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Part 11: Ninja Gaiden Black: Chapter 5

Ryu's next destination is the Dworku district, home to a large cathedral that may have information that will lead him to Doku's location. The SAT and Black Spider Clan continue to patrol the streets in order to take down Ryu, but not too long after arriving at his target a new kind of enemy begins to reveal itself.


The first fiend you fight in the game, as well as the first large normal enemy. These are more resilient than the human foes faced up to this point, and because of that they don't flinch often from getting hit. If they're in the start up of an attack, they can't be knocked out of it and it will definitely hurt at this point in the game. Staying away will encourage it to pounce or roll into a ball and charge at the player. Up close, it will breath fire, swipe it's claws, or worse bite and spit you out. Attacking from its side or behind is risky as it can use its tail to whip you as it turns around. This is an enemy that you can't get greedy with when attacking.


A pretty lame boss fight that, like Masakado, I found undeserving of a demonstration of its moves. It even gets reused a few more times in the game that I almost feel it tows the line being a legitimate boss and just a glorified regular enemy. The gist is that you can't damage it until you cut off its two main tentacles, which will flail around a lot of the time, so repeated flying swallows are the best chance to quickly sever them. They both drop essence which can then be used in a UT on the main body. Eventually the tentacles grow back, and you just repeat the whole tactic. Note that as the fight goes on it also spouts balls of acide from the top that are actually more damaging than the tentacles themselves. Doing this fight on higher difficulties makes the acid spit a very dangerous threat.


Kunai Scrolls