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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 23: Turn 4 - Soviet Movement Phase: Defending The Donbas

Seeing a rising threat in the Wehrmacht's southern push, the Soviets decide to man the region's defences. Two new formations take to the field, and the Red Army swells considerably.

The Crimean Front, so-called due to being made up mostly of the inhabitants of the Crimea, is formed in Rostov on the Don. In Stalino, in turn, are placed several armies from northern Russia.

Bridgehead is discarded to replace Bryansk Front.

Finally, the Bryansk Front receives a steady influx of reinforcements, allowing it to return to a fighting shape. They establish their headquarters and recruitment centre in Voronezh, not that far from their "hometown" - but it remains to be seen for how long they will stay there.

All these units are released to the southern sector command.

I need movement orders for the northern sector from Hipster Rooster and for the southern from cokerpilot. The deadline is Tuesday, December 17, 7 PM GMT.

Make more tanks, anti-tank rifles and guns, planes, cannons, mortars, shells, machine guns, rifles!

Everything for the Front!

Everything for victory!