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Part 68: Episode LXVI: Seeker of Knowledge

Episode LXVI: Seeker of Knowledge

Well... 9S did say he wanted to run off and learn everything he could about machines. So what better time to take a pit stop and go check out our Unit Data. We briefly checked on this ages ago like right when we got to the Machine Village. It’s since filled out considerably! We’ve seen almost half of the enemies in the game. During the entirety of Route B we’re probably going to be adding a hefty... like less than 10%. Tops. Almost all of that is due to 9S’s sidequests. If it were just main quest stuff we’d get like 1% extra at most.

So let’s sit back and take some time to get up to date on all the various robots we’ve encountered in our adventures thus far...

New Music: Kainé Salvation ~ Orchestral

Unit Data is divided into a variety of categories separated by region initially and then a bunch of nebulous bullshit categories for special boys and girls. We’ll just go down the list and hit everything. Starting with Standard Machines. Let’s take a look...

> Small Stubby

The most common of the small machine lifeforms, these units bear a similarity to spring-powered toys created by humans in the past. This was likely done for the sake of increased productivity, though machine lifeforms are built from modular parts and have many variations.

Equipped with projectile weapons, these units attack by firing energy rounds. While the masses of energy travel slowly, they have enough firepower to easily damage an android’s armor.

A Pod’s projectile attacks have no effect on shielded units, making close combat the most effective method of disposal.

Units equipped with electromagnetic shields are immune to a Pod’s projectile attacks, and also damage all who come into contact with its shield. Extreme care is recommended.

You know ‘em. You love ‘em. It’s the basic Stubby boys that we’ve seen all over. The thing about Unit Data is that all four of those entries above? Those all count as separate units. EVERY variation of EVERY enemy in the game counts as its own separate percentage. Is there a Stubby wearing a fedora somewhere? That bad headwear motherfucker counts as its own entry. Medium Biped that painted an X on its chest? Unique unit.

> Multi-tier Type

Created by stacking the bodies of multiple small stubbies, this sluggish machine lumbers ever northward and performs no proper attacks. One is left to wonder why it even exists at all.

It’s worth nothing the tall boys eyes do glow red when they spot our 2B or 9S. They desire murder of all androids with a burning fury. They just lack any capacity to do so beyond a stern glare. Such is their strange lot.

> Small Biped

A small machine lifeform with limbs similar to those of a human. Its less-than-sizeable build makes it well-suited to swift attacks.

Occasionally, machine lifeforms can be found carrying torches in dark places. As machines are thought to be capable of seeing in the dark, it’s assumed they have some other reason for this behavior. They tend to use their own vital fluids as fuel for the torches, though the meaning of this—if there is one—is also unknown.

I dunno. Burning your blood to create some rad mood lighting sounds metal as fuck. And that’s as good a reason as any for the torches. Most of the Medium Bipeds we’ve encountered have been the cosplaying sort, hence only two entries here so far. It’s worth noting there’s an achievement/trophy for 80% of the total Unit Data being filled out.

> Medium Biped

This medium-sized machine lifeform possesses large, human-like limbs. These arms give it tremendous versatility in battle, as it can equip a great many weapons.

A Pod’s projectile attacks have no effect on shielded enemies, making close combat the most effective method of disposal.

Units equipped with electromagnetic shields are immune to a Pod’s projectile attack, and also damage all who come into contact with its shields. Extreme care is recommended.

Medium boys are another machine that is big into the cosplay scene which composes a number of other entries. There’s only 80% to hit that cheevo, sure. But unfortunately, there’s also a late game sidequest that requires 95% of entries to be filled. Which... meh... I am *NOT* looking forward to having to do again.

> Medium Quadruped

A four-legged, medium-sized machine lifeform that resembles an animal. Occasionally seen with smaller machines riding on its back, this unit attacks using the great mobility afforded by its legs. The tips of its limbs are equipped with wire cutters that can be used in combat, while the tail segment is actually a collapsible claw-like arm.

This variant resembles a human when upright. Its slim body allows it to attack with unusual swiftness.

It is criminal you cannot tame and ride these dinguses. I see no reason that wouldn’t be allowed. There’s no Geneva Convention for machines, right?

> Multi-leg Medium Model

A medium-sized machine lifeform that has multiple legs, much like an insect. By emitting energy from the tips of its legs, it can move about as though gliding across the ground.

There exist long-range types equipped with firearms and close-range types equipped with cutting arms.

Note: No there’s not. We destroyed like all of those in the game. All eight of them. They’re extinct now. 9S’s Route B will make them DOUBLE extinct. RIP.

> Goliath Biped

This humanoid, Goliath-class machine lifeform is actually a colony of smaller machines that use their combined energy to move one massive body. The expandable slide-rail arms punish all who draw close, while the liquid-fuel rocket engine on its back grants short-lived flight abilities. It also boasts powerful projectile weapons and the transport apparatuses of the linked machines that comprise it, making it a dangerous foe with no apparent weaknesses.

This model has enhanced leg power and a body that’s flipped upside down. Unlike the standard model, it is quite agile. The rocket engine on its back is used when attacking from the air, propelling diving kicks toward the ground.

I bet the top stubby gets real pissed when they switch to Enhanced Legpower and it is suddenly the robot dick. Can’t be a great scene for the arms that are suddenly feet either. Honestly, it seems like the dick bot is the only one that comes out on top.

>Reverse-jointed Goliath

This Goliath-class machine lifeform is a vivid reminder of the dinosaurs of antiquity. The artillery built into its arms allow it to attack with a variety of projectiles.

Yeah, you know the dinosaurs with their laser cannon arms and whatnot. Bizarrely, the only human records of dinosaurs to survive to the modern age is Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter which is taken as historical document. Nobody knows how that happened. Androids and machines alike believe the Earth’s distant past to be EXTREMELY foggy.

> Small Flyer

A small machine lifeform outfitted with a flight device. Its firearm launches slow-moving energy pulses that can damage even the armor of an android, while the wire on the bottom of the flight device allows it to transport other machine lifeforms when necessary.

The game doesn’t keep record of how many of each machine is destroyed. But this number right here is easily the most trashed unit in existence solely thanks to all the shmup segments. We must have destroyed at least 200 of these by the end of the Grün fight segment alone.

> Medium Flyer

A medium-sized machine lifeform outfitted with four flight devices. Armed with guns atop the devices and wire cutters on its sides, it’s capable of taking on enemies in both close- and long-range combat. The wires on the bottom of the flight devices allow them to transport other machine lifeforms when necessary.

These guys are the hand wave for any huge ass machine suddenly appearing on the field thanks to a quest. Read: Goliaths appearing from nowhere around a corner. They just got airdropped by a Medium Flyer. It’s fine!

> Small Sphere

This spherical machine lifeform requires tremendous energy to stay afloat, so offense is not its strong suit. It offsets this by equipping weapons that are powerful enough to make up for its inherent lack of strength.

The axe wielding versions of these fellas only showed up extremely briefly atop the conveyor belt smashers en route to the Final Fantasy XV cameo weapon’s location. I didn’t mention them since it’s just a stupid sphere that has a single axe swing and dies in half a second of attacking.

> Linked-sphere Type

This combination of multiple spherical machines is sometimes transported into combat by its comrades. Its many variations are a result of its unusual construction, which emphasizes flexibility above all else.

Fuck these horrendously badly designed mess of an enemy type. However, our boy 9S may come equipped with a way to trivialize encounters against them in the future. But that’s for another day.

> Rampaging Machine Lifeform

A machine lifeform that has become violent after infection by Eve. Will attempt to attack androids as if they were prey. The armor-plating on its head has been removed, revealing teeth-like metal pipes that nevertheless have no functionality as a mouth. It is theorized that either this modification was implemented due to self-optimization, or that possibly some alien race created them in likeness to themselves, though neither of these are proven.

Well, I think you can throw out the latter theory given we’ve seen the aliens and they’re just several meter tall flaccid cocks. Though a big toothy grin does resemble the first contact the aliens had with Top Boy and Defender of Earth Emil.

Onto the boys of the desert. We didn’t really spend much of any time in that region overall and met exactly zero new units from Adam and Eve’s births onward. So this is just a recap.

> Small Stubby

The most common of the small machine lifeforms, these units bear a similarity to spring-powered toys created by humans in the past. This was likely done for the sake of increased productivity, though machine lifeforms are built from modular parts and have many variations.

Equipped with a circular saw, these units use a reciprocating engine to spin the blade and slice through android armor.

I’d really like to know where the idea for just welding a buzzsaw to the front of a machine and calling it a day came from... I know that wasn’t any practice in Facade I know about unless it was some extraordinarily obscure rule.

> Small Biped

A small machine lifeform with limbs similar to those of a human. Its less-than-sizeable build makes it well-suited to swift attacks. Its small sword is thought to have been created by a machine lifeform haphazardly combining metals.

That just sounds like your typical video game crafting system to me. Just be thankful you robots have not come under the dark spell of equipment durability over these long years of war.

> Medium Biped

This medium-sized machine lifeform possesses large, human-like limbs. These arms give it tremendous versatility in battle, as it can equip a great many weapons. Its small sword is thought to have been created by a machine lifeform haphazardly combining metals.

What are you even doing with your life? That kitchen knife isn’t impressing anyone, dude. Go get a gigantic anime sword or go home.

> Goliath Biped

Same description. I don’t think the Desert Zone variants get an Enhanced Legpower model. They’d get all tripped up in their cloaks and it’d be this big scene readjusting. Nobody wants to deal with that.

> Small Flyer

Same description. Stylish faux-wood finish.

Despite seeing a large variety of machines prancing about having a hoot in the Amusement Park during our initial visit, we were only ever attacked by the Small Flyers and generic Medium Bipeds on that roller coaster ride (the basement zombies and Simone are counted in different categories.)

> Small Flyer

Same description as other Small Flyers. Maybe 9S can help fill up the Amusement Park Unit Data bestiary when he visits there...

The Forest Kingdom guys are probably my favorite cosplayers of the machine lifeforms. Something is inherently funny about a bunch of LARPer dingus machines really into some half-understood feudal European monarchy in the woods of post-apocalyptic Japan.

> Small Stubby

Same description. Nice helmet. No added protection provided other than a fashionable accessory.

> Small Biped

A small machine lifeform with limbs similar to those of a human. Its less-than-sizeable build makes it well-suited to swift attacks. The tip of its spear is made of painstakingly refined metals, and can pierce even an android’s armor.

Those dweebs doing the Facade masked men routine don’t know the first thing about weapon smithing. The Forest Kingdom boys know how to get things done. Plus they do have Masamune, the only one on the planet who can forge Level 4 weapon upgrades. So that probably helps.

> Medium Biped

Same deal, different DLC costume pack.

> Medium Quadruped

Same story as earlier. Though they look significantly less like someone fucked up the machine lifeform assembly line when wearing some armor and basic clothing. It’s uncertain how demeaning it is to have another machine lifeform ride one of ‘em.

> Goliath Biped

Just like how Desert machines don’t have the beefy leg variety of Goliath class boys, the Forest Zone lacks the beefy arm lads. At least as far as I remember. For all I know there’s spawns for both of those that only appear in a certain area 10% of the time. That’s a thing that happens with certain rare units. It’s a real pain in the dick when filling out the Unit Data completion percentage!

> Small Flyer

The tiny shield on the front is a nice touch. Though I cannot think that segmented helmet is great for navigating the skies.

Come to think of it... where the hell did the cult bots get all of those fancy faux-religious garments in a weapons factory? Or all of that purple paint? It’s a goddamn mystery.

> Small Stubby

No new blurbs for the basic model of these guys. They’re not even going to acknowledge the variant with a comically sized bomb it's using for a suicide attack. Shameful oversight.

>Small Biped

A small machine lifeform with limbs similar to those of a human. Its less-than-sizeable build makes it well-suited to swift attacks. The weight of its axe gives it overwhelming destructive power. Wielders should be approached with a good deal of caution.

Fear the axe dual-wielder of God lest he smite ye. Wait... You can’t use Pod Fire! That’s an insult to Go—and it’s dead... Heathens.

> Medium Biped

Nothing new. But seriously, maybe they could have found the purple paint or the material for the cloaks and robes in some leftover closet. But those hats had to have been custom made. Where is the legendary hat crafter of the machine lifeform network? Show me this villain.

> Small Flyer

How does that hat even stay on? Is it taped on under there? Glued? Is it in fact welded onto your head and cannot be removed?

All of the nice boys from Pascal’s Village are lumped into here. And Jean-Paul. Unique villager machines are added by completing their associated sidequest. So the Mother/Father/Child machine were all dumped in as soon as we successfully brought the Machine Child home.

>All Generic Machines

Machine lifeforms that are part of the colony at Pascal’s village. Despite their machine origins, they despise conflict in all forms, and willingly cut themselves off from the network as a result. They now live a peaceful existence deep in the forest along with other machines who share their pacifistic beliefs.

All of the generic machines in the village were automatically added in as soon as we first encountered the Machine Village. No need to slaughter them like a jerk to add entries like the Amusement Park. So that’s nice.

> Jean-Paul

A machine lifeform who lived in Pascal’s village and was preoccupied with philosophy. Followers across the land regularly tried to win his favor with gifts, though he regarded such efforts with disdain. He eventually departed on a journey to learn the truth of the world and was never heard from again.

In a better world that might be interpreted Jean-Paul just fucking died out in the middle of nowhere. But people just probably started referring to him as “That Dick in the Hat” and kept their distance.

> Pascal

A pacifist machine lifeform that despises conflict and strives endlessly for peace with humanity. This unit possesses incredibly intelligence, as well as a deep interest in the history of both humans and machines.

Where do you think Pascal keeps his legs when he swaps in the hovercraft? Does he have a special broom closet he stashes them in? Or are they just left out because machines have no concept of decency? I can’t imagine the designated child machines would be thrilled running across Uncle Pascal’s machine legs while they’re out playing.

> Father Machine

A machine lifeform that plays the role of father—although he leaves the job of caring for his children entirely up to the mother.

Powerful robot dad.

> Mother Machine

A machine lifeform that plays the role of mother. She reached out to 2B and 9S after a fight with her child caused him to run away—a story which serves as proof that familial bonds exist amongst machines.

Coolant leaked from the mother’s eyes when her missing child finally returned home. Despite the lack of network access causing disagreements among her family, she still spoke happily of the incredible joy to be found in understanding.

The little embroidery of the Mother Machine’s face on her apron is a nice touch.

> Child Machine

A child machine lifeform that fled home after a fight with its mother.

Someone asked me why I kept doing a guilt trip about this machine boy dying horribly and wanted to know if I made that mistake. Nope. I got that machine boy home safely both in my original playthrough. My wife on the other hand just annihilated that robot child and I’ve been trolling her. Shame!

> Big Sister Machine

A machine lifeform searching for her lost little sister. She ventured into the desert after overhearing her sibling complain about the poor condition of her parts. This story serves as proof that sisterhood exists among machines.

They have matching bows. That’s all you need! Done.

> Little Sister Machine

A little-sister machine lifeform that got lost in the desert. According to Pascal, she’s a good-natured girl who cares deeply for her older sister. Filled with curiosity, she spent most of the trip home bombarding 9S with uncountable questions. She returned home on her own after being escorted to the desert’s entrance.

9S, you’re going to have to explain to that little girl where children come from in Route B. It’s a thing you must do to retain peaceful relationships between YoRHa and the Machine Village machines. Let’s get it done.

All the angry, tougher palette swaps of the common machine lifeforms all go in here. I’m fairly certain there’s one of every last machine. But so far we’ve only seen:

> Common Enhanced Machines

Machine lifeforms covered in red and black paint. While they resemble standard machines aside from the color scheme, their internal specs are actually above average.

The red makes them faster! Everyone knows that. It’s just basic science.

“Special Unit Machines” is Unit Data intel talk for “bosses”. Now that we’re playing as 9S, all the enemies like Marx and Engels have their names translated from the Angelic that 2B saw. So that’s neat, I guess. If I didn’t already tell you all of their names because it’s dumb to discuss them otherwise.

> Marx

A massive Goliath-class machine lifeform that resembles heavy machinery of old. While it appears to have been constructed solely for its destructive abilities, a closer look at its features tell a different story. While in combat, it comes after foes with a repurposed bucket-wheel excavator.

OK, real talk. Am I the only one who hears the name “Marx” and has their mind immediately go the last boss of Milky Way Wishes from Kirby Super Star...? Karl, you’re a close second. But that’s where I go. It can’t just be me, right?

> Engels

A massive Goliath-class machine lifeform disguised as a building. The tremendous amounts of energy running through its body forces the unit to emit steam in order to stay cool. When attacking, the heat generated from its arms often causes them to become engulfed in flames. Thought to have been produced in limited numbers, multiple units were recently discovered at the abandoned factory—though they were eventually destroyed by black-box reactions from 2B and 9S.

Sadly, old man Engels who passed away in the City Ruins doesn’t get a unique entry. RIP.

> Adam

This unit has achieved an unusual level of evolution among machine lifeforms, as it possesses a strong resemblance to androids. Born naked from a cocoon of machine lifeforms, its movement was initially quite clumsy. It grew rapidly, however, and promptly began learning new methods of attack.

Adam was again encountered inside the alien mothership. Strangely enough, he spent part of that fight lecturing his foes about how the aliens met their end at the hands of the machines. Deeply fascinated with mankind, he seeks to dissect the surviving humans on the moon.

Adam also appeared in the Copied City. His fascination with humanity led him to create the Copied City in an attempt to imitate them. He then separated himself from the network and put his life on the line against 2B in an attempt to better understand the concepts of life and death. While he eventually gained the knowledge he sought, the price was his own life.

Never learned the arcane human concepts of tying knots. Shoelaces and ties done properly may as well have been high level sorcery until the end.

> Eve

This unit has achieved an unusual level of evolution among machine lifeforms, as it possesses a strong resemblance to androids. It first appeared after splitting off from another machine.

Eve was again encountered in the alien mothership. He has the ability to regenerate no matter how many times he is killed, and adores the unit known as Adam—who he thinks of as an older brother.

After going mad with rage over the loss of Adam, Eve gained the ability to unleash powerful attacks with an arm clad in debris. Thanks to the desperate hacking work of 9S, he was eventually separated from the network and killed.

Till his end he still wasn’t sure what a shirt was and thought his brother had just developed a peculiar skin condition.

> Simone

A Goliath-class machine lifeform modeled after an opera singer, this unit attacked foes using the repurposed bodies of living androids. Obsessed with a certain other machine lifeform, she put great thought into her appearance—even going so far as to cannibalize her own kind. Alas, such garish decorations only ended up being a spectacular display of poor taste. Her search for beauty eventually led to her demise when she attacked 2B and 9S.

No idea what was up with the Xenomorph head under its skirt or why it felt eating other machines was helping. Beauty is a very convoluted and mysterious concept when it comes to machines.

> Goliath Flyer

A flying, Goliath-class machine lifeform with a tank-like machine attached to its bottom section. During combat, the center portion functions as a hanger that can release numerous small flying machines, while the main body is capable of firing large quantities of energy rounds.

This was the mid-boss we fought before Grün showed up and ate that aircraft carrier. I can forgive you for forgetting it in-between the eighteen fights with Grün’s EMP generator segments. Speaking of which...

> Grün

A machine lifeform of extreme size that was developed specifically to annihilate androids. However, due to its tendency to also attack its fellow machines, it was eventually discarded into the sea. The part that was initially thought to be its entire body turned out to be merely its head, causing this colossus to reach over 1,000 meters into the sky when standing. Seemingly invincible due to powerful EMP defenses and thick armor, the unit was eventually destroyed when 9S directed missiles straight into its mouth.

9S you’d best use Route B to explain how you found yourself in situation where giving 2B and Pascal a five second heads up before a missile strike 50 feet away was a remotely cool move.

> Immanuel

This small machine lifeform—known as the Forest King—was destroyed following the sudden appearance of android A2.

This little guy had a name before he immediately became a machine kabob. Apparently, he’s supposed to be named after the German philosopher Immanuel Kant who focused on quite a few subjects that machine lifeforms might have questions about. But mostly this machine existed to keep up the designated child death quota of this series.

> Ernst

The first kind of the forest, who rotted away in the deepest reaches. Left there through the ages, its body is covered in unfathomable quantities of moss. The grave at its side contains historical data inscribed by the secretary of the forest kingdom.

We actually learned the original Forest King’s name back on that grave stone. I neglected to mention he was named after Ernst Bloch a German philosopher who wrote on the ideals of a utopia. I don’t think the Forest Kingdom reached those aspirations. But it was worth a shot.

> Kierkegaard

The machine lifeforms who formed a colony in the abandoned factory worshipped this particular unit as their founder. He has since ceased to function, which his followers take as proof that he became a god.

This is why you don’t even listen to idiots that sit around thinking they’re cool all day. It never ends well.

> So-Shi

A multi-legged, Goliath-class machine lifeform equipped with two massive blades. By emitting energy from the tips of its legs, it can move about as though gliding across the ground. The unit’s sides serve as weapon racks that can launch missiles and other projectiles, while additional plating attached to the legs reinforces its weak armor. When the situation demands it, the unit can purge this plating and transform into a spherical form capable of spin attacks.

So-Shi was designed after the old human folklore monster Sonic el Erizo and its signature technique from the cautionary tales of its oppressive terrorizing against the machines of old.

> Boku-Shi

A multi-legged, Goliath-class machine lifeform. Equipped with an offensive firearm unit, this long-range menace can also emit electricity from the tips of its legs, turning nearby water-covered surfaces into danger zones.

Offensive firearms make me think that it can also just scream “MOTHERFUCKER” at enemies and shriek out racial slurs like an edgy dick.

Androids receive their own category as we have fought a handful of ‘em over time. Like A2. Remember her appearing and leaving in the span of like three minutes during the 20 hours of Route A? I’m sure she’ll play a much larger role in Route B, surely. We’ll see her for that same three minutes again!

> 8B

A YoRHa deserter that used to be a captain. It had a deft command of multiple weapons, and switched easily between them in combat. Ordered to be apprehended by Command for abandoning its post, it put up a fierce resistance before being destroyed.

...I kinda remember that encounter differently. Like we murdered by of her squad mates, she showed up very much all “the fuck, assholes!?” and then Pod 042 was immediately like “gank this bitch!” Then 2B and 9S beat her to death over the course of ten grueling minutes because it out leveled them by ten levels. Perhaps all that wouldn’t flow as well in a brief summary, now that I’m writing it all down...

> 22B

> 64B

A YoRHa deserter. Ordered to be apprehended by Command for abandoning its post, it put up a fierce resistance before being destroyed.

I’m sure that Command sanctioned hit job was just a weird anomaly. Command has otherwise been mostly on the level. It was kinda weird we didn’t hear a single peep out of anyone during Eve’s entire rampage. Or after that distress signal in the Become as Gods sequence. Huh...

> A2

The A-Model is a YoRHa prototype that specializes in close-quarter combat. Though not presently in use, it was originally created to speed along the implementation of other official models such as 2B and 9S. This particular unit—whose official title is Class A, Number 2—was wanted by Command for desertion and ordered to be destroyed on sight. She first appeared in the Forest Castle, where she slew the Forest King. 2B and 9S engaged her in combat, but she managed to escape.

It would be kinda funny if A2 was in a bunch of promotional material and was the third character on the cover art and no... that three minute appearance is the only time we ever see her. She fucks off forever after that like some kind of Reverse Raiden.

Peculiar Machines is just a nice way of phrasing “Unique Machines Which Attacked and We Killed.” It rolls off the tongue quite a bit easier.

> Blood-drenched Machine

A machine lifeform drenched in blood. Filled with resentment over the destruction of its comrades at the hands of the Resistance, it now seeks revenge against all androids.

I mean you say all of that but it just really murdered that one guy. Don’t get me wrong. It murdered the SHIT out of that one guy. But you’re making it out to be the Machine Punisher when it’s just a single messy robot with an unusually high level.

> Zombie Clown

This machine lifeform, which resembles a clown, has assimilated stamps into its body. It lures victims with offers of play before spewing an unknown liquid from its mouth that is toxic enough to melt the skin of androids. Upon defeat, it offers thanks for playing with it.

Welp. That sure explained nothing about why there were undead machines in the Amusement Park basement. Or how machines can become undead in the first place. I’m just going to continue to chalk it up to an old Umbrella Incorporated lab they accidentally cracked open and assume that is canon. I mean that is basically how we ended up with Emil in his current state.

> Animal Machine

This unit—a medium-sized quadruped with antlers on its head—resembles an animal in both appearance and behavior. After forming a pack of ferocious beasts and attacking the native animals, it appears to have been ostracized by its fellow machine lifeforms.

Honestly, I’d probably tell one of my friends to fuck off if he started wearing antlers and hanging out with a gang of boars too.

> Gravekeeper

A medium-sized biped that guards the grave of the Forest Castle’s first king, attacking intruders on sight. The moss on its armor serves as proof of the many long years it has spent in this role.

Another way you can look at it is that it stood vigilant for countless years and then IMMEDIATELY got owned like a chump by the first enemy that challenged it. Nice work, world’s worst rent-a-cop machine.

Amicable Machines is the final intel category for the Unit Database. These are machines that appeared in sidequests that we didn’t necessarily fight nor directly kill. Which isn’t to say that none of them died or were huge dicks. They just weren’t immediately aggressive assholes like the Peculiar Machines’ lot.

> Machine with a Dream

This brightly decorated Jean-Paul fan from the amusement park regards the philosopher as cool and mysterious. She considers another of Jean-Paul’s fans, living in the desert, to be her mortal enemy. She presented Jean-Paul with a gift of beautiful glass, only to have him reject it as a useless trinket—a response that inexplicably made her happy.

Hate Jean-Paul.

> Machine in Love

This Jean-Paul fan from the desert, who wears clothing that reflects her view of the world, regards the philosopher as a passionate and inquiring mind. She also possesses a keen sense of smell, going so far as to sniff out the fact that 2B and 9S came from Pascal’s village. She presented Jean-Paul with a machine fossil, only to have him reject it as trash—a response that inexplicably made her happy.

Hate Jean-Paul.

> Machine with Makeup

This Jean-Paul fan from Pascal’s village, whose face is covered with a heavy coat of paint, regard the philosopher as someone who knows everything. She claims to be a female machine model, serving as proof that gender exists among their kind. After writing a letter to Jean-Paul, she was told he had no desire to reply—a response that inexplicably made her happy.

Hate Jean-Paul.

> Romeo

One of the machine lifeforms known as Romeo. After spewing a non-stop diatribe of abuse, he suddenly descended into a murderous rampage.

This machine was clearly still connected to the machine internet.

> Juliet

One of the machine lifeforms known as Juliet. After spewing a non-stop diatribe of abuse, she suddenly descended into a murderous rampage. She managed to survive the bloodbath that took the lives of her fellow Romeos and Juliets, but killed herself soon thereafter due to grief over the loss of her beloved.

I’m disappointed the DLC for this game wasn’t more machine lifeform productions of classic plays. I’m got a fist full of like... no more than $10 right here for that shit, Square-Enix/Platinum.

> Father Servo

A machine lifeform that wears a white belt and pursues the warrior’s path. After suffering defeat at the hands of 2B and 9S during training, he shamelessly began to pester them for payment.

Despite being equipped with a brown belt—and being powered up with new parts—Father Servo was defeated once more. Seeking sympathy, he then solicited 2B and 9S for yet more parts.

Father Servo is one of the few persistent quests between Route A & B. The White Belt and Brown Belt forms will still be defeated once we return to him as 9S. So that’s nice. Every other unfulfilled quest (Read: Wandering Couple) gets reset between Routes. With the exception of the Scientist Machine’s quest and any money we’ve poured into his funding.

> Animal-loving Machine

A machine lifeform that appeared riding atop a boar. It mistakenly attacked 2B and 9S under the impression they were harming local animals, but reached reconciliation after the misunderstanding was cleared up. Caring for weak and injured animals in a corner of the Forest Castle, this animal-loving unit has an extremely kind heart.

Huh... Well, that is *mostly* accurate. But the Animal-loving Machine is definitely not in the Forest Castle. In fact, it’s literally as far as you can possibly get from the castle’s entrance in the Forest Zone. I wonder if it got moved at some point and nobody bothered to update its Unit Data entry. It’d explain why the entrance courtyard to the castle always has a shit load of moose wandering around and is a complete empty waste of space.

> High-speed Machine

A hasty machine lifeform that placed speed above all else. He challenged the party to a race, the winner of which would be named a true speedster. Afterward, he finally awakened to a calm within himself as he discovered the ugliness of competing with others. Thus satisfied with his life, he chose to end it on his own terms.

Fuck off, High-speed Machine! I’m glad you’re dead. On the worst motherfucker in the game’s entry, we end our trip down memory lane and all of the current unlocked Unit Data entries. Tune in next time as we check out 9S’s abilities and see what he was up to while 2B was fighting her way through the Abandoned Factory on foot as Route B of NieR: Automata continues begins! For real this time! Probably!