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Part 23: Ninja Gaiden Black: Chapter 10

We head back underneath Tairon into a sewer level that actually is not terrible like many, many other sewer levels in games. Well, technically it's an Aquaduct, but you go in it through a manhole on the street, so I say it counts.

Dabilahro Lvl. 3
At level 3, the Dabilharo doesn't gain any crazy new moves or things of that nature. Just an extension to the default combos and of course an increase in power, thus making it the most power weapon in our arsenal at this moment, and still one of the more practical to use.


Imp Fiend
A step up from the Lesser Imps fought back at the monastery, they fight largely the same and don't have any new or unique moves. The difference primarily is extra resilience and dodging capability, requiring more thought and precision in landing your hits.

Pill Bug
These creatures always come in large groups, and are a prime example of deceptively easy enemies in the game. They're small and slow, but they'll pounce at a much farther distance than you'd realize and just letting them hit Ryu knocks him out of anything he's doing. They're also a great source of Yellow Essence using the Dabilahro's UT, as it's wide shockwave will kill almost every single one in the current wave if they're lined up.


Thunderbolt Worm
A pathetic boss in the same vein as the Hydracubus. This one interestingly enough is quite different from how it was fought in the original version of Ninja Gaiden. Due to a difference in core mechanics, UTs originally could only be done if there was essence to be absorbed. In Black and onward, that's no longer the case, so if you want to do these fights fast and easy, just stay in a corner and unleash Dabilahro UTs constantly. Of course, all while dodging out of the way of its electric orb spit, or slamming its body into the ground.

Paz Zuu
This giant bird Xenomorph looking fucker is not a super challenging boss, but not a pushover either. An overview of what this thing has to offer.


Kunai Scrolls



Taro's Diary

January 28th
I have not seen the young one, Sabu, for several
days now.
It worries me, seeing as he is so inexperienced.

February 5th
I have nheard nothing from Suke yet. I do not
believe that a Ninja as powerful as he could have
been defeated.
However, the unstable look on his face the last time
we met was very much unlike his usual manner.

February 8th
I was able to track down Doku, the Lord of Greater Fiends,
but I was unable to lay even a finger on him. Burned by
an evil blue fire, I accepted my fate. The blade gripped
in the hands of that devil was none other than the Dark
Dragon Blade, the artifact that, for 450 years, our Black
Spider Clan has been searching for. My brothers, hurry!
You must not allow the young Hayabusa to possess that
awful power...


Sabu's Diary

January 15th
I can't believe my first mission as a full-fledged
Ninja is something so important! I feel the pride and
honor of the Black Spider Clan. I'm going to
distinguish myself here and rise through the ranks.

January 20th
I think I might not be cut out to be a Ninja...

January 25th
Dear Mother, I have no more strength left, and I will
die here, in this forsaken place. Although Ninja are
taught patience and perseverance even in the face of
death, I just don't want to die. Please, please, please...