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Part 35: Ninja Gaiden Black: Chapter 15

We've made it to the chapter where the player can choose to wrap up any last thing they need to before entering the point of no return. Though with how thorough I've been, there's nothing in the way of loose ends to even consider.


Marbus is the third Greater Fiend spoken about by Rachel at the start of Chapter 8 (the one who guards the Emperor). Marbus' appearance is not too far from that of a typical goat demon design, and has a voice I'm not too fond of. He's a pretty decent fight, assuming you can get him to actually attack rather than make use of his primary gimmick.

Vigoor Emperor
The ruler of all the Fiends, at least in this guy's domain. This fight actually has two forms and, well, neither of them are especially great though the second is certainly more tolerable. The first utilizes a gimmick involving controlling a floating platform to move along all three axis' but it's quite clunk to deal with to say the least. The second form ends up being a chance to use every projectile you've been saving to pelt him from a distance due to the nature of the arena being mostly lava.



Dai's Diary

February 1st
As a member of the Black Spider Clan, I will fulfill my
mission and gain the respect of our clan leader. I have
promised so to Gen, and I will not break that promise.

February 21st
I have been badly wounded, but I have obtained the key
to the Core. I do not have much longer; I must get this
to Gen...

February 29th
With the last bit of strength in me, I have made it
this far. However, I cannot find a way to pass through
this door...