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Part 95: Episode XCII: Adam and Steve

Episode XCII: Adam and Steve

Our time in the Forest Zone is concluded. All that is left to do is to open that gateway shortcut back to the Machine Village. In order to trigger the next plot beat we need to go through the motions of speaking with everyone necessary to make the Grün fight appear. This begins with speaking to Pascal back in town. So let’s get that done straight away.

Music: Pascal (Vocal)

It’d be faster if you just checked out this highlight reel I cut on the way over here.
...I see.

We do indeed have information about this A2 in our archives. She’s sort of a murder hobo. We all understand she is, to borrow a human expression, mad dangerous. Thankfully, she’s never shown up here. Other than her tendency to stab machine children, we don’t have much information beyond that. My apologies.
I see... All right, thanks.
<sidles over to 2B> Well that was a great big waste of time.
I can still hear you.
Gah... Umm. Oh? What’s that 2B? The Resistance needs us back at the camp? Let’s go!

Before we depart and return to the Resistance Camp, it’s worth mentioning that despite the quest to obtain Old World Data being completed, Pascal will still fork over cash for any new relevant intel we’ve acquired. He’s just a nice boy like that.

Anyway, back to the Resistance Camp we go. As soon as 9S sets foot out of the Machine Village, he gets a call from 21O. What’s up, Operator?

Music: Peaceful Sleep (Vocal)

Yeah, yeah. No problems here.
Copy that. I also need to inform you that the Commander offers her personal praise for your recent achievements. As a direct result, we are currently considering boosting production of your model.
Really? I’m happy to hear it! I couldn’t have done it without your support, Operator. You’re always so cool under fire, not to mention beautiful and—
Flattery is unnecessary. Operator 21O out. <disconnects>
I really meant it though...

9S, please don’t call your Operator Mom beautiful. That’s just weird, you dweeb. But enough chatter. Let’s go check in with Anemone. This time around we don’t have any outstanding sidequests to get canceled out of nowhere. Yes, I’m still annoyed by the Wandering Couple evaporating in Route A because I talked to Anemone before going to the Flooded City early.

It should be back here to resupply before too long. The Resistance is assisting with the mission... You think you two could help out for a change and provide an escort?
For a change...? We seem to be the only ones ever helping out around here!
Is that so? I can see your sub-mission index is almost completely free of entries.
That’s because we did them ALL already!
Great. Then it should be no problem running a little guard duty for me.
That... tch...
Deadly serious. There’s a stockpile of missiles down in the Flooded City that needed to be loaded on. The machines are being real jerks lately so we can use the extra help. Anyway, thanks in advance.

OK. Onward we go to the Flooded City. Remember how last time around this event was kinda the point of no return in Route A? 2B technically was free to run around and explore for a while afterwards even if most sidequests were canceled by that point. In Route B as 9S, this is actually the point of no return. Here on out 9S gets fast tracked to Ending B. Remember, he was out of commission or indisposed for most of Chapters 8 and 9. He then only showed up when we were at the endgame boss rush for Chapter 10.

Without spoiling anything, Route B might diverge significantly content wise for the next couple of chapters. But first, we need to get through the Grün event again. And before we can do that, we need to get past a new scene as soon as we enter the flooded district...

Music: ENDS

I’m glad the view of the machine space program has even crept into the cutscene zone.

But can’t we just transfer all this data over instantly?
Into your head, perhaps. But not to your heart.
Hmm. I guess.

My name? Eve? This book says it’s a woman’s name. Shouldn’t we be called Cain and Abel or something instead?
Humans wouldn’t change names so easily. Besides, you should be proud of the name Eve.
<puts down book> Huh... Well, if that’s what you think, then I’m fine with it.
Glad to hear it.
Is there something else?
After we’re done reading, can we go out and play? I’m sure it’ll be TONS of fun!
All right. But only after we’re finished.
<sits up> You mean it!? Then I’m gonna try extra hard to finish this!
<lifts up book and starts reading> Extra EXTRA hard!
You do that.

Music: Rays of Light (Vocal)

Well there you go, that’s why they’re Adam and Eve. Adam just picked the first biblical reference he could find in his quest to become the biggest human fanboy in all of machines and immediately fucked it up, then hand waved the error with more poorly understood human factoids.

As in Route A, we need to head to the western side of the Flooded City and smash all of the machines loitering by the missile platforms on the far side of the area. As soon as our androids are done mopping up the last of the machines, we get a call from the Commander.

Emergency orders incoming. The carrier ship that was sent to resupply is under attack by a swarm of enemies coming in steady waves flying easily predicted patterns from the top of the screen. I repeat, we have a Steady Heavy Machine Unit Patrol emergency on our hands. I’m sending flight units your way to provide backup. All YoRHa units are ordered to engage the enemy. Good luck. Out. <disconnects>
You see? Total slave driver. Whoo-pch!
Her name is literally the Commander on top of being our leader. It would be strange if she didn’t order people around... It is as though you’re finding new ways to complain.
That’s not... entirely true. Just making observations is all.
Less scanning. More shooting.
Yeah yeah...

Music: The Sound of the End (Instrumental)

2B is a little too excited to jump back into the pilot seat of a Flight Unit. Err... do you need a minute, here...?

So the first half of this event is 100% identical to how it was in Route A. Given all enemies in shmup segments level alongside us, I mean that quite literally. Same enemies. Same formations. They take the same amount of hits. 9S hacking is completely useless since everything dies in a single melee attack or a second or two of concentrated fire.

In retrospect, sailing an aircraft carrier across the Pacific was probably a poor tactical decision considering all our crafts are VTOL flight units stored in a space station. We could really use some help here. Over.
2B! I’m picking up a mid-boss signal incoming.

9S still needs to take on the Goliath Carrier. This ends being a way easier fight (granted it was pretty damn easy the first time) because unlike all of the trash mobs in this section, it does NOT level up alongside 2B and 9S. It’s just buffed to Level 40 for Route B and that’s it.

As such, it goes down extremely quickly. It’s not even worth it to use 9S’s hacking as it’d be slower to do the mini-game than just concentrate fire non-stop.

Of course, nothing can be done to prevent Blue Ridge II from getting Cyber-Jaws’d by Grün. Some things are just immutable, even when you know they’re coming. Tune in next time for 9S’s version of events in which he blows up a tactical nuke in the Kaiju machine’s face without warning any of his allies. It was actually much stupider than just that!

Video: Episode 92 Highlight Reel

Missile Platform Concept Art – The Resistance is really bad about hiding their military outposts and installations. They’re lucky the machines have collectively been having existential crises of late and not really been on the ball.