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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 27: Turn 5 - January/February 1942: General Winter, You're Late

Happy new year! In 1942 we're about due for the continuation of what started in 1941, but the Soviets are stronger and the Germans... are not. There are many ways this can go from here - and most of them depend on how the Axis decide to play it, but that doesn't mean the Soviets won't get an opportunity or two to show the fascist hordes what for!

Yes, I know it looks weird, but this will fix itself in a turn or two.
This turn's events are Begin German Replacements (self-explanatory - the restriction from 1941 is lifted) and a two shift attack penalty vs the Soviets. The Germans are not prepared for the winter very well and it shows - they won't be able to execute a decent attack this turn.

The weather this time is Snow. The winter took its sweet time getting here, but here it is, at last. Since you probably can't remember what Snow does in this game, here's a reminder:

- The Germans use the Soviet Combat Results Table for all their attacks.
- All units with more than 4 MPs have their movement allowance reduced to 4 MPs.
- Rivers freeze over and have no effect.
- All attacks against Soviet units in the USSR are shifted one column to the left. This turn's special modifier overrules that.
- Multi-hex advance after combat is allowed, but the Armour units do not receive an additional third hex they would normally get.

On this turn and this turn only, since it is the first Snow turn of the game, Soviet Shock! markers provide two shifts to the right instead of one.

The Soviets receive 3 Shock! markers to use this turn.

As you can see, the situation is quite good for a Red Army offensive. With advance permitted, super-powerful Shock! markers and the German offensive power greatly diminished, they stand a very good chance of retaking some lost ground.

And it will come in handy, since with 22 VPs (3 of them being Event VPs) the Germans are just 1 VP short of the Sudden Death threshold for next turn. Let's see if they can get it.

The Axis discard Panzerblitz due to having too many cards in hand. They then draw 4 new ones and now have 6.

The 3rd Panzer Army is once again put out of supply. The soldiers collectively let out a bored sigh and reset their rat traps.

Any supplied German units on their reduced-strength side are now eligible to be flipped over to their full-strength side. That means that the OKH chief may decide to flip any number of the following: 1st Panzer, 11th Army, 16th Army and 18th Army at a cost of two cards per unit.

3rd Panzer is not eligible due to being out of supply.

The Axis receive a new unit, but it is... underwhelming. The Kampfgruppe 1 is a Cadre, just like the Soviet Ostatky 1. It can be used in the same way, i.e. it can be brought out onto the board when a unit is eliminated due to an EX or DD combat result. Once there, it can serve as a basis upon which you can rebuild any eliminated unit, which then comes back online without being disorganised.

However, Cadres cannot be placed when a one-step Axis Ally (i.e. Rumanian) unit is eliminated.

The Axis have 1 unit in the Destroyed Units Box. It is, however, in good company.

Replacing the 9th Army would cost 1 card. It has to be placed in a supplied, Axis controlled City hex in Greater Germany or on the Axis-friendly map border. The full map is in the OP, if you need a reminder.

I need all the organisation decisions and discards from Herpicle. The deadline for this is December 28, 7 PM GMT.

Axis card hand: 6
Soviet card hand: 2

Merry Christmas to all the participants and the readers of this LP.