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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 46: Turn 7 - Soviet Org Phase

Axis Detraining Phase

The 8th Italian is resting at Riga and preparing for a move out to the front, pending further orders.

Meanwhile, the Soviets ship in large amounts of poorly-trained conscripts to Voronezh in order to prepare a defence there.

The Soviets have one card in hand and don't need to discard. They draw 4.

As their fourth card, they draw General Mud. The next turn does not have variable weather, so the card has no effect. They draw a replacement.

Everything checks out.

The Soviets may now Upgrade any one of their units other than Sevastopol and Ostatky 1. They may also spend a card to flip Leningrad to its Fortified side.

They also receive two new units, the Stalingrad and Voronezh Fronts.

As you can see on this screenshot, the Axis are seriously slacking off.

I need discards and placements from Fangz. The deadline for them is Monday, January 27, 7 PM GMT.

Remember that any newly placed or rebuilt unit must be assigned a sector. Also bear in mind that you may now, if you wish, reallocate units to different sector commands.

One more thing: I'm pretty sure there's at least one Soviet fluff commander without a unit to write fluff for. You know who you are, please rectify that. I'm sorry I can't find you and ask you about it directly, but stuff is happening and I'm needed elsewhere.

The New Axis High Command
Chief of the OKH - Generalleutnant Logicone
Commander of Army Group Entrenched Mongoose - Generalmajor HerpicleOmnicron5
Commander of Army Group Tiger's Heart - Generalmajor GenericRX
Commander of Army Group Arbitrary Sharks - Oberst Davin Valkri

Colonnello Omobono has refused to take up any actual command, so he was not reassigned. Note that a promotion to the Chief of the High Command came with a promotion, while being reassigned to army group command meant that Herp has lost another rank.