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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 42: Turn 7 - May/June 1942: :cryingmussolini:

No attacks and no Counterblows. The Front stalls and rests up in preparation for the offensives to come.

Soviet Removals Phase
Disorganised markers removed from Caucasus, Crimean and Bryansk.

The Central Front is pulled down south, to put pressure on the German flank from the Crimea.

With this we conclude Turn 6.

Front line change

Blue is the front line last turn, red is current.

Meaningless statistics
Total Axis POWs in Soviet captivity: 25 000
Total Lend-Lease ships unloaded in Arkhangelsk: 1 000
Largest change in the front line since last turn: 100 km south-east of Kharkov

It is now Turn 7. The Turn Event is Midway. Thus, Axis lose 1 VP and will have to discard one card after their Draw step. Axis VPs now at 21. The weather is Clear and non-variable, and the Axis receive 2 Blitz! markers for the turn.

American SBD Dauntless dive bombers preparing to attack Japanese cruiser Mikuma

Midway was the most important battle of the war in the Pacific. It was there, near that minuscule atoll, that the US Navy sunk four Japanese aircraft carriers and thus decisively seized strategic initiative. From that point on, American industry would keep granting the US an overwhelming superiority over their enemies. Ship after ship would leave the naval yards. This immense sea might would allow them to not only keep on fighting the Japanese, but also easily move their forces to Europe and North Africa. Operation Torch won't happen for the next few months, but US aircraft are already being moved to Britain, their unsinkable carrier, and getting ready to pummel German industry. This further stretched Axis resources - a swift and decisive victory in the East is desperately needed. And the Fuhrer, as well as the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, are convinced it is possible. Little do they know.

The Axis draw 4 and will have to discard 1.

Everything is in order.

The 4th Panzer, 6th Army, 9th Army, 11th Army, 16th Army and 18th Army are all eligible to be flipped at a cost of 2 discards each.

The Axis receive 1 new reinforcement unit:

the 8th Italian Army. It is identical to the Rumanians in every way other than its colour. It has to be placed in any city in Greater Germany.

There are no Axis units in the Shattered/Destroyed/Surrendered Units boxes.

I need 1 card discard from Herpicle due to Midway and any other discards he may choose to make to flip his units, as well as the City you want that Italian unit to land in. The deadline for this is Monday, January 20, 7 PM GMT.