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Part 80: Episode LXXVIII: Problematic

Episode LXXVIII: Problematic

Oh, you mean the hacking? No worries. Us scanners are pretty good at that kind of thing. I’ve got your back any time. I can hack pretty much anything.
Well... you know, within reason. I can’t like hack a boar.
Have you ever tried?
We have to save those androids.

I think they were only being kept alive by that enemy.
I could hack one to revive its corpse for a minute if that would make you feel better. Let’s see... this one’s name was... SuperVapejinGoku420...? Huh... That can’t be right...
That’s OK...

Still nothing to be done with those unfortunate androids. Thankfully, we get no flashback to them getting captured, flayed and their flesh eaten by a machine as a beauty remedy. That’s more for a Weapon History story more than anything.

It’s almost like it had actual emotion—and I don’t even know what to make about that whole short story excerpt. I almost felt bad skipping past all the text. But the scroll was just so slow.
The what now?
...Never mind. But boy, that was weird, huh?
The machines don’t have feelings. You said that yourself.
Yeah, I... I guess.

There is a thing or two 9S could do in the lower reaches of the Amusement Park castle. But that can wait for another day since we’ll be back there for a sidequest eventually. For now, let’s head back outside and run into that emissary from Pascal’s Village.

Music: Amusement Park (Quiet)

You defeated broken machine. You saved us.
This thing is awfully verbose for a machine.
Did I offer peace today? Did I bring a smile to someone's face? Did I say words of healing? Did I let go of my anger and resentment? Did I forgive? Did I love? These are the real questions. I must trust that the little bit of love that I sow now will bear many fruits, here in this world and the life to come.
We repay you. Come to our village. We have snacks and pleasantness.
It could be a trap...
<shrug> I could go for a snack.
Still, we should at least head over there and gather data, right?
Follow me, set me free. Trust me and we will escape from the city. I’ll make it through. Follow me.
O... K...

I’m not actually sure what happens if you turn down the friendly machine’s offer to follow him to the Machine Village. Mostly because I don’t want to have to redo the entire Simone fight if it skips past some content like the other times we’re given the option to jump to the next plot beat by neglecting current events.

Music: ENDS

Oh, right. You wouldn’t have seen that before. They’re sending supplies up from Earth to the moon and the Bunker. There are no spare parts or fuel in space, after all. And the humans seem to have need for an unusual amount of fermented and distilled alcohol for some reason.

They originally came here from outer space, right? For the matter, why don’t they just attack like... blow up the moon to take out humanity?
Well, there are a few theories about that. But no one knows for sure. Hard to tell what an alien is thinking, you know?
I would think someone would figure it out in a few thousand years.
Well, you know... bureaucracy and budgetary concerns looking into looking into that kinda stuff.
If you say so.

The approach to Pascal’s Village is largely uneventful. However, just as we’re about to arrive in the quaint treetop village...

The records claim humans covered their crotches as they went about their business. Revealing one’s genitals was seen as... problematic. So just be quiet and wear them already.

Machines don’t need to eat things like this.
This is a type of fruit. Our data suggests that mankind gained great intelligence from consuming fruit. So quit griping and eat it already.
All right. If that’s what you want. But once we’re done, can we play together for a bit?
Aw, great, then I’ll eat lots of fruit!

So do Adam and Eve have dongs now or...? And where did they get a pair of human briefs from in the post-apocalyptic wasteland anyway...? You know what, I don’t wanna know. Let’s just continue to the village. Things are much less... problematic there.

Music: Pascal (Vocal)

Before we begin, there’s something you must understand... We are not your enemies.
2B, we can’t trust anything the machines say! Plus this one is shaped weird. I don’t trust it!
I understand that you see us as the enemy, but...
Where’s your sphere head, machine? What are you hiding?!
Well, anyway. My name is Pascal. I’m the leader of this village. Those who reside here desire nothing more than to live a peaceful existence. That said, we’re grateful you wiped out that crazy machine the next zone over. That was a creepy neighbor to have next door. Anyway, look around for yourself. You’ll see that it’s true.

Now then, we just need to go speak to a few of the friendly machines in the area to confirm 9S is just being racist and they’re all fi—

Wait, 9S! What are you doing?!

Don’t kill! Don’t kill!
We have done nothing bad!
Stop! Do not kill!
No fighting! No fighting!
I’m sorry! I’m sorry!

9S, they’re not fighting back. Chill out! 9S—

Thus did the peaceful machines go extinct. Their village is now a haunted, forbidden place. Those who wander too close can hear the mad sounds of an android’s laughter.

9S, that was Caim of a dick move...

Video: Episode 78 Highlight Reel

White Flag Concept Art – Where’d you get all that fabric from, boy? That ain’t no machine fabric. I’m on to you...