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Part 26: Ninja Gaiden Sigma: Chapter 13

The worst chapter in Ninja Gaiden 1 receives a signficant update in its design that, if it didn't feel so separated from the rest of the game's core, ends up being kind of interesting.

Zarkhan Moat
Zarkhan Stadium


These fish looking fiends with the weirdest fucking names are one of the purely new additions to Ninja Gaiden Sigma, and for my money the least offensive. They only exist for this chapter, and can be easily dealt with by firing mid air projectiles, or if you want to be fancy try and attack them with the Dragon Sword while running on water. They can be knocked onto land, but only briefly, as they can fly above the ground or surface of the water before choosing to dive back down. But really, the one thing that makes these okay in my book is that you can Izuna Drop them into the water, and that's FUCKING AWESOME!