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Part 25: Ninja Gaiden Black: Chapter 11

The worst chapter of Ninja Gaiden Black is upon us, but thankfully the boss fight of this video is moment where the game kicks back up as we begin to enter the final third of Ryu's journey.

Spear Gun
An auto-reloading spear gun. It is not very useful out of water.

A weapon designed only for this chapter, and frankly can be easily skipped if you so want as the aquatic enemies of this chapter are easily disposed of with the Dragon Sword (hell, it's not even acquirable in the environment on higher difficulties). It also maps to the X and Y buttons for attacks, even though it's a projectile weapon which is just plain bizarre. At the very least, the game's auto lock on system does wonders for making this kinda gimmicky weapon work, so eh.


Reptile Fish
The new enemies for this chapter only. They always swim in a circuit around the body of water they're assigned to, and so long as you aren't directly in their path, they can't harm you. Thing is, they swim faster than Ryu can, so going in for a melee kill is dangerous as the most reliable means to connect is to play chicken with them. Well, maybe not directly head on, going at a frontal angle is best, but directly head on leaves you liable to get chomped on for a fair amount of damage.


The reason for Ryu's revenge in this game, Doku can finally be faced in this chapter and as you would hope, he is one of the better, fondly remembered fights of this game. He follows a lot of the same principles as Murai in that he moves slowly and his attacks are especially dangerous. However, while a single combo from him isn't always likely to mess you up, the opening on dealing damage to him is tighter and even when he's taking hits he'll still power through with attacks of his own. It's a challenging back and forth where I don't even mind having to chug elixers to keep going. It's that good of a fight.


Kunai Scrolls