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by ArclightBorealis

Part 2: Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Chapter 1

So you know how long the video for the first chapter was in Black? Cut that in half and you get this one. The start of my (attempted) Ninja Gaiden Sigma Karma run. Playing for speed as opposed to survival makes a difference in experience and you'll see how.

Speaking of difference, this video starts the list of major and minor changes between the Xbox and PS3 versions of this game. Obviously with the speed at which these videos go listing them all in commentary is impossible, so I've prepared a detailed bullet point list of every observable change in the game. They're listed in order of areas that appear, so you'll be able to follow along fairly easily.

Starting Area
Ninja Fortress
Inner Sanctum

Kunai Scrolls



Technique Scroll: Flying Swallow
Fly at high speed towards your foe
and cut their head off.

Dragon Sword
While jumping towards an enemy

While jumping towards an enemy

Dragon's Claw & Tiger's Fang

While jumping towards an enemy
While Jumping