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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 57: Turn 8 - Soviet Detraining Phase: Seventh Leningrad. The Don Pocket Snaps Shut

Leningrad vs 2nd Hungarian, 16th Army
Combat odds: 5/5 = 1:1, no shifts
Roll: 2 - CA!

Counterattack accepted at 1:1 odds
Roll: 1 - CA!

Yet another time blows are exchanged in Leningrad, and yet again they amount to nothing. Half the city lays in ruins, with confused manoeuvres on both sides running into one another. After a few more weeks of desperate fighting, both sides hold more or less what they had in the beginning and retreat to lick their wounds.

1st Baltic, 4th Tank vs 17th Army
Combat odds: 12/4 = 3:1, shifted +1 for Armour, -1 for Soviet SNAFU
Roll: 5 - DR

The Soviets begin Operation Veles, designed to cut off and annihilate German armoured armies around Voronezh. Despite being absolutely plagued with equipment failures, logistics issues and lack of coordination, their massed armour and infantry overrun the positions of the 17th Army, forcing them to withdraw and cutting off the Panzer spearhead. However, the disruption denies them the ultimate victory, as the Germans manage to retreat in an orderly manner and will no doubt make a serious effort to relieve their beleaguered comrades.

Soviet Removals Phase
Disorganised markers removed from 2nd Tank, Central and South.

Fangz may now move any number of units from the Soviet Railroad Movement Box onto the map. They have to appear in either the Soviet-controlled Cities or on overland-supplied hexes within three hexes of those Cities. In the latter case, they may not appear in an EZOC, an enemy-controlled City or adjacent to one. The deadline is Wednesday, February 19, 7 PM GMT.