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No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

by ChaosArgate

Part 1: Travis's Room & Shinobu

Bonus 2: Travis' Room

So hey, welcome back to No More Heroes 2. I figured a fun way to close off the LP is to take a detailed look through Travis's Room using the power of Dolphin's free camera and just really get to see all the details Grasshopper Manufacture modeled.

First off, here's a shot of Travis's doorway to his bedroom. That's a pretty cool design on that top surfboard there and I never actually noticed that there was a Bizarre Jelly calendar above that door curtain thing.

Here's a shot of the TV and the video rack. Man, playing at a 480p resolution, you'd never notice any of the markings on the TV and you'd probably never notice that he has Blu-Rays below the TV. Fittingly, he has VHS tapes filling his rack. Thinking about it, he must've upgraded his TV since No More Heroes 1.

Here's another shot of the video rack. I would've skipped this shot but then I noticed what the Blu-Ray was.

Couple of beer cans below his chair, surprising no one.

His trash bin does not have balls of tissues in there, there is only either a massive mushroom in there or his bin is concave on the outside.

Strawberry Goods. I believe all of the "goods" items have the same hiragana characters on them. Also you can see the Santa Destroy Death Parade up in the corner there.

Here are a couple of figures and the guitar. I notice he has a couple of OG Bizarre Jelly figmas up top, some kind of airship figure, a motorcycle, actual Bizarre Jelly figures... is that a Dante bust?

Here's a better look at the Nutberry Goods. That character design is making me very uncomfortable.

Santa Destroy Death Parade! Man that was a pretty weird fight, but the lead up cutscene was pretty good. But wait, what's that behind it?

Oh man how was anyone ever supposed to see this stuff? I mean that would kind of excuse the low-res poster, but the anime DVDs and poster there on the left side are pretty hi-res in comparison!

Glastonbury! Man that thing has a big gun. Also, you can look at the BJ5 poster set and also all of the luchador masks I picked up in No More Heroes 1. I forgot if I mentioned it or not, but the game detects if you have NMH1 save data and carries over whatever masks you picked up in that game. It's a nice detail. Obviously, this isn't gonna work if you only played Heroes Paradise (buy why would you?)

Another shot of some masks.

Another shot of BJ5 poster set.

Cranberry Goods. They pretty much don't really match their colors to their names but whatever. Also I just noticed that there's a poster behind the Cranberry Goods.

But hey, let's go look at more interesting things. I love how each shelf is unique and nothing's copy/pasted.

This is the most interesting shelf. There's a few figures, some tapes and stuff and a low-res alarm clock, but really, the main attraction here is the N64. That controller is modeled amazingly! They even got the power supply! And the ridges and screws on the cartridge!

I can excuse the low-res cartridge sticker, there is like no way in hell anyone would be able to see it.

Travis double dips on video games too. Also, a lot of the details on this thing are textures, but there is literally no in-game way to see this side of the N64 so that can be excused. Really, I'm not sure why they went into so much detail but it's fantastic!

Here's the bathroom and the... Gooseberry Blueberry cutout thing? I like that Travis just has TP rolls under his toilet.

Here's the tub. That faucet is really detailed considering there's no way to see it!

Here's the alcove next to the toilet.

A quick shot of Thunder Ryu's portrait and more porn strewn about casually. Also the door is in frame so the game won't render dynamic objects unless they're actually on screen, I suppose.

A better look at the calendar and Strawberry goods.

Here's the old map from NMH1 and the Gooseberry goods.

I wouldn't be surprised if these were the same textures from NMH1.

Here's the cactus.

And the window! Man I hope Travis's apartment isn't infested with bugs cuz of the open window.

Blueberry goods. Man what are these pennants even for?

Here's a look at the desk. More porn! Also some more figures, the old answering machine, the Schpeltiger model and a picture of Jeane from the last game with her face scribbled out. Why not just toss the picture?

Here's the punching bag I missed in the LP run. I'm kind of glad I did because then you can actually see that shelf in the background during the LP proper.

Here's the bed and Travis's body pillow of King from Tekken. I know people who have non-creepy body pillows but I'm not entirely sure what the appeal of one is. I guess so you can have something to cuddle with in absence of an actual person?

Bizarre Jelly 5 poster. They're kids, why are they half naked???

Here's the Bizarre Jelly classic poster. I realized around here that the transition from classic to 5 ended up stripping the girls further.

Here's the bedside table. It looks pretty standard for a motel. Here's another porn magazine, in case you couldn't catch on to Travis's addiction.

Dresser drawer with some figures on top.

Boss weapons! Up top we have Jasper Batt's car and a Shogi board where the pieces seem to be glued right on; underneath to the left are Skelter Helter's Revolver Revolver and Laser Buster Sword (they're apparently called the beam katana and ballistic gun), Cloe Walsh's confinement suit and Ryuji's bike, and over on the right we can see Matt Helms' flamethrower axe and Alice's Doc Ock suit.

On the top left, we can see Millionaire Gunman's golden money gun and a Destroyman codpiece. To the right of that, is, along with Alice and Matt's weapons, Nathan Copeland's boom box. Below that is Dr. Letz Shake's brain, Kimmy's flute and Charlie's football. Beneath that is Captain Vladimir's satellite laser. Finally, on the left, we can see Mimmy's Moe suit and Margaret's scythe guns.

Finally, an overhead shot of the apartment. You may notice a few extra rooms; this is a rendering trick done so that the game doesn't have to render a mirrored image. Instead, what happens is that an exact copy of the room is rendered instead, except in reverse. The additional room is then gated off by something, usually an invisible wall, so that you can't go into the parallel universe. You can see this effect done in other games as well, such as Mario 64 or Superman 64.

To close off our little tour, here's Jean, just chilling with a toy rat. Isn't she adorable?

One last thing: I'm sure at least a few people were wondering if you could play as Shinobu or Henry outside of Deathmatch Mode. Well, if you use those cheats and try to load the game as Henry, the game outright crashes, presumably because Henry doesn't have bathroom animation. If you use Shinobu, however... Fair warning,

Thanks for watching and reading, I hope to see you next time!