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Part 31: Ninja Gaiden Black: Chapter 13

One of the best chapters in the game, we revisit an old place, obtain the most significant weapon in the Ninja Gaiden series, and take on what I'd say is the most challenging boss in the base game. Also we create another time paradox.

True Dragon Sword
The legendary ultimate form of the Dragon Sword, achieved by fitting the Dragon's Eye into it.

The only weapon in the game that can go up to level 4, and can't be earned any earlier than this point. As always, the new moves added aren't plentiful, but what's there is very useful, between two new ground combos, an updated form of the 360 UT, and an entirely new UT that quite simply triggers all the pleasure centers in my brain in just the right ways. It's just so fucking cool looking.


Fiendish Vigoorian Soldier
A reskin of the Ghuls all the way back in Chapter 6, this is what happens to the Vigoorian Military troops. Unlike the SAT Fiends, they're big, slow, and have a ludicrous amount of health that it takes multiple UTs from any weapon to take them down. Thankfully, the Drawbridge Square is the only location they're fought in the game, and there's a reward for taking the time to kill them if you're so inclined.


Awakened Alma
In my opinion, the hardest boss of the original version, and one of the most exhilirating to fight. Awakened Alma follows the same core rules as her regular version, but with less holes in her defense and some new abilities of her own.




San's Diary

January 30th
I have gathered some new information. According to the
ancient legends of this place, "He who offers the lost
stone tablet to the Twin Serpents may gain entrance to
Zarkhan." The tablet, now apparently split into three
pieces, is said to have been scattered throughout Vigoor.
I was able to learn the locations of the pieces:

One is at the Twin Serpents Plaza in Tairon.
One is in the Archive in the Monastery.
One is near the Stone Circle in the Magma Cavern.

I must gather the fragments and then begin my approach to Zarkhan.

February 5th
I'm hungry...