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Part 29: Ninja Gaiden Black: Chapter 12

We enter the third act of Ninja Gaiden as Ryu takes a detour into not-Hailfire Peaks as we try to discuss relevant topics about the game in the face of devolving further into weird nonsense. Guarantee by the second to last chapter the both of us are going to be delirious while Ryu continues to efficiently murder everything in sight.

The weapon used by Doku, it is a cursed Japanese sword that feeds on the souls of those it slays.

This weapon serves as a nice replacement for the Dragon Sword if you're looking for a higher average combo counter per fight. Back in Ninja Gaiden Vanilla it used to drain your health and required you use the Soul Bind move to siphon health from enemies, and it didn't even have upgrade levels back then. Now it's a proper weapon here, with a lot of the essential moves intact with some new tricks based on what Doku used during his fight. That said, it's not gonna be worth using till the end of the game due to a late game weapon that surpasses it, so it's only worth using for this chapter and most of the following.


Fiendish SAT Soldier
With Fiends running more rampant, transformations in Tairon have picked up as well, turning these former SAT soldiers into some annoying bastards. Their movement speed is way faster than Ryu's running speed, and they're largely unpredicitable with regards to choosing to simply hit or grab Ryu once in range. Meeting them offensively is the best tactic, which is quite different from how these enemies were fought back when they were human at the start of the game.


An ice based Fiend with a somewhat odd design, Yotunfrau is on the lower end of threatening bosses during the game. He's got the standard amount of attacks you'd expect plus a command throw, and the game will throw him at us again near the end game a la boss rush.

Inferno Worm
It's the goddamn Electric Worm with a fire ring projectile instead of an electric bolt. It's the same boss regardless.

12 chapters in, and the game decides that we should have an actual Dragon as a boss fight. Despite the design of the arena it's faught in, the upper platforms are where any signficant damage can be done to Smaugan within a reasonable amount of time.


Kunai Scrolls



Saru's Diary

February 3rd
Everyone here trembles in fear. We witnessed a person
turning into a Fiend. What is happening in this place?
Even a Ninja as experienced as myself has no hope
against these beasts...

February 10th
I have discovered that the mastermind behind the plot
to steal the Dark Dragon Blade is none other than the
Holy Vigoor Emperor. Like our master, the Emperor must
also be plotting to do something with the Blade...

February 12th
What a disaster...the Dark Dragon Blade is cursed. I
have been defeated, not by the enemy, but by that curse...