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Part 92: Episode LXXXIX-2: You Can't Hug With Nuclear Arms

Episode LXXXIX-2: You Can’t Hug With Nuclear Arms

Democracy has spoken and we’re going to hand off these nuclear fission development documents to our friendly robot socialist commune in the woods. I dunno about this one... I’ve played Civilization. I know a what a trigger happy motherfucker Gandhi turns into as soon as he gets his hands on the atom bomb. But, we’ll see how this plays out...

Music: Pascal

OK, Pascal. Here’s your Old World da—wait... What’s with the new sidequest blip on the map? That’s not Pascal. That is... wait, we’ve been there before...

Goddammit! Is that kid seriously locked in his room again?! We were only gone for like half an hour! You machines are bloody ridiculous!

He was doing so well! He even talked to that girl he liked! But yesterday, he had some sort of relapse. I’m so ashamed to be in this position, but would you mind helping me one more time?
Fine, whatever.

You shouldn’t be proud of hiding from the world! Besides, I thought you had a girlfriend.
Maaaaaybe. But I’ll tell you if you get my lock open!
This is so stupid...

So begins the final stage of the Recluse questline. Fine... Those nuclear weapon plans aren’t going anywhere. Let’s get this dork out of his house for the third time.

The final Recluse hacking challenge is before us and this one is a bit tricky. Enemies of the missile firing tower and standard variety have been added to the maze along with hazardous blocks and a fairly tight time limit. I did everything fairly competently and only had less than three seconds to spare.

Regardless, no machine can hold back the Hackerman.

One of the villagers is making a mint in door replacement from this family. Or the entire machine village is now facing a severe door shortage leading to a higher crime rate and lower property values. It could go either way.

Do you ever know how much trouble you’ve caused for everyone, young man? ...Well!? Do you!?
Okay kid, spill it. What’s your deal?
<stands up> I’ve been trying, okay? I went out and talked to everyone I saw. I even talked to the girl I liked! It was... fun. But then it got hard, ‘cause you can’t just talk to people, you know? You have to read between the lines and stuff.

Music: Treasured Times

But I have a dream now—I’m gonna be the best shut-in I can possibly be!
<jumps in the air fist pumping> Next time, I’m gonna make a lock you won’t be able to break in a bajillion quintillion years!
Will you listen to my darling boy? He has a goal now! How wonderful! And it’s all thanks to you!
D-don’t mention it... Why do I have the feeling we’re back to square one?

And so the Overprotective Machine hands over a few dismantled upper torsos of its fellow machines along with a healthy pile of assorted goodies as the Recluse questline ends. True to his word, if we ever return here he’s put an un-hackable lock on his door and there’s no way to ever get in or out again.

Mission... accomplished...? Err... Let’s get back on task and hand this nuclear weapon documentation over to the anti-war robot.

Music: ENDS

Oh my. This is valuable information indeed.
Nuclear fission technology is something that was lost to us long ago. It presents many technical challenges, not to mention the devastating effects it has on the environment. This is why our creators had the data sealed away.

Music: Vague Hope

However, I thank you for bringing it to my attention. Allow me to repay you with this.

Pascal only offers the cleanest of nuts for keeping to our assignment, even if our finds were something he wants nothing to do with at all. Pascal is a very good boy. If you’re wondering, if we brought this information to the Commander back on the Bunker, she just kind of brushes it off since they already had access to information on nukes. However, the humans have forbidden the use of nuclear weapons, so the info will just get filed away to collect dust. Also she thinks it’s weird and isn’t quite sure why it seems the aliens seem to have done the same thing. The reward is also a bit crappier, but details...

Pascal has a bit more dialog as soon as 9S tries to depart.

If I reject the knowledge of nuclear weapons and our village is destroyed at some point in the future, do you think my people would resent me for it?
I don’t know, Pascal. That’s not for me to decide.
I see.

That concludes the Data on the Old World sidequest. We’ve now completed all the optional bits (barring the DLC) outside of the Forest Zone.

Tune in next time as we finally make some main plot progress... briefly... as we return to the Forest Kingdom and sort out the final sidequest of Route B, as NieR: Automata continues!

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