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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 43: Turn 7 - Axis Movement Phase: Troops From North Africa

Kesselschlacht is discarded to meet the Midway requirement.

A spike in American activity in the skies over Britain and North Africa causes Goering to withdraw large amounts of air units from the Eastern Front. The OKH generals protest, claiming that without these assets it will be difficult to properly use tactical bombers needed to swiftly and decisively engage any pockets of resistance, but the Reichsmarschall is adamant. He has promised not a single bomb will fall on German cities and he intends to keep that promise.

New divisions are railed in to the 4th Panzer Army. They are mostly taken from either the forces preparing to be shipped to Africa that could not cross the Mediterranean in a timely manner due to British naval and air activity or from France. Rommel is furious to see his forces stripped of important units and equipment that he could use for his planned advance towards Tobruk and his influence with the Fuehrer is significant, but he cannot overturn this decision, as General HerpicleOmnicron5 tides Hitler over with promises of "spoiling the Leningrad May Day Parade".

Meanwhile, more forces arrive to bolster the German war effort. The Italian 8th Army marches into the theatre from occupied Albania. Both they and their leader, Colonnello Omobono, are here as a part of Il Duce's returning of the "favour" the Germans gave the Italian forces during the Balkan campaign.

I need movement orders from Davin Valkri, GenericRX and Logicone. The deadline for those is Wednesday, January 22, 7 PM GMT. Good luck, commanders.

A camouflaged Panzer I in Poland, September 1939.

Axis card hand: 3
Soviet card hand: 2