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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 2: Turn 1 - Axis Movement Phase: The Preludes

I have made arrangements with the Axis commanders and until we get more signups Herpicle will be also commanding AGS, while Davin Valkri will push around AGC. Luckily, the first turn is fairly limited in options, so hopefully we'll resolve this crisis successfully soon.

The Axis discard Soviet Logistic Problems and Fedor von Bock.
Both are unplayable now - the Axis cannot receive replacements until 1942 and SLP has a star icon on it. It's horribly painful to get von Bock in your opening hand because it's a very good card that just happens to be a dead draw at this point. Later on you're usually sadly searching for it to no avail.

Since the first Axis turn does not have a Card, Supply or Organization Phase, let's jump straight to the...

(click for the official theme of Barbarossa)

Late in the night, the Axis troops board their transports and set out towards Soviet border checkpoints. Their arrival is going to spell a rude awakening for over two million Red Army troops that find themselves completely unprepared to repel them. At 0030 hours, an order is being rapidly passed down the line to prepare for imminent war, but most Soviet troops never receive it. Less than two hours later first bombs fall on the territory of the USSR. The war has finally come to the Soviet Union.

And it's not looking pretty.

The OKH begins frantically planning the advance paths of their armies. However, down south the Army Group Romania is still unprepared for a major offensive and can only assist with limited hostilities towards the Soviet border troops between them and Odessa. It appears that the rest of the Wehrmacht will have to do without them for now - but really, they just need to kick in the door and the rotten house will collapse entirely, right?

Remember that:

I need movement orders for Axis troops from Army Group commanders. The deadline for them is Wednesday, 7:30 PM GMT.