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No Retreat! The Russian Front

by Tevery Best

Part 62: Turn 9 - Soviet Movement Phase: The Shovel: A Soldier's Friend

Turn 9, September/October 1942

The Soviets begin the arduous process of rebuilding their force after the heavy losses they had to take in order to stop the German push. Despite the best efforts of the Stavka, they only manage to recover about half of the force they intended to, as the inexperience of their officer corps shines through yet again. Poor commanders cannot train nor lead units effectively, after all, and the lack of men suitable for command positions is so overwhelming that rebuilding the Stalingrad Front has to be delayed. Unspecified rumblings in the upper echelons reportedly start to overtake the Kremlin, causing serious unease within the Stavka, who opt to commit to another offensive around Voronezh in hopes of silencing them.

Some personal shifts are also in order, as Polkovnik Gradenko takes command of the newly-formed Don Front. His opponents realize that he must enjoy some sort of krysha - how else would he have made it unscathed through a defeat and a removal from command?

The enigmatic commander C. rises in the ranks as well. To this day, all data regarding him remain classified - and nobody knows for what reason exactly. General-mayor MonotoneMorgan, after only a brief tenure in command, was removed from his position and reposted in training command, replaced by newly-promoted General-mayor The Sandman.

I need Soviet Sector Commanders (cokerpilot, The Sandman, Spookydonut and C.) to post their movement orders for the turn. The deadline for them is Saturday, March 15, 8 PM GMT. Good luck!