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Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: A conspiracy? In Union City? Let's play Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy



What is this?

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy is a cyberpunk-themed adventure game that takes place in the futuristic Union City in the year 2099. We take the role of Joshua Reev, an investigator who is summoned by an old friend to help him with a matter of major political importance. A group of terrorists are threatening the city and the reporter who was investigating this group has vanished. It's up to us to investigate the group, the disappearance and quite likely save the day.

This game is a point and click adventure game that was released in 1998 for the PC and the Amiga and was developed by Trecision, an Italian developer who released a string of games within a ten year period. There isn't a lot of dialogue between characters and most of the game is narrated by Joshua. This is also a game that I played upon release and haven't touched in over twenty years so this is going to be interesting to return to.

LP details

As usual, this is going to be a video LP and I'll be doing commentary live. Due to my working schedule, I'll be updating as and when I can, there will be at least one update a week but there will most likely be more. I'm in no rush to finish the game but due to the length of the game, I'm expecting this LP to only be five or six updates long.

Let's Play: Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy

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