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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 54: Turn 8 - Soviet Org Phase

Axis Detraining Phase, Turn 8 - July/August 1942

The Axis send two more armies to bolster the rear areas of the front. The 11th Army deploys to defend Kharkov from possible advances, while the 3rd Rumanian reinforces Smolensk.

The Soviets have one card in hand, so they don't have to discard. They draw 4.

Everything is in order.

The Soviets may now upgrade one of their units for free. If they do not choose to use this upgrade on the Moscow Regional Infantry, they may also fortify that unit at the cost of 1 card discard.

They may also pay cards to replace their destroyed armies. Remember that your units may be placed on the map at any Soviet-controlled city in the USSR that can trace an overland supply path (or at a friendly map edge). Units that are brought back as replacements may also replace the Ostatky 1 Cadre unit (if they do so, they will not be Disorganised).

When replaced, these units should be attributed to sector commands. What's more, it's about time the Soviets got another sector command formed. This will go to MonotoneMorgan, who decided to step up for the task. I would like Fangz to hand at least three units to him.

I need discards and placements from Fangz. The deadline for them is Wednesday, February 12, 8 PM GMT.

Soviet card hand: 5
Axis card hand: 2