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Part 98: Episode XCV: You Got Served

Episode XCV: You Got Served

Music: Fortress of Lies

Talk about a late title card for The Bunker.

If you’ll remember back in Route A, 2B pulled some strings with the Resistance to get 9S shipped back to The Bunker intact. She then headed off to the Abandoned Factory with Pascal to find an enclave of machine lifeforms discovered religion and almost immediately formed a death cult. It’s time to see those events from 9S’s perspective. But before that happens, we need to fix our boy up. The only option here is to self-hack. Which is a thing you can do, I guess...

Music: Significance v2

Yeah, yeah.
A single reply is sufficient for acknowledgment.

Welcome back to self-repair. Remember, 9S did this toward the end of the Prologue. Our first order of business is defragging 9S’s memory. Nobody likes a lost memory storyline, so let’s just nip that in the bud immediately.

Proposal: Engage visual sensor diagnostics.
You got it.

OK. Just another six nodes we need to activate. No problem. Moving right along...

All checks complete.
Whew... Took long enough. Don’t you think it’s overkill to perform a full data overhaul?
Unit 9S was seized by the enemy and placed in a non-controlled state for an extended period of time. There is a high probability of corruption by an enemy logic virus.
All right, all right. Cram it. Anyway, I just gotta synch up with the Bunker server and then I’m outta here, right?

Progressing north takes us to the YoRHa server node to upload 9S to The Cloud. However...

Halt the data sync.
Alert: Data synchronization is mandatory for all YoRHa units.
Yeah, I know that. But we just got some kind of weird noise. Halt the data synch for 2B as well.
Let’s figure out where that noise came from. Just to be sure, you know? Open a port to the server.

A new path opens up to The Bunker’s central server. I enjoy the fact they’ve started doing weird shit with the hacking mini-game set-up here on out. You’ve just accepted this interface by this point and tooling around in story based areas seems natural and good.

Anyway, about this server...

There are a couple of open nodes in the loop surrounding the server. The order we access ‘em doesn’t matter. First up we have...

A real simple hacking job. It’s only bunch of easily destroyed black boxes to access and eliminate the hacking core. As soon we’re done, we get...

I have no idea what this is supposed to be about. But how the heck did you all lose 11B twice? Highly irresponsible.

All the black box data has been deleted, but it looks like everything else is here.

OK. No reason to stop snooping. Let’s move on to the next node on the opposite side of the server’s hacking space.

Again, it’s a rather simple hacking job that just involves destroying black boxes to reach the core. Some info presents itself when we finished...

Well... that’s a lot less beer and liquor than I was expecting humanity to be ordering up in space... I’m sure there’s a good reason for that and definitely not the fact humanity died out as a result of the Papa Nier’s actions in the original game. Surely a smart android came along at some point to sort out that problem, right?

Hmm... Looks like records for supplies shipped to the moon. Strange... There were a ton of empty containers. That’s weird. Why would they do that?

...Huh? A new port just opened.

Well, I mean that port is just sitting out there in the open, waiting to be hacked. Frankly, it would be would not to go check it out immediately...

Alert: We are not authorized to access this data.
Man, this stuff is all wrong... I need to check this out too.

Fuck the police. Let’s hack this thing. 9S cannot be caged... on the internet, at least.

Unlike the other nodes, this one is definitely not passive about being hacked given 9S is immediately confronted with over a dozen hostile defense avatars. Let’s see what kinda juicy lore we’ve got worthy of committing some mild treason.

Why the heck would they install one of those in this server...?

Sheesh, YoRHa’s Black Box cores are just above the Resistance’s shitty dial-up 56k internet connection in ranking. Also... the Council of Humanity being mid-tier access just above some kinda Backdoor is somewhat troubling... All of this will easily be hand waved, right?

Wait. Isn’t that backwards.

Music: ENDS

O grant me the mercy of the land! O grant me the joy of the heavens! Release me from my yoke of iron! Thus shall our souls be—

Oh... What was that?

Negative. Emergency backup request from 2B.
Close the server connection and activate my body.

That’s enough mucking about in classified data on the questionable status of humans actually being up on the moon. We’ve got to backup 2B! As soon as 9S wakes up, he receives a communication from 21O.

Ah. 9S.
Operator? What happened?
We recently detected large numbers of machine lifeforms throughout the factory area. We received a support request from 2B soon thereafter, but have been unable to respond due to poor reception.
All right. I’ll try to gain access from the main terminal.

Our new goal is accessing the YoRHa Bunker’s terminal to beam down support for 2B. The terminal is just down the hall from 9S. We could have actually accessed this earlier. There was a YoRHa android who did Chip combining business. That’s all there was to it.

9S just needs to shove his mind into this terminal to go participate in becoming as gods.

Tune in next time for robot body jacking, further server hacking and humanity’s being alive status lacking as NieR: Automata continues!

Video: Episode 95 Highlight Reel

Bunker Concept Art – All these fool androids with physical copies of books. Wasteful.