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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 48: Turn 7 - Soviet Combat Phase

Turn 7, May/June 1942

The Soviets reduce their presence in the north, drawing the entirety of the Crimean Front into a strategic move to the south. The Reserve Front moves up to take their place in the mountainous terrain and hold the line against the fascists.

Around the centre, troops are moved out of Moscow to reinforce the front, while the powerful 1st Byelorussian Front is moved to form a strategic reserve for breakthrough operations.

Further south, troops are cycled around and reorganised in order to exploit a weakness in the 6th Army's battle line as well as better prepare against a possible fascist advance.

Finally, the Crimean Front pushes up towards Dnepropetrovsk.

I need Target Hexes from Fangz. Once those are in place, Logicone may declare his additional Counterblow hexes (he cannot have more than 5 counterblows placed, so - since two are already on the board - he may only place up to 3). Then Fangz may commit his cards to particular battles, followed by Logicone doing the same. Meanwhile, sector commanders pick which units take part in which advances (if it's not clear - by default I assume that if a unit only borders one target/CB hex, it takes part in that battle, so you only need to post if you have to pick or if you don't want a unit to fight in a given combat). They also pick their preferred advance destinations. Meanwhile, Axis Army Group commanders decide where would they retreat, if they had to, and whether or not they would counter-attack, if given the chance.

The deadline for all this is Friday, January 31, 8 PM GMT.

Oh, and I'd like gradenko and AceRimmer to e-mail me at at so that I may add them to the Stavka doc.

Good luck, everyone.

Soviet card hand: 2
Axis card hand: 2