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Part 10: Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Chapter 5

It's Rachel's time...unfortunately. While generally on the shorter side of things, this chapter and Rachel's remaining two are the biggest reason to give anyone why they should play Ninja Gaiden Black instead of Sigma. Wonder why? Watch the video to find out, somewhat. Again, this game will give me two more opportunities to be very critical about these sections.

War Hammer (Rachel)
A Fiend Hunter's weapon, the War Hammer is suitable for taking the heads off of Fiends.

Rachel's primary weapon, it's slow and pretty damaging, but is not really fun to use especially when the Rachel chapters are requirements for progression and are incredibly used to playing as Ryu. Now, I'm not going to lie by saying that eventually Ryu will pick up this weapon and be able to use it himself, and that by comparison Rachel has some moves that are actually specific to her (the roll over enemy move is the most obvious). However, the problem is because it is a slow and heavy weapon, using it as Rachel is not as versatile and useful as the Dragon Sword is for Ryu. So don't blame me for just sticking to the same safe moves and spamming them because the alternative just isn't fun.

Peluda Tail
A device made from the sewn skin of an ancient Fiend, it is flexible yet retains a sharp point

Rachel's only projectile, it also doubles as her grappling hook. However, much like Ada Wong's grappling hook in RE4 Separate Ways, the coolest applications are only in cutscene, with the in game application being pretty dull. Granted it hits pretty hard, about as much as a shot from the windmill shuriken, but again it not being used for its primary purpose just feels lame. It also sucks that Team Ninja did not have the idea for Rachel's projectile weapon in Sigma 2 by the time they were making this one, because her wielding a machinegun to do sick gun combos is so much more appealing.

Earrings of Benediction
Increases the wearer's Yellow Essence absorption.

A pretty useful accessory to have during the first of Rachel's 3 chapters as her Essence and supplies are completely separate from Ryu, so getting as much as you can at the start while wearing these earrings is pretty good. To be more precise, Yellow Essence absorbed while wearing these gets multiplied by 21%. So you can imagine how profitable this can be if you successfully land Ultimate Techniques and fully absorb the essence released from dead enemies.

Earrings of Potency
Increases the strength of the wearer's kick and throw techniques.

The exact same thing as the Armlet of Potency that Ryu has, but because of the lack of versatility in playing Rachel, I rarely use this. Boosts to damage from a throw are nice, but I don't use her kick moves that often or find them particularly useful regardless of the situation. Especially when going for Karma Runs.