

Good job destroying that machine. Upon further analysis, we learn that machine—code named Adam—was responsible for managing half of their entire network. A disruption of this magnitude to their network should weaken the machines significantly.
What’s going to happen to 9S?
He’ll undergo a full data overhaul up here. Assuming we don’t encounter any problems, we’re planning to partner him with you again.
Thank you.
In the meantime, I have another mission for you. I’ve mailed you the briefing. Go ahead and take a look.
Report: Mail notification received from access point.

Alright. Assuming Adam didn’t shove a bomb in 9S’s stomach or up his butt before that whole deathmatch business, 9S will eventually by joining 2B for more adventures in machine murder. But for now, let’s hit up that Access Point and get our next mission.

I’m kinda getting the feeling Adam may have been a wee bit irresponsible getting into blood sports without leaving his Admin rights to a back-up unit. I know the guy was born like a couple months ago. But someone in the machine network ought to have given him a rundown on basic security measures.

Something tells me this is going to involve a lot of killing.
Proposal: Procure information from the machine lifeform known as Pascal.
Hmm. I suppose he might know something.
<opens communicator> Pascal? Can you hear me?

I need to know if you’ve seen any new trends or behaviors among the machines.
New... trends? Hmm... Well, two days ago I was contacted by some machines that disconnected themselves from the network. They wanted to discuss a peace treaty.
No kidding.
Apparently, they’re seeking to form an alliance of some kind with our village.
If that’s what they want, why don’t they move in?
I believe they’re working on building a colony of their own.
You don’t say.
Indeed. Apparently, it’s located in the abandoned factory. I can give you the coordinates if you’d like.
I was actually planning to go speak with them myself, you know? Maybe we can meet up over there?
Sounds good.
Target location data obtained. Marking on map.

Remember how the Abandoned Factory had those elevators we couldn’t access and Access Points we couldn’t reach despite being displayed on the map since forever? It’s time we went and sorted that out.

Before we head out, we’re going to do a bit of inventory and equipment management. The game offers no mention of this, but we’re getting close to the end game of Route A. Even if most all sidequests are canceled by this point, we’re still free to wander around the world right now at our leisure. But that changes when we head to the Abandoned Factory. Beginning the events there locks us into the actual end game point of no return since the next series of missions all feed directly into each other.

We’re nowhere near done with NieR (hur) but we will be finishing up the first playthrough sooner than later. Many things will change in the following Route B. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there. But one easily overlooked factor is that shops will begin charging way more for goods once we complete the first ending. As such, it’s a good idea to stock up on all the basic healing items while we’ve got a good supply of spending money and it’s all dirt cheap.

Next up, it’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new Pod Program, not counting the gimmicky Scanner. So let’s change that. We’re going to grab R050: Spear this go around. Let’s take a look...

Spear is the YoRHa technology co-opted version of Dark Execution from the original NieR. Which in turn was a spell borrowed from a bad Xbox360 third person shooter made by Cavia called Bullet Witch. The original incarnations of this attack performed with crude magical abilities had spears randomly erupt from the ground to impale nearby enemies (hopefully.) The refined digital version of the ability creates the energy spears in an orderly line indicated by a marker ahead of 2B.

Charging up the Spear Pod Program with additional Pods creates a secondary horizontal line of spears and the third level of charge creates two additional diagonal lines. It’s going to be a bad day for any machines caught in this unless they’ve very thin and standing in a very specific direction. Personally, I found Spear to be not so hot in most standard battles. However, if the game ever shifts to a 2D plane for combat? Spear is OP as hell since it’s a guaranteed hit to all enemies in front or behind 2B unless they’re a ways in the air flying. It’s good stuff.

Last up in or spending spree, this might be the last chance for a while to buy anything from the twins. So let’s grab that other weapon they’re selling to continue our march towards completing the set.

The Type-3 Blade is the Large Sword companion to the Type-3 Sword. Same exact upgrade bonus as the previous weapon: Endurance Up and Finishing Blast at Level 4. It’s also kind of a ho-hum weapon just like its sibling. Maybe its weapon history will liven it up...

Type-3 Blade posted:

The greatsword was known for the intense pain it inflicted upon its
victims. This is what drove the man to carry it despite its
weight, for he knew it would make others fear him, and thus
could he avoid needless conflict.

The man's reputation spread through the village despite never
having drawn the blade. "Don't make him use that horrid
weapon," the villagers whispered. The man smiled at this, for
he knew that fear was the best path to peace.

Soon, the man had craftsmen forge a host of similar weapons.
He gave them to all the other villagers in hope it would
force people to solve conflicts with words instead of violence.
And his plan worked... for a while.

Keeping all sides in check is simple when no one uses their
power. But once that seal is broken, the end is nigh. Thus did
the peaceful village transform itself into a living hell over the
space of a single night.
All I’m saying is that everyone had a gun, then there would be no fear of anyone having a gu--<Is shot in the neck as a violent gun battle immediately erupts over a disagreement of the capability of a sports team.>

Music: ENDS

That concludes our business in the Resistance Camp. Now let’s head over to link up with Pascal at the Abandoned Factory and see what this new colony of machines are LARPing as this time.

Are you ready to go?

Still, you should probably be careful. We machines can be rather... unpredictable.
Even you?
In truth, yes. Now that we’re cut off from the network, we no longer share data with each other. We can speak, of course, but I find that language contains many ways to hide one’s true intentions.
It certainly does.

In case you’re wondering how Pascal made it from the Machine Village to the Abandoned Factory so quick: He has a jetpack butt. It’s very handy but not cost effective. Which is why modern machine lifeforms lack butt-based propulsion methods.

Heading on in... yeah... Yeah, I’m already not digging this vibe...

Music: Wretched Machinery (Quiet)

You enter the domain of God!

...That’s not a great greeting, my dude. Honestly, I’d probably feel more at ease if you just declared “Hail, Satan!” if we’re being real. To progress, we need to speak with the hailer of God. But the other machines in the room have a bit to say. Let’s take a look...

And by His word, all living things are to be considered equal.
His Grace wishes to form a pact of peace with your people.
We, his humble priests, will guide you to him. This way.

...Naw, man. Naw... I ain’t into this. You guys are creepy! Pascal, these dudes are creepy! I ain’t into this, Pascal!

One creepy machine was enough for this week. We ain’t doing this again! No more creepy machines! Why can’t you guys just stop being weird for one day?! NO! Fuck this noise! Hail Satan!

OK... Perhaps that was a wee bit rash...

Video: Episode 56 Highlight Reel

Abandoned Factory Concept Art – Place used to be way more of a chaotic looking mess, huh?


Video: NieR: Automata Battle Animation Station
(Watch this! It took me a while to do!)