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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 14: Turn 2 - Soviet Combat Phase: The Mozhaysk Line

The newly-rebuilt Red Army scrambles to protect its key cities from the relentless fascist advance.

In the north, they position themselves so as to force the Germans to divert their troops from an attack on Moscow. That way, they hope to hold them up in the forests around the capital and secure some precious time for its defenders.

As a side note, the Forest hex directly west of Moscow represents not just the terrain, but also the fortifications built there in the weeks before the Germans approached the capital.

Meanwhile, general-mayor cokerpilot orders his men to march against the Axis troops approaching his positions. He's hoping to delay them and keep them away from the vital industrial centres of Kharkov and the Donbas.

In the south, the Soviets leave Dnepropetrovsk to set up a defence near the entrance to the Crimean Peninsula. This does, however, leave most of eastern Ukraine open to German advance.

The Southwest Front is withdrawn from the line and prepared for a strategic move.

I've confirmed with Fangz that he will not place any Target markers this turn. This means that we'll have to wait for HerpicleOmnicron5 to decide if he's placing any counterblows (and if so, where and what will he discard in order to get them). If he places any, Fangz will need to decide if he'll commit any cards to them, followed by Herpicle again. The local commanders will have to plan out retreats and advances, and decide whether or not they would accept a counterattack. The deadline for all this is Monday, December 2, 7 PM GMT.